Darkness Rises Best Class – Warrior, Assassin, Berserker, Wizard?

Darkness Rises Best ClassWhich class should you choose in Darkness Rises game? Warrior, Wizard or Berserker or Assassin? Let’s find out Darkness Rises best class

In the last post(check here), we discussed some tactics & tips to win battles in Darkness Rises game. In this post, we will answer a question – Which class should you choose in Darkness Rises game? Let’s find out Darkness Rises Best Class!!

First of all, you should know about this: –

  • In Darkness Rises game, all the characters’ maximum level is 60. And when a character reaches the level 60, it will give a 3% advantage to your other ally’s stats. So, if you build all the character classes; Assassin, Berserker, Wizard, and Warrior, they all will get an advantage(9% + stats – defense, attack, speed, HP). But not in the case when you build only one character class
  • Another reason to build all the character classes or play with all the characters is you will get the 4X reward. Because Nexon’s this game(Darkness Rises) features the shared inventory system and rewards such as event, Log-In bonus, quest, duo-dungeon, PvP rewards will be shared with each character. For instance; You are playing as Assassin and cleared the duo-dungeon and obtained the upgrade stones. Now, you can use this reward(earned by Assassin) to upgrade gears of other characters. And it is because of shared inventory. So, if you want 4X rewards, build or play with all the character classes. (Except keys, coins, and tickets)

So, from above two points, it is clear that you should build all the characters because of 4X reward. But, now the question is which character class should be your primary choice?

Well, all the characters have some special advantage and disadvantage. For instance; Assassin’s attack speed is very fast but defense or HP is not too good. On the other hand, Berserker’s attack speed is so slow, but his defense and HP stats are better than all the character classes featured in Darkness Rises game.

But we would recommend you to focus on building Berserker or Warrior. However, it also depends on the player’s game style. In short, you should try all the character classes and focus on that class which fits your game style.

And as a summary or in one sentence: – Berserker is the best class in Darkness Rises game. Because of HP, defense, and attack stats.

However, it does not mean, Berserker can easily slay down the powerful monsters without upgrading. You will have to upgrade the character in order to make it more powerful and make sure to choose or equip the best skill that deals more damage to the enemies.

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So, that’s enough for now. Keep in mind that most of the items(gems, gold coins, upgrade stones) will be shared with each character and if you play with all the characters, you have the chance to gather 4X reward. For more tips, tricks, cheats, you can read our previous post here.

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