Disney Mirrorverse Reroll Guide

Read on for Disney Mirrorverse Reroll Guide. 

Disney Mirrorverse Reroll Guide
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Disney Mirrorverse Reroll Guide

The following Disney Mirrorverse reroll guide is based on the English Global version of the game. First, rerolling is unnecessary as you can easily acquire all the characters by playing the game. If you still want to proceed, here’s how to reroll:

Right after the first battle, you will get your first crystal – select a top-tier unit[check Mirrorverse tier list here]. Complete missions and stages to earn orbs, which you will need to buy crystals(you get characters from the crystals). It costs around 180 ~ 280 orbs per crystal. Once you have enough, head to the crystal menu of the game -> featured -> select a crystal featuring a top-tier character(each limited-time crystal has a drop-rate for a specific character).

Normal crystal costs X180 orbs but does not offer a higher drop rate for any character. Limited-time crystal costs 280 orbs and offer an increased chance of obtaining a specific character. After selecting a crystal -> next to the “Featured Prizes,” -> tap the (i) icon to check the drop rate. Select a banner featuring your favorite character or a top-tier character[You can check the Disney Mirrorverse tier list ranking all the characters] -> buy the crystal -> if you get the character, keep playing. If not, reroll:

Disney Mirrorverse Reroll Guide: How To Reroll?

If you are on Android, clear the game data by going to settings -> apps -> Disney Mirrorverse -> clear storage. Open the game again, and it will ask you whether you want to start a new game or continue with old progress -> choose the “Start New” option, -> the game will start from the beginning. 

If you are on iOS, delete the game -> reinstall. OR tap the menu button in the top-left corner -> settings -> account -> sign out -> login -> sign in with Kabam -> create an account -> use salt email(suppose your email is “[email protected]”, you can enter +1 or +2, +3, +4, so on before @). Example; sheldon5+1@gmail.com. Enter a password that you can remember and is strong. Tap create account button. 

The game will start from the beginning. 

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