Disney Mirrorverse Scrooge McDuck Guide: Is He Good?

Read on for the Disney Mirrorverse Scrooge McDuck guide covering his stats, abilities, and talents and find out whether he is good. 

Disney Mirrorverse Scrooge McDuck

Disney Mirrorverse Scrooge McDuck Guide

Scrooge McDuck is one of the characters featured in the Disney Mirrorverse game. Please refer to our Disney Mirrorverse tier list guide for his tier rankings. 


  • Short 
  • Fortune Seeker
  • Hi-tech
  • Leader

How To Get Scrooge McDuck In Disney Mirrorverse?

In Disney Mirrorverse, you can obtain Scrooge McDuck by opening the crystals; Stellar Crystal, Famed Crystal, and Timekeeper Crystal. 

Is Scrooge McDuck Good?

Scrooge McDuck is a good support role character, but not the best/OP/meta. He can heal allies, provide them focus buff, and can inflict a decent amount of DMG on the enemies. Please refer to our Disney Mirrorverse tier list guide for his tier rankings. 

Disney Mirrorverse Scrooge McDuck Profile:

  • Role: Support
  • Base DMG: 511
  • DMG Resistance: 9.16%
  • Max Armor: 2, 482
  • Critical Chance: 12.13%
  • Bonus Critical DMG: 407
  • Max Health: 7, 157

Disney Mirrorverse Scrooge McDuck Abilities:

  • Adventure Capital – Core Ability
  • Shared Fortune – Special Ability
  • Towering Riches – Signature Ability unlocks at a 4-star rating

Adventure Capital – Core Ability

Scrooge creates coins that each grant him 10% focus.

At the start of each combat, creates x3 coins.

Whenever Scrooge lands a critical hit on his heavy attack, create x1 coin.

Whenever any enemy is defeated, create 1 coin. 

Shared Fortune – Special Ability

All allies heal for x2% health, then spend all coins. For each coin spent:

All allies gain 1 10% focus buff for x30 seconds. All allies heal 1% HP. If Scrooge has 0 coins when he uses his special, he instead creates x3 coins.  

Towering Riches – Signature Ability unlocks at a 4-star rating

Scrooge’s Basic Attacks inflict 50% more DMG.

Whenever Scrooge reaches 10 coins, he gains a 10% attack buff that lasts until the end of the encounter. 

Disney Mirrorverse Scrooge McDuck Talents:

  • Smarter than the smarties
  • Tougher than the toughies
  • Spending power
  • Healthy profit
  • Hard bargain
  • Fortune’s favor

Smarter than the smarties

Unlocks at level 12. Grants +20% FOCUS at the start of an encounter. 

Tougher than the toughies

Unlocks at level 15. Grants +20% HEALTH at the start of an encounter. 

Spending power

Unlocks at level 20. Increase the Focus Buff gained from each coin spent on Scrooge’s special ability by an additional 10%. 

Healthy profit

Unlocks at level 20. The healing effect of Scrooge’s special ability, including each coin spent, is 100% stronger.  Each coin spent also cleanses x1 attack debuff from each ally. 

Hard bargain

Whenever any enemy is defeated, Scrooge has a 50% chance to create x1 additional coin. Unlocks at level 25.

Fortune’s favor

Whenever Scrooge creates coins, he has a 50% chance to double the amount of coins created. Unlocks at level 30. 

Scrooge McDuck Bio:

Extremely lucky in adventure and finance, Scrooge McDuck has accumulated both good fortune and good fortune! He uses this fabulous wealth the way anyone would – to subsidize his adventuring lifestyle and pump up the power of his number one dime to benefit his allies in strength and combat. 

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So that’s all we got in this post on the Disney Mirrorverse Scrooge McDuck guide.

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