Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Best Class Guide: All Classes

Read on for Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds best class guide covering all the available classes in the beginning, at the global release. 

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Best Class Guide

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Classes

Netmarble’s latest MMORPG Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds features x5 classes. All these classes are gender locked; players can change their appearance, but not their gender. These are the x5 classes that you can pick at the beginning of the game at the global release:

  • Swordsman Class
  • Witch Class
  • Rogue Class
  • Engineer Class
  • Destroyer Class

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Here are brief details of each class: 

Swordsman Class Guide

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Swordsman Class

Swordsman is a melee-DMG role character class armed with a sharp one-handed sword. He can inflict a tremendous amount of DMG on the enemies. If you are looking for a DMG role character with close-range attacking abilities, Swordsman is the class to pick. Use your one-handed sword weapon to blow heavy strikes on the enemies, penetrate their armor, and knock them out. 

Swordsman Abilities(Core):

  • Flash – Casts a flurry of ATKs and slows down enemies around you! Inflicts 232% + 124 DMG, and slows enemy movement by 20% for X3 seconds!
  • Flying Slash – A jumping ATK swinging down from the air inflicting DMG and slowing foes! Inflicts 208% + 114 DMG and slows enemy movement by 15% for 3 seconds!
  • Spinning Swords – The Swordsman spins around and forwards and slashes all foes in his path! Inflicts 164% +89 DMG and knocks foes down for X1.5 seconds!
  • Magical Sword Cut (ULT Ability) – A giant magical sword cut against enemies inflicting massive DMG! Inflicts X456% DMG and 100% increased DMG against PvE enemies! 

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Witch Class Guide

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Witch Class

Witch or Mage is a magic DMG dealer character class armed with a magical spear weapon that inflicts a high volume of DMG on the enemies from a short to medium distance. She can also apply debuffs on the enemies, lowering their stats/blocking movement/continuous DMG over time.

Witch Abilities(Core):

  • Piercing Storm – Thrust your spear towards the foe, knocking them down! Inflict 180% +96 DMG and knockdown for X1.5 seconds!
  • Dancing Spear – Leaps into the air and casts spinning ATK while supporting yourself! Inflict 246% +132 DMG while giving a 10% protection shield for the duration of the ATK.
  • Storm Spear – Spin your spear around Inflict DMG and slow enemies! Inflict 172% +92 DMG and slow enemy movement by 20% for X3 seconds!
  • Rain of Spears (Ultimate Ability) – Rain down spears from the sky to eliminate your enemies! Each spear deals 80% DMG and Monsters take 100% more DMG.

Rogue Class Guide

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Witch Class

Rogue is one of the most popular classes in the Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds game. He is a long-range DMG dealer who uses a bow weapon to strike enemies from a long distance and grant buffs to allies. Long-range strikes with a good volume of DMG from a distance on the enemies make Rogue one of the best DMG dealers among all the classes. 

Rogue’s Skills(Core):

  • Rain of Arrows – Unleash powerful arrow ATKs on the enemies! Each ATK causes 15% +187 DMG. Also, slows enemy movement by 11%
  • Multi-Shot – Push enemies away! Causes 170% DMG and leaps back with the Rogue!
  • Evasion Shot – Shoot forward in a line, while evading back! Inflicts 180% DMG in a cone in front of the rogue and push everyone away! Affected enemies’ SPD goes down by 11% for X3 seconds!
  • Spirit Arrow (Ultimate Ability) – Summon a great spirit shooting a powerful arrow at the foes. Inflict 460% DMG to all foes in front. Monsters gain 100% increased DMG.

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Engineer Class Guide

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Engineer Class

Engineer is a healer/supporter role character class in the Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds game with the ability to heal allies during the battle and strike enemies using firearm/summon skills. She can do well in the team battles; can contribute by healing allies busy fighting from the front(tank/melee role). You may face some difficulties in clearing waves of the enemies solo because of low DMG power. 

Engineer Skills(Core):

  • Burst Coil – Call down artillery shots from the air! Inflicts 150% + 84 DMG and 1-second stun in a radius!
  • Elemental Blast – Cast the weapon’s element in a line of DMG! Inflict 212% +16 DMG and slow down enemy movement by 15% for X2 seconds!
  • Explosive Bullet – Blazes a powerful Bullet in a line! AoE DMG
  • Artillery Strike (Ultimate Ability) – Summon x2 cannons that CAUSE DMG to foes in front. Inflicts X447% DMG in a line in front of the engineer. Monsters receive 100% increased DMG.

Destroyer Class Guide

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Destroyer Class

Destroyer is the tank role character class in the game who can fight from the frontline, taking the most of enemy hits, while allies in the mid-back line can do their job of inflicting DMG, buffing/healing allies. He has impressive HP/DEF stats. 

Destroyer Abilities(Core):

  • Full Swing – Destroyer spins and inflicts 32% + 17 DMG.
  • Brutal Strike – Destroyer swings his hammer and causes DMG on the enemies! Knockdown for X1.5 seconds. 1st ATK dealt 76% DMG and 2nd ATK dealt 114% DMG!
  • Ground Slam – Jumps into the air and then strikes enemies! Leaps forward causing 180% + 97 DMG and slow down foes by 20% for 3 seconds!
  • Hammer of Fury (Ultimate Ability) – The destroyer summons a giant hammer to strike down the enemies! Inflicts 469% DMG to all foes in an AOE area. Deals 100% more DMG against monsters.

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Best Class:

  • Swordsman – Best melee/DMG class
  • Witch – Best mid-range/DMG class with debuff abilities
  • Rogue – Best ranged DMG dealer
  • Engineer – Best supporter class
  • Destroyer – Best tank class

All the classes are unique, possess remarkable abilities, and do well. We recommend choosing a class based on the battle gameplay you prefer. If you love to unleash strikes from a distance in battles, Rogue is the best class to pick. For close-combat lovers, the Swordsman class is the best. Go with Destroyer class if you are looking for a character with good endurability. Mid-range DMG dealer? Go with Witch class. Healer/Supporter? Go with Engineer class. 

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So that’s all we got in this post on Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds best class guide. 

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