How To Avoid Getting Killed By Wendigo In Westland Survival Game

Westland Survival WendigoWendingo is an immortal creature featured in the Westland Survival game and it appears in the night. Check out how you can avoid getting killed by Wendigo

In the last post(check here), we shared some tips, tactics & a strategy guide for the beginners to master the Westland Survival game. In this post, we are going to cover how you can avoid getting killed by the immortal monster named Wendigo.

Who is Wendigo? 

Wendigo is a monster, dark creature who appears in the night and will kill you easily if you get caught. Well, for the few days, it will not appear. If you level up, things will change; it will be hard to collect resources and survive. Since it is immortal, it would be waste if you try to kill it. But you can avoid it or force the Wendigo to go back into the darkness.

How to avoid getting killed by Wendigo?

Westland Survival WendigoActually, it’s quite simple; you just have to build the torch. Tap the crafting icon(at the bottom of the screen). Search for the torch blueprint. Tap the torch item. Learn it. Then craft. Requirements to craft torch: –

  • Pine Log (2)- Cut the trees using AXE
  • Rope(2) – Can be obtained by killing enemies, from the loot, events. Head to the global map and visit other locations for the rope
  • Plant Fiber(3) – Common item and can be obtained from any place(mostly).

Hit the craft button and the torch will be sent to the inventory. Tap the bag icon -> torch -> equip. That’s it. Wendigo will rush away if it sees this in your hand.

Way 2: –

Another way to avoid getting killed by Wendigo is to build a small house(tap the home icon just below the minimap, then choose the floor, after it, walls, and at last a door).

Keep yourself inside the house and Wendigo will not come inside the house.

So these are two ways to keep away from Wendigo, the monster. Don’t forget to check the beginner’s guide here. Download this game – Here(Google Play Store).

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