Disney Mirrorverse Stitch Guide: Is He Good?

Read on for the Disney Mirrorverse Stitch guide covering his stats, abilities, and talents and find out whether he is good. 

Disney Mirrorverse Stitch
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Disney Mirrorverse Stitch Guide

Stitch is one of the characters featured in the Disney Mirrorverse game. He is a melee role guardian/character with Shapeshifting and Hi-tech traits. He is known for his immunity to debuffs such as stun, root, burns, and wound effects. He can heal blocked enemies and inflicts a decent amount of DMG on the enemies. Please refer to our Disney Mirrorverse tier list guide for his tier rankings. 

How To Get Stitch In Disney Mirrorverse?

In Disney Mirrorverse, you can obtain Stitch by opening the crystals; Stellar Crystal, Famed Crystal, and Timekeeper Crystal. 

Is Stitch Good?

Stitch is a decent melee role character. He is not the best one out there. There are many melee characters with better performance, abilities, and strength in the game. Stitch can help you at some stages or in the early game, but for later and competitive game modes, focus on the top-tier characters. Please refer to our Disney Mirrorverse tier list guide for his tier rankings. 

Disney Mirrorverse Stitch Profile:

  • Role: Melee
  • Base DMG: 677
  • DMG Resistance: 20.44%
  • Max Armor: 6,576
  • Critical Chance: 6.62%
  • Bonus Critical DMG: 189
  • Max Health: 6, 447

Disney Mirrorverse Stitch Abilities:

  • Metalic Stitch – Core Ability
  • Superhead Stitch – Special Ability
  • Molten Stitch – Signature Ability, unlocks at a 4-star rating

Metalic Stitch – Core Ability

When Stitch uses a heavy attack, he becomes Metalic. While Metalic, Stitch is immune to Stun, Root, and Wound, but becomes Heal Blocked. 

Stitch can use a heavy attack to switch back to his regular form when Metalic. 

Superhead Stitch – Special Ability

When Stitch triggers his special ability, he becomes Superheated, gaining a 25% Attack Buff, and Immunity to Burn. 

Stitch then heal blocks his target for X12 seconds, inflicts 400% DMG and inflicts knockback. Stitch will remain Superheated as long as he keeps hitting an enemy at least once every X3 seconds.

Molten Stitch – Signature Ability, unlocks at a 4-star rating.

The Attack Buff Stitch gains while Superheated grants an additional 50% Attack.

If Stitch stays Superheated for X6 seconds he becomes Molten, keeping the abilities from Superheated and inflicting an instant 15% Burn when attacking. Stitch will remain Moltenas long as keeps hitting an enemy at least once every 3 seconds. 

Disney Mirrorverse Stitch Talents:

  • Sharp Scratch
  • Thick Hide
  • Tempered Metal
  • Combustion
  • Metal Quills
  • Controlled Chaos

Sharp Scratch

Unlocks at level 12. Grants +20% ATK at the start of an encounter. 

Thick Hide

Unlocks at level 15. Grants +20% DEFENSE at the start of an encounter. 

Tempered Metal

Unlocks at level 20. If Stitch triggers his Special Ability while Metalic, he gains 15% Defense as Armor. 


Unlocks at level 20. If Stitch triggers his special ability from his regular form, he inflicts an additional 200% DMG to his target.

Metal Quills

While Metalic, Stitch gains a 30% DEF buff. Unlocks at level 25.

Controlled Chaos

Stitch’s special ability cooldown is reduced by 6 seconds. Unlocks at level 30. 

Stitch Bio:

In addition to his great strength, Stitch has always had an adaptive physiology, but now it’s been amplified to incredible levels. Capable of controlling the speed of his own molecules, he can shift between solid, liquid, and plasma metal, allowing him to even more effectively fulfill his duty as an Intergalactic Agent and a Guardian. 

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So that’s all we got in this post on the Disney Mirrorverse Stitch guide.

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