Disgaea RPG Serial Code 2021: Promo Codes March 2021

Disgaea RPG is a new mobile RPG available on Android & iOS platforms. Read on for Disgaea RPG serial code aka promo codes 2021(March 2021).

Disgaea RPG Serial Code Promo Codes

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Disgaea RPG Serial Code 2021: Promo Codes(March 2021)⇓

We provide regular updates and full/fast coverage on the latest Disgaea RPG codes aka promo/serial codes 2021. The total number of serial/promo codes that we have discovered so far: x1. Active promo/serial code status: x1. Here’s the Disgaea RPG codes 2021: –

pE3q2Hrden – This serial code aka promo code was announced on January 5, 2021. It gives 3-Star Santa Usalia, HL 30K, 50% AP Potions, X3 Gate Keys, and X5 Gold Bars. Copy this promo code/serial code: –


Disgaea RPG Codes 2021 Wiki⇓

Wiki list of all new Disgaea RPG serial codes 2021: –

  • pE3q2Hrden – Redeem this Disgaea RPG code and get X5 Gold Bars, X3 Gate Keys, X3 AP Potions, 30K HL, 3-Star Santa Usalia

How To Redeem Disgaea RPG Serial Code?

To redeem the Disgaea RPG serial code aka promo code, go to the game menu and tap on “other” -> serial code -> enter the serial code -> get the reward. We have shared all the serial codes aka promo codes above. More codes might get released very soon. So make sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly for the new serial code aka promo code updates. We keep track of all the serial codes aka promo codes and put them all together in one place. New codes are often released on the game’s official Discord channel, FB page, and Reddit. And, when? Well, on game’s milestones, special occasions, and the events. 

So this would be all in this post on Disgaea RPG serial code aka promo codes 2021. If you have got a new code, please share it in the comments. Thanks for visiting this code wiki page. Have a nice day!

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