Mini Mini Farm Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Read on for the Mini Mini Farm guide covering the basics, tips, cheats, and strategies for beginners. 

Mini Mini Farm Guide

Mini Mini Farm Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

In the Mini Mini Farm game, your goal is to unlock all the areas and buy a house in each one of the areas. If you are just starting playing this game, then this beginner guide will help you a lot. So let’s not waste any time and get to the main content: –

Fishing Is The Best Way To Get Coins Quickly

In the early game, fishing is the best way to obtain coins. In area 1, you can fish at the central plaza and the east side. Cast line, reel in, and get coins and EXP in exchange for the fish. As you accumulate exp, the fishing level will increase, and you will be able to catch big rare and legendary grade fish and earn more coins. 

Mini Mini Farm Guide To Buying The House

You can buy the house once you have made enough progress in the area. For instance, in area 1, you can buy the house at 80% progress.

Mini Mini Farm

On the left side of the house, go close to the wooden board, and you will be able to see the current progress. Here’s how to progress: 

Unlock all the sides in the area by spending coins. For instance, in area 1, there is an east side, west side, north side, and south side. There is also a ranch in the central plaza.

Unlock all the locked resources; some resource sites, such as an apple tree, a stone boulder, bushes, etc., are locked(greyed out). Buy these locked resource sites to make progress. 

Buy the animals; you will find animals that you can buy with coins on some sides. Once bought, they will start producing the resources. For instance, in the central plaza, unlock the ranch, and you will find two animals; sheep and a cow. Sheep gives you wool. Cow gives you milk. Once you unlock the south side, you can buy more cows and sheep. 

Chop Trees, Sow Seed, Cultivate Crops, Gather Resources

In the Mini Mini Farm game, on each side of the area, you will find garden beds where you can sow seeds and cultivate crops. For instance, radish and tomato in the central plaza. Strawberry on the west side. Oranges on the east side. 

Also, chop the trees for wood/logs and mine the boulders for stones. The trees and stone resource sites re-spawn every few minutes. 

And, don’t forget to collect the milk/wool from the animals on the ranch or south side(an exclamation mark appears when they are ready to deliver the resources. 

Mini Mini Farm Artifacts Guide

When you grind the resources; chop trees, cultivate crops, and gather fruits from the trees and items from the animals, there is a chance to obtain “small chests.” These small chests contain artifacts. Go close to the warehouse on the left side of the ranch in the central plaza to see if you have any small chests in the inventory/storage. 

Mini Mini Farm Artifacts And Chests

If you have a small chest, you need to open it using the key. Go close to the anvil near the monument, and you will get the option of making a key by using iron/copper or watching a video ad(if you don’t have the resources to make a key, use this). 

The game will automatically open the small chest after you finish watching the video ad.

If you don’t have any chest in the storage, the NPC near the anvil will show you a message; find a small chest first. 

Collect all the artifacts to upgrade the stone tool to a copper tool; it has +10% working speed and +1 first power. 

Complete The Villager Requests In Mini Mini Farm

Go close to the mailbox near the warehouse/barn. A new window will open with a list of villager requests. Tap on a requests -> accept -> get coins. Tip; watch for the bonus reward! Now and then, on the request list, you will find orders that pay bonus rewards (these are urgent requests highlighted in green color). Complete these requests first and get more coins. Mini Mini Farm Guide Tips Cheats

You can always refresh the list by watching a video ad; on the request list board, in the top-right corner, tap the? icon -> yes.

Unlock The New Areas In Mini Mini Farm

Buy the house in the current area to unlock the next area. You will find new crops, fruits, animals, fish, and resources in each area. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Mini Mini Farm guide and tips for beginners. 

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96 thoughts on “Mini Mini Farm Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies”

  1. After you finish the apparent ending and restart for true ending, do you get to keep all your resources and coin? Or do they get lost?

  2. Hey, just entered the underground area and I’m at 62% and can’t buy the house to move to the next area. I’ve bought the mushrooms and the chicken and still it says 62%. What am I supposed to do? Also are the monoliths everyone is talking about those machines?

  3. Does anyone know if the fishing ponds have a pattern of some sorts? Or does it generate random fish everytime? I’m struggling to get the biggest fish at the Horno Zone area..

    • é na fogueira, tem que ficar interagindo com ela varias vezes
      no segundo mapa é dentro da primeira cerca falando com um passarinho
      terceira é um cactos que se mexe
      quarta é interagindo com a cachoeira menor
      quinta é abaixo da primeira casa para fazer tem uma plantação e no canto uns potes interaja com eles.
      Acho que tem mais, mas esses foram os que encontrei

  4. What do we do with the star foods? they don’t seem to have any use and I just finished my second playthrough. i got 2 different endings which is good but the unchanged thing is the star foods what do I do with them

  5. I’ve played 5x through and destroyed all the monoliths… i am at 100% for everything but eccentric? I am at 98%. Can anyone tell me how to get that to 100? Thanks!

    • How did you destroy the monoliths? I have started my new game plus. I believe the eccentric is the crops with the star on them. You need to have all of them.

  6. In the second area of the game you can see a blue flower from de very bottom right, close to the private farm, is there a hidden path? Like, you stand almos in front of the portal

    • Yes, by the roomy house, you need to buy access to the little farm where the talking bird is. Bottom right corner, blue flower, there is a secret path.

  7. Hello. I’m having trouble finding all the creatures u need to have conversations with to destroy the monoliths. I was only able to find the little black bird on the fence in the ranch near the “roomy house” in area 2. Does anyone know where the rest r?

    • Area 1: Central Plaza – Campfire
      Area 2: Roomy House – Inside the animal pen, tiny bird on the fence post
      Area 3: West Side – Moving cactus near the farm plots
      Area 4: Scenic Spot – Get on the raft and talk to the waterfall
      Area 5: Abandoned – Go all the way to the right of the area where the farm plot is, at the very bottom right of the screen you’ll see a clay pot/urn. Talk to it

      Hope this helps

    • Don’t chip them, just gather the fruit and don’t gather the wood from them. Hit them only once to gather the fruit and leave. In a minute u will again have fruit

  8. Did anyone Know what the cactus in area 3 is doing ??? U can push him
    Around and he talks to me but idk what to do

  9. So Ive been playing in area 2 for a while and no matter how much I look, theres a spot with a blue flower by the private farm. I have no clue how to get to it, does anyone else know?

  10. Does Area 2 have a treasure chest? There’s one in the Central Plaza next to the corn and one in the northeast part of Area 3 but I can’t find one anywhere in Area 2.
    Also, if you don’t mind spending money on games I really recommend upgrading. I did the middle option, I think it was $5.50 and it lets you skip all the videos. It’s a huge help!

  11. Does anyone know what to do with the red/orange flowers? I know the blue flowers lead to secret areas but idk about the others yet

  12. Hi,

    Iam stuck at area 2. The sign says I got 25% percent and I need 30% to buy the house, but ive been everywhere and there is no other stuff to purchase.

  13. Hi,
    I just got area 2 and I want the private farm but it keeps giving me the message:
    ”This is a private farm. Watch video to enter (Max. length 30 seconds)”
    And no matter how much I press yes button it doesn’t play the video or anything.
    Is this a bug or do I need to buy everything else before getting that?

    • Make sure you have a stable internet connection; try switching to the mobile network if you are on wifi or vice versa

      • Uhm I have the same problem and also I do have stable internet and data on my phone but it still doesn’t work… Help?

        • Restart your app. Some bugs in the system will build up and lock up that part. I have the same problem. Restarting fixes it for me

    • Olá, sim é um bug o anúncio deveria aparecer automaticamente, eu acredito que vvocê deve tentar reinstalar

    • My Area 1 Helper is currently at lvl. 25 and I can still upgrade it.. I’m trying to max him out
      I’ll try to let y’all know when I hit certain milestones but it could just be they can be lvl’d infinitely

      • I think he’s meant as a joke, he also might have something to do with the mystery surrounding the island/story since he’s talking using the player character’s mouth/voice (it’s explained a little in the area 1 conversation)

        In area 1 he’s the campfire, in area 2 he’s the bird sitting on the fence of the second animal pen (and also the campfire in the private farm but it’s the same conversation as in area 1).
        I don’t think he’s in the underground area 3 and I’ve yet to find him in area 4.

    • It’s in the underground of area 3, you need to get the first house of area 3 and then the bridge gets built and you can get it in the hidden areas underground

  14. When you look in your inventory some crops have like a little star by it. What does that mean? Can I do something special with it? I can’t find anything about it anywhere

  15. I’m having trouble with area 2, is there something I’m missing? I seem to be stuck at 25/30% but I bought everything as far as I can see. There is and area SE of the private farm I see with things to buy but I can’t figure out how to get to it.

    • Antes de vc entrar na na segunda área naquela ponte que desbloqueia, tem uma entrada secreta ali do lado esquerdo pelas árvores. Qlqr coisa pesquisa no YouTube tem vídeos que mostra onde tem entradas secretas

      By Google Translate; Before you enter the second area on that bridge you unlock, there’s a secret entrance there on the left by the trees. Any thing you search on YouTube has videos that show you where there are secret entrances

    • So right before getting into area 2 there a hidden part by the tree on the left side right before the bridge thatbgies into area 2

    • Follow the blue flower inside the pen with the two chickens and the cow. Through the trees it’s a bit of a ways, you’ll see a lone blue flower and keep going to the last blue flower. There will be a field and a stone to buy.

    • Wenn du zu Bereich zwei gehst durch den Pfeil gibt es die Brücke an der nicht rüber gehen sondern links halten da gibt es einen versteckten Pfad
      Translation; When you are at the bridge after the arrow that takes you to the second area go left there is a hidden path