Dear My Cat Game Cheats: Guide, Tips & Tricks

Dear My Cat game is the latest mobile title from Flero Games! Read on for Dear My Cat game cheats, tips, and guide for beginners

Dear My Cat Game Cheats Tips Guide

Dear My Cat Game cheats, guide, tips & tricks: – 

Flero Games, the mobile game publisher, well-known for the Abyssrium game series, recently released a casual relaxing game called Dear My Cat. It takes you to a wonderful world where you can build and decorate the island, invite cat friends, increase their happiness by giving them gifts, and there is a lot of content to enjoy! This Dear My Cat game article covers the basic concept of the game about in-game currencies, tips for progression, and other aspects such as characters, friends, islands, upgrades, and more. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content!

Dear My Cat Game Cheats Tips Guide

Get Started With The Dear My Cat Game Basics

(1) In the Dear My Cat game, your goal is to discover all in-game cat friends, unlock all the island spots such as lakeside, picnic, wishing tree, cat tower, and there are many! 

(2) The island landmarks produce gold coins over time and cats give you hearts. You will need the gold coins to unlock new landmarks or upgrade the existing ones so that you can increase the gold production. Each next/new landmark in the game would cost higher than the older ones. So you will need to keep increasing the gold production. Speaking of hearts, you will need them to upgrade the island. Upgrading the island improves gold production. 

(3) As of writing this, the current destinations or landmark that you can unlock in the Dear My Cat game are; Flower Garden, Train Station, Lakeside, Hidden Valley, Popori Restaurant, Thermal Spring, Temple, Observatory, Hot Air Balloon Island, Sky Stairs, Whale Village, Base Camp, Coral Cave, Sky Garden.

Dear My Cat Game Cheats Tips Guide

(4) Inviting new friends costs gold coins. Invite them to the island and they will generate hearts that you can use to level up the island! 

(5) You can also customize the cat friend characters with customizations such as a hat, neck, back, face, etc. Tap on the friend character and the game will zoom it to its location and give you a bunch of options at the bottom; gifts; send them gifts to increase happiness level. At certain happiness levels, accessories slots are unlocked + you get to read their story! 

Guide To Shop In The Dear My Cat Game

The shop is not only for making IAPs; you can get a bunch of items for free. Head to the shop section of the game by tapping the shopping bag on the right side of the game screen. Daily Special – this section displays the gift items that you can buy with rubies. Treasure Box – this section displays the treasure boxes containing common quality to premium quality gift items and other stuff like sparkling hairball that you can exchange with Fufu. Happy Time: you can watch the video ad or spend rubies to get this boost; gives you free hearts. Gold/Heart Gift – this section showcases the common items that you can buy with rubies; we recommend not buying heart or gold as it would be a bad idea. Instead, you can spend rubies on treasure boxes or daily special deals. In the end, it’s up to you. Ruby; this section showcases the IAPs + gives you a deal that offers free 30 rubies by watching the video ad. 

Getting Free Rubies In The Dear My Cat Game

Complete the achievements, watch the video ads, check the in-game mailbox(sometimes, devs send you free rubies) for free rubies in the Dear My Cat Game!

Look For Sparkling Treasure Objects

Look around all the destinations that you have unlocked and you will often find the sparkling treasure objects; tap on them and get free gift items that you can send to the cat friends and raise the happiness degree. 

Complete The Quests For Rainbow Stars

You can use these rainbow stars to unlock and upgrade buffs in the research. Tap on the island button at the bottom -> navigate to the research tab -> there you can spend the rainbow stars on buffs that improve the heart and gold production. 

Keep An Eye On Free Boosters And Missions

From time to time, free offers come up and appear at the bottom; those small icons; like cloud whale’s gift, happy time, photo mission, etc. Claim them and get a progress boost!

Make The Upgrades, But Wisely

As you accumulate gold coins, don’t just save them – invest them by making upgrades or to unlock a new destination. Always prioritize on unlocking the new/next destination(check in the island tab of the game) as every new/next destination you unlock gives more gold. And, make the upgrades wisely – all destinations in the Dear My Cat game produce gold at a different rate. You should prioritize the ones that give you more gold. And, which one is better? As said above, every new destination will produce more gold. So focus on the one that you unlock recently. Here’s the brief detail if you are still confused: – 

Sky Garden > Coral Cave > Base Camp > Whale Village > Sky Stairs > Hot Air Balloon Island > Observatory > Temple > Thermal Spring > Popori Restaraunt > Hidden Valley > Lakeside > Train Station > Flower Garden. Flower Garden is the worst destination in terms of gold production and Sky Garden is the best one!

Keep Inviting Friends To The Island

Cat Friends or Visitors or Travelers, when visit the island, gives you a massive boost in heart and gold production earnings. There are normal characters as well as VIP characters. VIP ones give more bonuses. For Example, Stray Cat Ruby is one of the friends that give you rubies. Tap the ticket button in the lower-left corner -> there you can check the complete list of friends/characters/visitors/travelers. 

Time Lapse Cheat In Dear My Cat Game

This cheat does not work in the Dear My Cat game. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Dear My Cat game cheats, tips, and guide for beginners!

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