Time Princess Little Women Walkthrough | Choices & Endings

Little Women is one of the books in Time Princess. Read on for Dress Up Time Princess Little Women Walkthrough: Best Choices & All Endings Walkthrough!Dress Up Time Princess Little Women Walkthrough

Dress Up Time Princess Little Women Walkthrough: Chapter 1 Choices & Endings⇓

In this post, we have shared a walkthrough for Little Women Book of Time Princess Chapter 1 – Dress Up Time Princess Little Women Walkthrough, Choices, Events, and Best Endings

Stage 1.1 A Rainy Encounter

Dress/Outfit Tags: Perky & Gentle

    Stage 1.2 Afternoon Tea

    Dress/Outfit Tags: Simple & Noble

    • Make a stern retort > + Franklin Lee Goodwill
    • Retreat for now > + Friedrich Bhaer goodwill

    Stage 1.3 A New Invitation

    Dress/Outfit Tags: Formal & Elegant

      Stage 1.4 Rehearsal Day

      Dress/Outfit Tags: Simple & Noble

      (Need Friedrich Bhaer goodwill level 2)

      Stage 1.5 Innermost Thoughts

      Dress/Outfit Tags: Formal & Elegant

      (Need the outfit Garden Fence)

      Stage 1.6 Final Decision

      Dress/Outfit Tags: Perky & Gentle

      (Need Franklin Lee goodwill level 2)

      • Choose:
        • Agree to be an editor >  Ending: Obscurity
        • Turn him down
      • Choose:
        • I’ll continue to work on my novel > + Friedrich Bhaer Goodwill
        • I’ve chosen to become a playwright > + Franklin Lee Goodwill

      Stage 1.7 A Special Play

      Dress/Outfit Tags: Formal & Elegant

      (Need Friedrich Bhaer goodwill level 2, continue to work on my novel in 1.6)

        Event: Accidental Confession

        Stage 1.8 Surprise Reunion


          Stage 1.9 In Deep Thought

          • Say it’s delicious  > + Friedrich Bhaer Goodwill
          • Pretend you don’t like it

          Stage 1.10 Press Conflict

          Dress/Outfit Tags: Warm & Perky

          (Need the outfit Autumn Street, Friedrich Bhaer Goodwill level 4)

          Stage 1.11 A Muddled Future

          Dress/Outfit Tags: Perky & Gentle

          (Need Friedrich Bhaer goodwill level 5)

          • Explain my troubles > + Friedrich Bhaer Goodwill
          • Tell him not to meddle any more

          Event: Moonlit Warmth

          Stage 1.12 An Unforeseen Event

          Dress/Outfit Tags: Warm & Perky

          (Need Friedrich Bhaer goodwill level 6)

          • Ask about spending money to publish the novel
          • Ask about seeking help from Franklin > + Friedrich Bhaer Goodwill (Need Retreat for now in 1.2)

          Event: Abused Aid

          Stage 1.13 Unwilling Separation

          Dress/Outfit Tags: Warm & Elegant

          (Need the outfit Cafe Tables, Friedrich Bhaer Goodwill level 7)

          • Farewell >  Ending: Independent Author
          • Stay here →  Ending: Marriage of Four, the Event: Romance in the Rain (this choice Need 🙂
            • Retreat for now in 1.2
            • work on my novel in 1.6
            • Explain my troubles in 1.11
            • seeking help from Franklin in  1.12

          Stage 1.14 Theatre Experience

          Dress/Outfit Tags: Elegant & Gentle

          (Need Franklin Lee goodwill level 3, become a playwright in 1.6)

          Event: Western Tale

          Stage 1.15 A Surprise


          Stage 1.16 Business Dinner

          Dress/Outfit Tags: Perky & Gentle

          (Need the outfit Fluffy Cotton candy, Franklin Lee Goodwill level 4)

          • Respond frankly > + Franklin Lee Goodwill (Need Make a stern in 1.2)
          • Reply hesitantly

          Event: Gentleman’s Creed

          Stage 1.17 Joining the performance

          Dress/Outfit Tags: Formal & Elegant

          (Need Franklin Lee Goodwill level 5)

          Stage 1.18 Past Obsession

          Dress/Outfit Tags: Elegant & Gentle

          (Need Franklin Lee Goodwill level 6)

          • Tell him > + Franklin Lee Goodwill
          • Don’t tell him

          Event: Pain and Tenderness

          Stage 1.19 Engagement Dinner

          Dress/Outfit Tags: Elegant & Gentle

          (Need the outfit Vienna Waltz, Franklin Lee goodwill level 7)

          • Say yes > Ending: Revisit Love (Need Don’t tell him in 1.18)
          • Say no > + Franklin Lee Goodwill

          Stage 1.20 Moonlit Roses

          • Say yes > Ending: Life on Stage, Event An Attachment (Need 🙂
            • Make a stern retort in 1.2,
            • become a playwright in 1.6
            • Respond frankly in 1.16
            • Tell him in 1.18
          • Say no > + Franklin Lee Goodwill

          End of Little Women Chapter 1 Walkthrough

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