Dress Up Time Princess Walkthrough: Guide, Cheats, Tips & Tricks

New to the Dress Up Time Princess game? Master all of its concepts with this Dress Up Time Princess walkthrough guide packed with tips, cheats, and tricks

Dress Up Time Princess walkthrough guide and tipsDress Up Time Princess Walkthrough, Guide, Cheats & Tips: – 

This article covers “how to play Dress Up Time Princess”, about choices, story endings, goodwill, relics, and other things such as crafting clothes, boutique, cats, gifts, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and get straight to the Dress Up Time Princess walkthrough guide and tips: – 

Getting Started With The Dress Up Time Princess Basics⇓

The first thing you need to know is this is a “dress-up” game with a “story” mode gameplay that features “choices” mechanics. The main story mode has a lot of chapters – each chapter has a lot of stages. At each stage, you will interact with the characters and make decisions/choices. Choices/decisions made at the stage affect the “story endings”. Different choices lead to different story endings. 

Dress Up Time Princess walkthrough guide and tipsAlthough, it’s easy to clear the stages. All you need to do is dress up well and score “perfect”. Dress up tips are mentioned below. First, let’s learn about the choices. 

Guide To Making Choices In Dress Up Time Princess⇓

Aforementioned, different choices lead to different endings. For example: at stage 1-3, you are asked to buy a necklace; you get three choices; don’t buy, take a loan, pay by installments. Now, all these three choices lead to a different ending: – 

  • If you choose to refuse to buy/don’t buy, you will continue to the next stage. 
  • Take a loan: this choice leads to a different story ending where you can either borrow from Gabrielle or the King. If you borrow from Gabrielle, there would be a different ending(Magical Friendship). 
  • Pay by installments: this choice leads to a different ending(A fixed conclusion). 

Also, some choices can increase goodwill with the characters. “You can always play a stage again and choose the different choice to discover all the endings”. 

Dress Up Time Princess walkthrough guide and tips

You can use the flow chart to keep track of choices/story branches. On the chapter screen, at the bottom, tap the story nodes/branches/flow chart icon. This will open the flow chart screen where you can keep track of all the story endings and choices. If you want to obtain all the story endings or if you want to know what could have happened if you had made a different choice, play that stage again. 

Tips And Guide To Raise Characters’ Goodwill⇓

Certain stages or choices require a certain level of goodwill with a particular character. For example, stage 1-10 requires Blaisdell goodwill level 2. If you don’t meet the requirement, you will not be able to play that stage. Here’s how to increase the goodwill with the characters: – 

The best way to raise goodwill with the characters in Dress Up Time Princess game is by giving them the gifts that they like. Go to the home screen of the game -> tap the lantern option -> companions -> select the companion character. At the top-left of the screen, you will see his/her likes. For example – Blaisdell likes collectable and food. If you give these gifts to Blaisdell, his goodwill level will increase. On the same screen, on the right side, tap the “gift” icon. This will open the gift panel where you can select the gift items that you want to gift the selected companion. 

If you don’t have the gift items, tap the + button in the lower-left corner -> go to the blueprint -> sort it by character likes -> select the blueprint of the gift item -> craft it using the material items. Tap and hold on an item to check how to get it for free. Certain crafting material items are required to craft the gifts. It will cost gold coins to start the crafting process. 

Another way to raise the goodwill with characters in Dress Up Time Princess game is by making the right decisions; in the story mode stages, you will encounter these companion characters. For example; at stage 1-4, you can either dance with Fersen or Lafayette. Dress Up Time Princess walkthrough guide and tips

Tips To Clear The Stages With Perfect Score⇓

With good “clothes” and “relic” selection, you can clear the stages with the perfect score. On the dress-up screen, tap the bulb icon at the top to check the cloth tags – note all the styles/tags. After that, tap the search/magnifying glass icon in the top-left on the Dress Up screen -> filter it by those tags and tap the search button. This will only show the clothes and accessories that match the stage outfit tips. Equip them(choose the high-star outfits) and tap the ready button. Now, you have to select a relic, which is important. Pay attention to the relic tags. Relics also have style tags – equip the relic that matches stage outfit tips. The equipped relic increases the base score for the corresponding tags. 

Getting Relics In Dress Up Time Princess⇓

On the home screen of the game, tap the lucky jerry! Spend the gold tickets and you may get a relic(rewards are random). You can get free gold tickets with these Dress Up Time Princess redemption codes. Relics are available in multiple grades; a 3-star relic, 4-star relic, and 5-star relic. 

Getting High-Tier Outfits In Dress Up Time Princess⇓

The higher the star grade of the outfit, the more score you get. Tap the bag option on the right side of the home screen of the game. There you can check all the outfits that you have acquired – tap on the outfit and check its score; you will notice that the high-star clothes give more score points. 

You can get the high-tier outfits(6-star, 5-star) from lucky jerry. Tap lucky jerry on the home screen -> spend the gold tickets. Try these codes if you don’t have these tickets. 

Other than this, you can craft the outfits in the boutique. Main screen -> boutique -> craft clothes or alter clothes -> craft clothes -> use the crafting material to craft the outfit. 

Or, on the chapter screen, tap the character avatar icon on the lower-right corner to open the encounters -> interact with the companions and you can spend the stamina to get the rewards; outfits. Encounters change often. 

Do The Isabel’s Guide Missions⇓

If you are new to the game, we would advise you to follow Isabel’s Guide missions to get free rewards. 

Add Friends In Dress Up Time Princess⇓

We would advise you to add friends who are at a higher level. You will be able to access the shared wardrobe and sent stamina to each other. Tap the friend option on the top-right side -> tap the search icon on the top-right -> enter the name or IGG ID. You can get IGG ID by tapping the princess avatar icon at the top-left corner of the main screen. 

Send Cats On Exploration⇓

On the home screen, tap the kitty bed -> tap the exploration map icon on the left-center -> select a cat -> select duration(long-duration expedition yields more rewards) -> deport. Once the expedition ends, you can claim the items that the cat brought for you. 

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So that’s all we got in this post on Dress Up Time Princess walkthrough guide with tips for beginners. Got more tips? Comment below. 

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  2. Hi, I couldn’t continue the stage 1-5 at siwoo’s sight even I have reach the 3rd goodwill with choi hyun woo 🙁 how to fix it?

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  4. The cats appear to have icons which make them more likely to bring back certain items. But I dont know what they little icons mean so I dont know which cats to send out to increase my odds of getting what I need. Does anybody know what they mean? There are 2 dresses one seems to have scissors on it so maybe supplies and one seems to have an arrow; then there is a gift and a bell and a shirt.

  5. Bonjour, dans mon premier voyage pour recuperer nuit du destin on doit remplir des quetes mais comment savoir quelles sont les quetes exactement ?

    (Hello, in my first trip to recover Night of Destiny we have to complete quests but how do I know what the quests are exactly?

    Thank you)

    • Hi! try this: –
      (1) on the main screen of the game, in the upper-left corner, tap the princess avatar. Choose “others” -> “accounts” -> tap “switch account” -> choose a new method to login; Google/Facebook/IGG account(the one that you have not used to bind the account with the game). This will start the game again; from the scratch. Alternatively, if you have not used any main Google/Facebook/IGG account to bind with the game(currently linked with device), you can try deleting the app and installing it again. Hope it works!

      • What if I don’t want to restart my entire account, just a couple of stories? I was feeling rather ambitious after completing Queen Marie and Figueroa, so I ended up downloading more stories, (swan lake and Helen), than I can reasonably manage at once. Therefore, I need to uninstall at least two of them in order to free up parvin’s shop.