Dragonicle Best Class: Classes Overview For Beginners

Dragonicle is the latest MMORPG by X-Legend, available on Android & iOS. Read on for Dragonicle Best Class: Classes Overview to help you pick the best class!Dragonicle Best Class

Dragonicle Best Class: All Classes In The Game⇓

As per the current version of Dragonicle, there are four classes that players can pick before embarking on the adventurous journey packed with lots of challenging & fun quests, action-packed fights, and activities. Dragonicle features these four classes; Archer Class, Shadow Class, Mage Class, and Paladin Class. This Dragonicle Best Class article is made for beginners to help them pick the right class as each class has unqiue skills, strengths, traits, talents, and gameplay style. So let’s not waste any time and check out the Dragonicle Best Class!

Dragonicle Best Class⇓

  • Archer: Best Ranged DPS Class
  • Paladin: Best Melee Tank Class
  • Shadow: Best Melee DPS Class
  • Mage: Best AoE, CC Class

Archer Is The Best Ranged DPS Class In Dragonicle⇓

Dragonicle Best Class Archer

As of writing this, in our opinion, Archer class stands at the top when it comes to striking the enemies from a distance and inflicting massive penetrative strikes that beat the hell out of your enemy. A lot of players like ranged DPS classes in MMORPGs. If you love ranged DPS characters in MMORPGs, we would advise you to pick the Archer class. You will be able to inflict an enormous amount of damage and that too from a distance. Good performance in solo as well as in a team. 

Paladin Is The Best Melee Tank Class In Dragonicle⇓

Dragonicle Best Class Paladin

Paladin is a pure melee tank class with a decent damage score. Being a tank allows you to lead the team from the front and soak most of the damage coming from the foes. Paladin’s DEF score is the best among all the classes in the game; survivability is amazing. Also, the attack score is decent, meaning, you will be able to inflict a decent amount of damage too. In our opinion, players who love melee and tank fighters in MMORPGs should choose the Paladin class. It would be the best fit for your gameplay style. 

Shadow Is The Best Melee DPS Class In Dragonicle⇓

Dragonicle Best Class Shadow

Shadow is one of the two melee classes in Dragonicle; Paladin and Shadow are the two melee classes at the moment. The difference between these classes; Shadow has more DMG score than Paladin. But Paladin has more DEF score than Shadow. If you love Assassin/Ninja characters with good agility and ATK DMG, we would advise you to pick Shadow. This class would be the best fit for your gameplay style. 

Mage Is The Best CC + AoE Class In Dragonicle⇓

Dragonicle Best Class Mage

Mage is a unqiue character class in Dragonicle that’s known for its AoE and CC Skills. AoE(Area of Effect); damage over a large area(meaning, you will be able to inflict damage to a large area). Also, it has CC skills(Crown Control) that can be helpful in some battles. Overall, the ATK/DEF score is average, but not the best. If you love spell or mage type classes in MMORPGs that possess CC skills, then this would be the best pick for you. 

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So this would be all in this post on Dragonicle Best Class: Classes Overview. Which class you are going to pick? Comment below. 

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