Counter Side Reroll Guide | SEA & Global

Read on for Counter Side reroll guide(SEA & Global). The reroll guide covers reroll tier list; who to reroll for and how to reroll? 

Counter Side Reroll Guide

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Counter Side Reroll Guide: Is It Worth Rerolling?

If you are a casual player, skip rerolling. You can easily get 1 SSR, and some good SR characters at the beginning from the selective summon banner, which the game offers to you after the tutorial. If you want additional SSR rarity characters in the beginning for a head start, then you should be rerolling. 

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Counter Side Reroll Guide: How To Reroll In Counter Side Global?

Progress through the tutorial. After a few battle stages, the game will unlock the “recruit” function and force you to spend X1000 Quartz for 10 pulls. Hope for X1 SSR from this very first pull. 

After this, the game will immediately unlock a “selective recruitment” banner which you can reroll x30 times. This selective summoner guarantees X1 SSR, X3 SRs, X3 Rare, and X3 Normal characters. You can reroll by tapping the button “check other candidates.”  

Now, collect the newbie or pre-registration rewards from the mailbox in the top-right corner. You should have got more Quartz. Tap the menu button in the top-right corner -> recruit -> choose a banner i.e. Normal recruitment -> Yang Harim -> spend Quartz. 

If you don’t get the characters you were aiming for, start over by switching to another account. 

Counter Side Reroll Guide:

Tap the settings/gear icon button in the top-right corner -> manage account -> log out -> OK. Choose another account that you have not linked to the game -> the game will start over. If you think of clearing the game data, it will not work. Even if you use the guest account, it will not work. You may try and see if it deletes the guest ID or not; it didn’t work for us. It loads the same progress even if the data is cleared. 

Counter Side Reroll Tier List:

  • Reroll for “Nanahara Chifuyu” on selective summon banner
  • From the first X10 pull(when the game forces you to recruit X10 characters using 1K Quartz), hope for one of these characters; Kyle Wong, Gauen or Esterosa
  • Claim Quartz from the mailbox or other sections(mission/quest/login/achievement) – spend the Quartz on Yang Harim banner and hope for Yang Harim

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Counter Side Selective Summon Reroll Guide⇓

Selective Summon unlocks after clearing the first few stages of the game or at level 2 – this is the point where you will unlock the “recruitment” function of the game and access to selective summon.

The selective summon lets you reroll X30 times for a batch of characters of these grades; SSR grade, SR grade, R grade, and N grade.

As mentioned earlier, you can reroll the selective summon batch for X30 times. If you get the batch of characters that feature top-tier or your favorite characters, confirm the recruitment by tapping the button “confirm recruitment.”

To reroll in the selective summon, you must tap “Check other candidates.” Below, we have recommended the best SSR and SR grade characters to aim for in selective summon reroll. Also, see – Counter Side Coupon Code, Counter Side Tier List

Counter Side Selective Summon: The Best Character To Reroll For⇓

  • Target “Nanahara Chifuyu” – selective summon

So this would be all in this post on Counter Side Reroll Guide for beginners. Also, see – Counter Side Coupon Code, Counter Side Tier List

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