Dragon Trail Hunter World Classes: Best Class Guide [December 2023]

Read on for Dragon Trail Hunter World classes: best class guide. 

Dragon Trail Hunter World Classes Best Class Guide

Dragon Trail Hunter World Classes: Best Class Guide

Published by TTHMobi, Dragon Trail Hunter World is a portrait MMORPG for mobile featuring a great collection of classes such as Warrior, Priest, ranger, and Assassin. Eeach class has its strength. For instance, Warrior, a melee role class, is quite resilient, possesses remarkable HP/DEF attributes, and can inflict a decent amount of DMG on foes. In this Dragon Trail Hunter World classes guide, we will cover each class, share its strengths and weaknesses, and by the end of this article, you will be able to figure out the best class for yourself. So without further ado, let’s get started. 

Dragon Trail Hunter World Classes: 

  • Warrior – DEF/DMG Class
  • Priest – Support Class
  • Assassin – DMG Class
  • Ranger – DMG Class

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Warrior Class

The Warrior class is resilient, durable, and excels at protecting allies by taking the most hits. However, the DMG is not exceptional. If you’re looking for a defender or tank-type class that can do a decent volume of DMG on enemies, Warrior is the class to pick. 

Pros: Best survivability, durable, resilient, high HP/DEF/DMG resistance stats.

Cons; lacks DMG; it’s decent, but not the best. 

Priest Class

The Preist class in Dragon Trail is known for its supportive skill kit. As a Priest, your job would be to assist allies during the battle. Most players in MMORPGs tend to disregard the support classes like priests due to their incapability to exhibit DMG during the battle. For solo clearing, pick a DMG class. 

Pros: Useful in team battles where Priest’s supportive skills can make a difference in the result

Cons; Lacks DMG, not suitable for solo clearing

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Assassin Class

Assassin is a melee DMG class. Assassin’s DMG is much better than Warrior. But the HP/DEF is low compared to Warrior. 

Pros: best melee DMG class at the moment. 

Cons: low survivability

Ranger Class

The only long-range DMG dealer class in Dragon Trail Hunter World. Ranger can inflict an enormous amount of DMG on the enemies from a distance. 

Pros: DMG, strike enemies from a long distance

Cons: low durability, but the ability to hit enemies from a long distance makes up for it. 

Dragon Trail Hunter World Best Class:

Ranger and Assassin are the two best DMG dealer classes in Dragon Trail Hunter World. Warrior is the best defender or tank class with high durability and decent DMG output. Priest class can be helpful in team battles where assistance is needed to survive longer. 

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So that’s all we got in this post on Dragon Trail Hunter World Classes: Best Class Guide. 

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