Distrust Game Overview – Everything You Need To Know

Distrust is a brand new survival adventure game for iOS by CMGE Group Limited. Let’s have a look at our Distrust Game Overview

The mobile version of Distrust game has just released on iOS by CMGE Group Limited. Distrust is already available on Windows, PS4, Xbox One. Its size on iOS is around 479 MB and you can play it offline. You can play Zone 1 for free. To unlock the full version of the game, you will have to spend real money($3 ~). In the game, the player leads a team of survivors and try to escape the base. The weather is so cold, resources are very scarce, and you need to complete the objectives as soon as possible. You will spawn on a randomly generated polar base and start your survival adventure. Let’s have a look at our Distrust Game overview and find out either it’s your type of game or not!

The Gameplay

Distrust iOS⇒Before you start the game, you can choose the difficulty level; adventure and challenge. The adventure mode is for beginners and offers lots of hints in the game. For example; In the adventure mode, you can easily find out the building type; health/meds, crafting, cooking, home, and more. In the challenge mode, these hints are not available.

⇒After choosing the difficulty level, you will have to pick the three team members for your journey. At the start of the game, you have only two slots. You can unlock the third slot by completing the achievement. In Distrust game, all the characters have a unique skill, different stats. You double tap the character avatar to select or remove. There are some characters that you can unlock by completing the achievement or for some characters, you will have to spend real money.

Tap on any locked character(free) and at the bottom, it will show you the achievement walkthrough. For example; “My Poor Lungs” Achievement. You can complete it by consuming 10 cigarettes in the game.

Polar Base

On the polar base, there are many buildings where you can search for the resources. If you are playing the adventure mode, you will see the building type on the mini-map even if you have not visited that building. If you are playing the challenge mode, the game will not show you the building type until you visit the buildings manually.

From these buildings, you can find tools, items(bandages, first-aid), keys, food items, and much more. In each main building, you get a special facility. For example; you can cook items in the stove(found in the cooking type buildings, indicated with forks sign on the mini-map). Similarly, you can get bandages or other health items from the hospital type buildings(denoted with the + sign on the mini-map).

The Objectives

Distrust iOSOn the mini-map, you can see the zone exit point(red/green sign on the fence). At the top-left corner of the screen, you can check your current objective. Follow these highlighted quests to escape the polar base. In most of the missions, you visit each building and turn on the lever, switch or activate the levers/switches. After it, the exit points gets unlocked and you will be able to escape the polar base.Distrust iOS

The Challenges In Distrust Game

In Distrust game, the player needs to maintain the stats of team members(don’t let them die). These stats include stamina, warmth, and satiety. Since it’s too cold, you will have to keep the characters warm. When using the tools or opening the crates/boxes, they might get injured. You will have to treat them. Scarce resources, freaking cold weather can disturb the team member health stats and the character could get infected with some serious diseases. Additionally, the aliens can apply debuffs on the characters.

Completing the achievements to unlock new characters is the biggest challenge in Distrust.

The Graphics, Characters, Sound, Others

Distrust game graphics are really decent. And, the sound/effects are also good(feels scary). The game provides a top-down perspective view to the player and moving the character is really simple. Controls are pretty simple; you just tap the glowing objects to interact and use. You can zoom in/out by tapping the magnifying glass at the top-left.

Distrust Monetization

Distrust’s main source of monetization is IAPs; full version and characters.

The Final Verdict

If you love survival adventure games(scary and intersting ones; missions, survival), then you should give it a try. You can go for the full version if you want; it completely depends on personal preference. It worths every penny!

So this would be all for now as Distrust game overview. Since the game is already available on other platforms, you can easily find the review. We would rate it 5/5. What do you think about the game? Let us know in the comment section below 😀

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