Barbarian Merge Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Read on for the Barbarian Merge guide: tips, cheats & strategies for the beginners. 

Barbarian Merge

Barbarian Merge

Published by NT GAMES, Barbarian Merge is an RPG where you will be building the main character Barbarian. Discover the mythical equipment like a weapon, shield, helmet, and boots. Equip these gears to the Barbarian and see him crushing the enemies, their bosses, and other players’ squad. 

In this post, we will cover the basics and share some tips for beginners. So let’s not waste any time and get to the main content. 

Your objective in the game is to make your character stronger, discover the max level of all sorts of gear(weapon, shield, helmet, and boot), max out everything(skills, stats, ability), unlock all the archero costumes, and defeat the max level bosses at boss raid mode. 

Barbarian Merge Guide To Gears

  • Max level of normal grade gears; level 10
  • Max level of magic grade gears; level 25
  • Max level of rare grade gears; level 40
  • Max level of unique grade gears; level 55
  • Max level of special grade gears; level 70
  • Max level of legend grade gears; level 75

Barbarian Merge Guide To Merging Equipment

On the inventory screen, at the bottom, you can buy the weapons/shields/helmets/boots with coins. 

Each time you buy any gear, its cost will increase. You will notice an increase in the gear price after each unit purchase. As you continue to purchase and merge, the level of gear that you can buy on the inventory screen will also increase. 

For instance, by the time you reach level 8 weapon/shield/helmet/boot, the gear level on the inventory screen will be increased to level 2. In the beginning, you can buy level 1 gear, and once you reach the milestone as mentioned earlier, i.e., level 8, the gear level will be increased to 2, and you will be able to buy it with the coins.

Keep merging, and you will eventually get to buy higher-level gears with coins on the inventory screen; ultimately, you will progress faster as you can directly get higher-level gears to merge. 

You can sell the low-level gears for coins; tap on the equipment -> sell.

Now and then, you will also receive free gears or gearboxes. 

Barbarian Merge Guide To Getting Stronger

The best way to increase the power of Barbarian in the Barbarian Merge game is by equipping the high-level gears. The character will automatically equip the high-level gear available on the inventory screen. So keep merging the equipment. 

Head to the upgrade tab, and you will find a lot of tabs;

Stat; spend rubies to increase the stats of the Barbarian. We would recommend spending rubies on improving DEF/HP/ATK stats(prioritize) and HP/MP recovery first and then others. 

Ability; might not increase the power, but it can help you progress faster. Spend emeralds to upgrade the abilities.

Skill; there are active skills and passive skills. On the skill tab, on the left side, you can switch b/w these active and passive skills. At the bottom of the skill tab, you can spend Jordan and topaz to get new skills. Obtain duplicates to enhance the skill. Tap on a skill to check what it does. You need MP to unleash the skills.

Archer; Archer is your companion. You will see the archer on the combat screen; you can check the arrows he possesses over his head. You can refill the arrows by watching the video ads. Draw costume pieces with Jordan -> get new costumes -> equip. You can upgrade the archer’s strength with sapphires. 

Participate In All The Game Modes In Barbarian Merge

You have plenty of battle modes on the world tab to play; boss raid(farm rubies, topaz, emerald, sapphires), PvP Battle(fight other players, earn ranking points, climb to the top for better rewards), Mine, and dice game. Participate in all these game modes once you are strong enough. 

Activate Boosters By Watching The Video Ads

On the combat screen, below the ground, you will see two icons; gold boost and speed boost. Get these boosters to earn more and progress faster. 

Complete The Missions

Head to the camp tab -> mission -> complete the missions to earn sapphires, topaz, rubies, and emeralds. 

Get Free Jordan

Head to the camp screen -> shop -> currency -> watch a video ad for free Jordan(once per day).

Barbarian Merge Cheats

No cheats are available for this game. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Barbarian Merge guide and tips for beginners. 

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