Disgaea RPG Tier List & Reroll Guide [April 2024]

Disgaea RPG is a mobile game available on Android & iOS, published by Boltrend Games. Read on for Disgaea RPG tier list & reroll guide: reroll tier list.Disgaea RPG Tier List Reroll Guide Reroll Tier List

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Disgaea RPG Tier List & Reroll Guide⇓

Disgaea RPG Global English version is now finally available on Android & iOS Platforms. In this post, we have shared “Disgaea RPG Tier List” showcasing the top-tier characters featured in the game and “Disgaea RPG Reroll Guide: Reroll Tier List” to help you pull the top-tier characters in the beginning; you will learn how to reroll, who to reroll, etc. So let’s not waste any time and get to the main content: –

Disgaea RPG Tier List⇓

This Disgaea RPG tier list is based on the JP version(SS Tier > S Tier > A Tier > B Tier). You can get these best character units through summons, which require Nether Quartz, use these working serial codes to obtain loads of Quartz for free and increase chances of getting the best characters featured in this tier list. Now, let’s not waste any time and check out the Disgaea RPG tier list(scroll down for the unit’s details): –

  • Attired Killia – SS Tier
  • Dark Santa Usalia – SS Tier
  • Meliodas – SS Tier
  • Elizabeth – SS Tier
  • Merlin – SS Tier
  • Pure Sicily – SS Tier
  • Tyrant Overlord Killidia – SS Tier
  • Awakened Rozalin – SS Tier
  • Tyrant Valvatorez – SS Tier
  • Attired Rozalin – SS Tier
  • Champloo – S Tier
  • Attired Seraphina – S Tier
  • Santa Rozalin – S Tier
  • Yukata Yukimaru – S Tier
  • Devil Girl Elizabeth – S Tier
  • King – S Tier
  • Ban – S Tier
  • Diane – S Tier
  • Majolene – S Tier
  • Asagi – S Tier
  • Gym Shorts Fuka – S Tier
  • Sapphire – S Tier
  • Dark Artina – S Tier
  • Girl Laharl – S Tier
  • Desco – S Tier
  • Laharl – S Tier
  • Valvatorez – S Tier
  • Yukata Valvatorez – A Tier
  • Gowther – A Tier
  • Zed – A Tier
  • Salvatore – A Tier
  • Christo – A Tier
  • Sister Artina – A Tier
  • Majorita – A Tier
  • Almaz – A Tier
  • Majin Etna – A Tier
  • Mid Boss – A Tier
  • Dark Santa Laharl – A Tier
  • Sicily – A Tier
  • Mao – A Tier
  • Usalia – A Tier
  • Fuka – A Tier
  • Emizel – A Tier
  • Christo – A Tier
  • Fenrich – A Tier
  • Hibana – B Tier
  • Swimsuit Etna – B Tier
  • Bloodis – B Tier
  • Virunga – B Tier
  • Xenolith – B Tier
  • Barbara – B Tier
  • Pure Flone – B Tier
  • Red Magnus – B Tier
  • Easter Mao – B Tier
  • Bunny Seraphina – B Tier
  • Noel – B Tier
  • Rainier – B Tier
  • Jennifer – B Tier
  • Gordon – B Tier
  • Thursday – B Tier
  • Yukimaru – B Tier
  • Axel – B Tier
  • Zeroken – B Tier
  • Seraphina – B Tier
  • Killia – B Tier
  • Artina – B Tier
  • Etna – B Tier
  • Flonne(Fallen Angel) – B Tier
  • Adell – B Tier
  • Rozalin – B Tier
  • Raspberyl – B Tier
  • Santa Usalia – B Tier
  • Kurtis – C Tier
  • Ayame – C Tier
  • Prinny – N/A Tier

Also, see – Disgaea RPG Serial Codes(10+). Source: JP WikiFull Image Tier List: Here. (Source: Reddit, Subreddit: Disgaea RPG Mobile). 

Info on SS, S tier and A, B Tier heroes: – 

⭐⭐⭐⭐SS Tier⇓

  • Meliodas (Main evility; Party ATK / HP + 15%)
  • Elizabeth (Main evility; Party INT ・ DEF + 15%)
  • Merlin(Party INT ・ RES + 15%)
  • Pure Sicily((Main evility: All Allies: INT & DEF +13%, NE1; Staff/Magic Monster Wpn-Wielding Allies: Deals INT-oriented normal attacks (RES-oriented for defenders); NE5; Staff/Magic Monster Wpn-Wielding Allies: SP +7 when a turn begins, NE7; Self: Staff/Magic Monster Wpn-Wielding Allies: Damage dealt by Skills +13%
  • Tyrant Overlord Killidia(Main evility: Fist-Wielding Allies: All stats except SPD +15%, NE1 Self (When wielding Fist): Damage dealt by Skills +55%; NE5; Self: SPD +30% if an enemy is down when a turn ends (2 Turns), NE7; Self: ATK +100% if there is only 1 enemy when a turn starts (1 Turn))
  • Awakened Rozalin(Main evility; Gun-Wielding Allies: All stats except SPD +15%). NE1: All Allies: Initial SP +15 when battle begins. NE+5: Self (When equipped with Gun): Damage dealt +50%. NE+7: All Enemies: ATK & DEF & INT & RES -10%
  • Tyrant Valvatorez(Main evility: Spear-wielding allies, all stats except SPD +15%. High HP and ATK)
  • Attired Rozalin(Main evility: allies action gauge +100 at the start of the wave, NE 1; Allies AoE DMG +15%, NE 2; +30% ATK/INT for the ally with highest action gauge, NE7; +7% XP for the party) 

⭐⭐⭐S Tier⇓

  • Ban(Main evility; Party SPD + 7%)
  • Diane(Party ATK / DEF + 15%)
  • King(Party ATK ・ INT + 15%)
  • Devil Girl Elizabeth(Basic parameters of party humanoid characters + 18%)
  • Majolene(Main evility; Party INT + 15%)
  • Asagi(Main evility; All Members: ATK & HP +13%)
  • Gym Shorts Fuka(Main evility; All Allies: Damage dealt by Skills +12%, NE1; Fist-Wielding Allies: ATK +18%, NE5; Self: ATK & DEF+20% when attacked (1 Turn), NE7; Self: Single-Targeted Damage dealt +60%)
  • Sapphire (Main evility; The higher the HP, the higher: the boost on ATK (up to 35%), Others; buffs Gun-Wielding Allies: SP Cost -10%, + DMG, + SPD
  • Dark Artina(Main evility; Staff & Monster Magical-Wielding allies: +16%, NE1; Ally with the highest Action Gauge: INT +40% when a turn ends (1 Turn), NE5; Staff/Magic Monster Wpn-Wielding Allies: AOE Damage dealt +15%, NE7; All Allies: INT +16% when the battle begins (3 Turns)
  • Girl Laharl(main evility: All Allies: ATK & INT +13%)
  • Laharl(high attack performance, main evility: All Members; All stats except SPD +10%),
  • Valvatorez(High attack performance, main evility: Sword-equipping Members ATK +18%), 
  • Desco(low SP Cost, AoE, Reduces DEF of enemies, main evility: Monster Members; all stats except SPD +11%). 

⭐⭐A Tier⇓ 

  • Gowther(Party basic parameters + 12%)
  • Zed(Main Evility; Party ATK + 15%)
  • Sister Arina(Main Evility; All Allies: SP +5 when a turn begins)
  • Almaz(Main evility; Humanoid Allies: ATK +16%, NE1: Self (When wielding Sword): ATK & DEF +27%, NE5: All Allies: AOE Damage taken -15%, NE7: Sword-Wielding Allies: Damage dealt +15%)
  • Majorita(Main evility: All Allies: INT +15%, NE1: Self: INT +17% if an enemy is down when a turn ends (3 Turns), NE5: Staff-Wielding Allies: SP +10 when a turn begins, NE7: Enemy with the highest Action Gauge: DEF & RES -16% when a turn begins (1 Turns)
  • Majin Etna(Main evility: Self: All stats except HP and SPD +22% when battle begins (3 Turns). NE1: Female Enemies: DEF & RES -14%. NE5: Self: Initial SP +25 when battle begins. N37: Spear-Wielding Allies: SPD +12% when battle begins (3 Turns))
  • Mid Boss(Monster Allies:All stats except SPD +11%)
  • Mao(All Enemies; DEF & RES – 12%), 
  • Black Santa Laharl(+Treasure chest drop rate, main evility: all stats except SPD of the Humanoid character of the party +11%),  
  • Sicily(Healer, low SP Consumption, Party INT +15%). 
  • Usalia(Party ATK +15%), 
  • Fuka(+Party DMG), 
  • Emizel(High INT), 
  • Christo(High RES, healing), 
  • Fenrich(High ATK, Your ATK + party humanoid character x 6%). 

B Tier⇓

  • Swimsuit Etna
  • Bloodis(Main evility; Self: ATK & DEF+20% when attacked (1 Turn))
  • Virunga(Main evility; Bow-Wielding Allies: All stats except SPD +12%)
  • Xenolith(Main evility; Spear-Wielding Allies: ATK +18%)
  • Barbara(Self (When Wielding an Axe): ATK & DEF +27%)
  • Pure Flonne(Main evility; Staff/Magic Monster Wpn-Wielding Allies: All stats except SPD +11%)
  • Red Magnus(Main evility: The lower the HP, the higher the boost on ATK & DEF (up to 70%), NE1: Axe-Wielding Allies: Damage dealt +15%, NE5: Axe-Wielding Allies: HP +18%, NE7: Muscle-Equipped Allies: ATK & HP +13%, )
  • Easter Mao(Main evility: Self: INT +32% when battle begins. (3 Turns), NE1: Male Enemies: DEF & RES -14%, NE5: Self: Damage taken from Humanoids -40%, NE7: Glasses-Equipped Allies: ATK & INT+13%)
  • Bunny Seraphina (Main evility: Humanoid Allies: All stats except SPD +11%, NE5: Bow-Wielding Allies: Damage dealt by Skills +15%,  NE7: Boots-Equipping Members: ATK & INT+13%)
  • Noel(Main evility; All Allies: Heals by 6% of Max HP when a turn begins. NE1: Staff-Wielding Allies: All stats except SPD +12%. NE5: All Allies: SP Cost-5%. NE7: All Allies: Damage taken from Normal Attacks -15%)
  • Rainier(Main evility; Magic Monster Weapon-Wielding Allies: All stats except SPD +12%)
  • Axel(Balanced attributes, main evility; + DMG). 
  • Zeroken(+ SPD), 
  • Killia(Fist-equipping members; ATK +18%), 
  • Rozalin(Male Members; ATK +16%),
  • Seraphina(Self; all stats except SPD + Number of Males in Party X5%), 
  • Adell(Fist-equipping Members; all stats except SPD +12%), 
  • Raspberyl(All Members; DEF & RES +12%), 
  • Artina(Increases party’s male members’ attributes (except SPD) by 10~15%), 
  • Etna(Self; DMG Dealt to females +45%). 
  • Fallen Angel Flonne(Free character, main evility; all members; HP Healed +20%). 
  • Yukimaru(Damage dealt by yourself with water attack + 60%)

C Tier(Situational, Can do well in some events or stages, otherwise, not good)⇓

  • Kurtis(Main evility: Phys. Monster Weapon-Wielding Allies: All stats except SPD +12%, NE1: Self: ATK & RES +30% when battle begins (3 Turns), NE5: All Allies: DEF +15%, NE7: Self: SPD +19% when battle begins. (3 Turns)

So this would be all in this Disgaea RPG Tier List. Also, see – Disgaea RPG Codes 2022.

Since the English Global version has just been released, a global version Disgaea RPG tier list for it is yet to be made. JP tier list is also useful to figure out the top-tier characters.

Disgaea RPG Reroll Guide⇓

To reroll in Disgaea RPG, you need to follow these simple steps: –

Step 1.) Start the game and right after you log in(if you are on Android, you can skip logging in by pressing the back button when asked to bind the game to a Google account), you will be asked to choose or pick a name. After you pick the name, the game will let you reroll for a 4-star character(you can reroll as much as you want; “tap start over” to reroll for another character). Who is the best character that you should pick? Find out below and then we’ll move to step 2 of this reroll guide. 

Disgaea RPG Reroll Tier List: Best 4-Star To Reroll For⇓

You can only get one character from the first free 4-star pull; but who to choose? We would recommend you to choose/reroll one of these three best top-tier characters: Laharl, Valvatorez, and Desco. Laharl(High attack performance) gets access to 45% additional DMG with special moves when you get another dupe(duplicate) of him. Valvatorez(High attack performance) gets all damage by 40% after you get another dupe(duplicate). And, Desco has access to a low-cost AoE and decreases all foes defense by 15% after the first copy. 

Disgaea RPG Tier List Reroll Guide Reroll Tier List

Once you have got any one of these three characters, confirm and proceed to the tutorial. During the battle tutorial(party set-up), you will be asked to choose 2-star party members and the game will force you to “auto setup” the team. After that, you can change the team and select other characters; choose X4 thieves characters(2-star, tap x4 times on that character portrait to select x4 of them). And then tap the “perfect” button to confirm the party. The thief character has the ability to increase the chest drop rate by 3%. Disgaea RPG Tier List Reroll Guide Reroll Tier List

Disgaea RPG Reroll Guide: After Selecting 4-Star & 2-Star Characters During Tutorial⇓

Step 2.) Check out the in-game mailbox and claim the rewards; you may get the gacha currency that you can spend on the gacha/character banners. After the tutorial, you should have at least 2310 Quartz(gacha currency). You can complete missions or beginner quests to earn more for X2 10 Draw. Use serial code “h3WQ5FT9Kw” for more rewards. This code is working as of April 13, 2021. You can check the complete serial codes list here

Step 3.) After you have collected the gacha currency or other rewards from the in-game mailbox(main screen -> tap gift option on the left), navigate to the gacha/summon menu of the game and pick a banner(different-different banner features different characters with high-drop rate). Check the tier list above to know who to aim for while rerolling. At the time of writing this, the global launch features a limited-time event banner, premium summon banner, and ticket banner. 

Spend your free Quartz on 10X Draw and aim for another top-tier 4-star character. 

Step 4.) If you don’t get the top-tier characters that you were looking for, it’s time to reroll. Although, if you have got the top-tier Disgaea RPG mobile characters, then you don’t need to reroll. 

How To Reroll In Disgaea RPG Mobile?

In this Disgaea RPG Reroll guide, we have shared two reroll methods; method 1 is not working for some Android users but it did work for us(We used OnePlus 7), reroll method 2 works for all players; Android as well as iOS. Here are the two methods in details: –

Reroll Method 1.) Only works on Android(No multiple accounts needed, no need to download data): –

  • Step 1.) Go to Android’s file manager -> storage -> Android -> obb -> find “com.boltrend.disgaea.en
  • Step 2.) Rename “com.boltrend.disgaea.en” to “com.boltrend.disgaea.en1
  • Step 3.) Delete the Disgaea RPG data(clear data and cache); go to settings -> apps -> Disgaea -> clear data
  • Step 4.) Revert back the changes: “com.boltrend.disgaea.en1” to its default name “com.boltrend.disgaea.en
  • Step 5.) Launch the game; skip Google Play Login. Your old guest account would be deleted and a new guest ID will be assigned to start from scratch. Comment below if this reroll method is not working

Reroll Method 2.) Suitable for iOS Users & Android users if reroll method 1 does not work: –

Close the game, launch again(don’t tap the start on the screen, instead tap the menu button on the top-right corner) -> choose user center -> tap on change account -> use another account to log in and start again. 

On iOS, when you start the game, it automatically signs into your Gamecenter. If you close the game, launch again, then tap the menu button in the top-right, then user center, and then change account; use a different account(Google, Facebook, Email, etc.) to start the game from scratch and reroll. By the way, you don’t need to reroll as the game lets you reroll for a 4-star character when you start the game(after choosing the name). But if you want another one from your first 10X draw, go and reroll. 

So that’s all we got on Disgaea RPG Reroll Guide(Global). If you are playing JP version, then here’s some info: –

JP Version Reroll Guide: –

If you are on Android, you can start the game from scratch or reroll without downloading the game data. All you need to do is go to your Android mobile’s file manage -> storage -> android -> data -> find “com.disgaearpg.forwardworks” and rename it to “com.disgaearpg.forwardworks1”. Then go to settings -> apps -> clear the Disgaea RPG data; clear data. Once you have cleared it, go back to the file manager -> android -> data -> revert back the changes; change the “com.disgaearpg.forwardworks1” to its default name “com.disgaearpg.forwardworks. 

Start the game and it should start from scratch. 

iOS: The Android reroll method does not work in iOS. What you can do is; Try reinstalling the game; delete it and reinstall to reroll. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Disgaea RPG Reroll Guide: Reroll tier List. 

Also, see – Disgaea RPG Serial Codes

So this would be all in this post on Disgaea RPG Tier List & Disgaea RPG Reroll Guide: Reroll Tier List. 

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  2. Missing Kurtis on the list & Majin Aetna still hasn’t been placed though on other lists she’s still a tier B even though her base stats are better then normal Etna’s stats.

  3. Thanks for Reroll guide, 100% Works !!

    If someone says “not work”, maybe the cause is due to Google Play Auto Login… You have to change your account to “guest” first.

  4. Try reinstalling the game if you are stuck on the loading screen or getting any communication error. I just did and the game is working fine for me

  5. I tried to Reroll using the first method, step by step and now I can’t conect to the game again “Communication error Please check your connection and try again” Keeps appearing and doesn’t let me do anything, I already tried erasing all data and uninstalling and reinstalling the game but nothing seems to work, If any of you have the same experience and more importantly a fix please leave it down here.

    • I just heard about the game… downloaded it… open the game.. and BAM! communication error!… game is broken! I hope they fix it soon bc i wanna play and try it out! even tho i heard that its severely p2w and its a solo game… lol

  6. Method 1 doesnt work for me..

    Im using LD player with root enabled. followed the steps but guest account is still not deleted.

    Disgaea RPG Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/DisgaeaRPGMobile/
    Disgaea RPG Discord Invite Link: https://discord.com/invite/MNEsxez
    Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/DISGAEARPGEN/
    Twitter: N/A

    Reroll Guide has been updated: –

    Step 1.) Go to Android’s file manager -> storage -> Android -> obb -> find “com.boltrend.disgaea.en”
    Step 2.) Rename “com.boltrend.disgaea.en” to “com.boltrend.disgaea.en1”
    Step 3.) Delete the Disgaea RPG data(clear data and cache); go to settings -> apps -> Disgaea -> clear data
    Step 4.) Revert back the changes: “com.boltrend.disgaea.en1” to its default name “com.boltrend.disgaea.en”
    Step 5.) Launch the game; skip Google Play Login. Your old guest account would be deleted and a new guest ID will be assigned to start from scratch. Comment below if this reroll method is not working
    as per the global version; start, pick name, get your favorite 4-star, get X4 thieves, collect rewards -> go to summon -> 10 draw -> if you get another top-tier 4 star, continue playing. If you don’t get any good 4-star from your first 10 draw, go to the game’s start/launch screen, tap the menu at top-right -> user center -> change account -> log in with another account

    Tier List Update: added 4-star units featured in the global version
    Tier List is taken from JP Wiki: https://wiki.dengekionline.com/disgaea-app/%E3%83%AA%E3%82%BB%E3%83%9E%E3%83%A9%E6%9C%80%E5%BC%B7%E5%BD%93%E3%81%9F%E3%82%8A%E3%83%A9%E3%83%B3%E3%82%AD%E3%83%B3%E3%82%B0


    Enter the game, tap the menu button -> help. There you can check in-game guide.

    X4 STAR THIEVES: Because they can increase the chest drop rate(add them to the team)
    Reroll Target: X2 4-Star characters(x1 from first free 4-star pull, x1 from first 10-draw, reroll if you don’t get any 4-star character from 10 draw)
    Serial Codes: https://www.mrguider.org/cheats/disgaea-rpg-serial-code/


      • Did you rename the folder from com.boltrend.disgaea.en to com.boltrend.disgaea.en1 before clearing the data? If not, then that’s why you are getting a white screen, because you deleted the OBB file by clearing the game data. Uninstall and install again from Google Play Store.

    • Hello, after the method of rerolling with the rename worked for 3 hours, I got an eror communication error on all devices. Is there something I messed up, or are there other cases of this? Thank you

      • Game servers are down right now 🙁 Many people including me(Android) are getting this error communication error. iOS version is working fine though.

    • Hey Admin! Thank you for making the post and tier list.
      and thank you for the codes!

      So, I have a Huawei p20 Pro.
      And through the comments, I tested the updated version to ”delete guest account”
      by following the steps. It didnt work. Same with deleting the data and then uninstall and reinstall.
      It still didnt work :/

      I also get logged in right away to the guest account after doing the things when entering the game.
      Please help! Or, hope there is a solution :/


    • Enter the game (home screen), at the top-right corner, tap the menu button -> other -> serial code(some iOS devices do not have this function).
      Disgaea RPG
      Disgaea RPG

    • Without downloading data? NO.
      To delete the guest account(Android), go to mobile settings, apps, tap Disgaea RPG, tap storage & cache, clear data, and then uninstall. Go to Play Store and install again(2GB game). Your old guest account will be deleted and the game will assign you a new guest account.
      iOS; delete and install again.
      Make sure not to login with any of your bound accounts (Google, Facebook, etc.)

      Better to create multiple email accounts to reroll.