Disney Mirrorverse Tiana Guide: Is She Good?

Read on for the Disney Mirrorverse Tiana guide covering her stats, abilities, and talents and find out whether she is good or not. 

Disney Mirrorverse Tiana

Disney Mirrorverse Tiana Guide

Tiana is one of the characters featured in the Disney Mirrorverse game. Please refer to our Disney Mirrorverse tier list guide for his tier rankings. 


  • Medium
  • Royalty
  • Fortune Seeker
  • Shapeshifting

How To Get Tiana In Disney Mirrorverse?

In Disney Mirrorverse, you can obtain Tiana by opening the crystals; Stellar Crystal, Famed Crystal, and Timekeeper Crystal. 

Is Tiana Good?

Yes, she is a good support character who can be paired with Ariel/Baymax/Mulan/Sulley.  Please refer to our Disney Mirrorverse tier list guide for her tier rankings. 

Disney Mirrorverse Tiana Profile:

  • Role: Support
  • Base DMG: 464
  • DMG Resistance: 15.85%
  • Max Armor: 4, 739
  • Critical Chance: 10.18%
  • Bonus Critical DMG: 322
  • Max Health: 7, 092

Disney Mirrorverse Tiana Abilities:

  • Cleansing Fireflies – Core Ability
  • The Main Course – Special Ability
  • Picante Potions – Signature Ability, unlocks at a 4-star rating

Cleansing Fireflies – Core Ability

Launching Tiana’s heavy attack has a 50% chance to gain a cleanse buff, automatically removing itself to cleanse the next damaging debuff or stun that activates. 

Each time Tiana or an ally cleanses any debuff, Tiana 

The Main Course – Special Ability

Titan throws a potion at her ally, with the lowest HP percentage, inflicting 100% damage and knocking back enemies in a small area around the target. 

Titan heals 10% HP to all allies and grants x1 cleanse buff(s).

Picante Potions – Signature Ability, unlocks at a 4-star rating

Titan’s heavy attack has a 25% chance to inflict a burn inflicting 25% damage per second for x4 seconds.

Enemies hit with Tiana’s special ability have a 50% chance to be inflicted with a burn inflicting 75% damage per second for x4 seconds. 

Disney Mirrorverse Tiana Talents:

  • Iron Stomach
  • Knife Edge
  • Gastronomic Gusto
  • Hearty Gumbo
  • Firefly Sight
  • Full Belly

Iron Stomach

Unlocks at level 12. Grants +20% health at the start of an encounter. 

Knife Edge

Unlocks at level 15. Grants +20% attack at the start of an encounter. 

Gastronomic Gusto

Unlocks at level 20. Attack buffs from Tiana’s core ability are 100% stronger. 

Hearty Gumbo

Unlocks at level 20. Tiana heals all allies within range of her special ability an additional 4% HP per second for x3 seconds. 

Firefly Sight

Each cleanse buff on Tiana also grants her 20% critical damage.

Full Belly

Each time Tiana or her allies would gain a cleanse buff from Tiana’s special ability but can not due to the max stacks, for each excess cleanse buff Tiana instead grants all allies a 10% attack buff for x10 seconds. 

Tiana Bio:

Tiana is an alchemist with astounding culinary prowess, able to create powerful potions with incredible magical effects. Starlit fireflies are attracted to her concoctions, and her communication with them further enhances this improvisational dreamer’s skills and abilities/ 

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So that’s all we got in this post on the Disney Mirrorverse Tiana guide.

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