Era of Legends Best Class – What Is The Best Character Class?

Era of Legends lets the player choose one out of eight character classes. Let’s find out Era of Legends Best Class that you should pick for the head start

Era of Legends game features eight character classes and in each server or account, you can create or try up to five character classes. Choosing a class is the first and important step. Your character class will define your role in the team matches. For example; if you pick the tank type character, you will lead from the front and seek the highest damage. On the other hand, if you pick the damage type character, your role would be inflicting the highest damage possible. In today’s post, you will learn about the Era of Legends character classes and our recommendation on Era of Legends best character class.

Era of Legends Character Classes: –

  1. Warrior
  2. Shaman
  3. Mage
  4. Priest
  5. Assassin
  6. Witch
  7. Archer
  8. Druid

Era of Legends Warrior Class – 

Era of Legends Best Class⇒Warrior is a melee type character in Era of Legends game who attacks from a close range. Since his DEF & HP stats are pretty good, he helps the allies in the battle by seeking the highest damage or protecting the allies from getting attacked. You can easily handle it throughout the battle.

Skills: –

  • Warrior class has the stun ability. His smash skill inflicts damage as well as stun the target for a few seconds
  • Increases the physical defense, magic defense with shield skill
  • Increases damage reduction(Secret Art)
  • An increment in Movement Speed(Secret Art)
  • Protects the ally by seeking damage(Secret Art)

In Era of Legends, every class has six secret skills/arts. But you can only choose two secret arts.

If you choose the warrior character class, you will have to lead from the front in the battles. Your role would be protecting the allies from enemies by seeking damage, stunning them. The warrior class also offers good damage skills.

Era of Legends Shaman Class

Era of Legends Best Class⇒Shaman is a supporter class in the game who has healing skills and many cool buffs. Shaman can also inflict magic damage to the enemies with some skills. But the main role is to heal allies in the battle and apply buffs/debuffs to the allies/enemies. If you choose the Shaman Class, you will lead from the rear line and help the allies by healing and buffs.

Skills: –

  • Restores the HP of an ally
  • Inflicts magic damage and interrupt targets
  • Summons a fire totem, which auto-attacks enemy
  • Summons a water totem, which auto-heals allies
  • Increases the stats for all allies(Secret Arts)
  • Turns the enemy into a frog for a few seconds(Secret Arts)
  • Increases damage reduction of allies(Secret Arts)
  • Increases ATK of all allies(Secret Arts)
  • Reduces enemy SPD(Secret Arts)
  • Stuns the target(Secret Arts)

So the Shama character class offers really cool buffs and has healing skills. If you want to be a buffer or help the allies in the battles, you should go with Shaman. Keep in mind that the character class determines your role.

Era of Legends Mage Class

Era of Legends Best Class⇒Mage is an attacker class in the game with AoE damage skills. If you choose this class, your role would be dealing the highest damage possible. You can attack from a range to multiple enemies at once. If you want to be an attacker in the Era of Legends game, then you should pick this class.

Skills: –

  • Bombard the enemy multiple times
  • Blast the enemy, inflict massive magic damage
  • Bombard the enemy and interrupts targets
  • Soul Rain skill deals magic damage for a few seconds(continuously)
  • Self-teleporting(Secret Art)
  • Increases moving speed(Secret Art)
  • Turns the enemy into a sheep, removes damage effects(Secret Art)
  • Self-Healing(Secret Art)

Mage is one of the best character classes in the Era of Legends game. If you like crushing the enemies from a range, striking the group of enemies at once, then you should pick the Mage class.

Era of Legends Classes – Priest Class

Era of Legends Best Class⇒The priest is a true healer in the game with amazing healing skills. Unlike Shaman class, Priest class offers fewer buffs, more healing skills. If you pick the priest class, your role would be staying back and helping allies who are losing HP. In addition to the healing skills, priest class offers some more buffs: –

  1. Heals an ally(single target)
  2. Reduces enemy movement speed
  3. Grants health shield to an ally
  4. Dispels debuffs from the allies(Secret Art)
  5. Increases MOV SPD and Chanting SPD(Secret Art)
  6. Reduces ally’s damage taken(Secret Art)

So the priest also has good healing skills, buffs. If you want to be a healer, you can pick the priest class or Shaman class.

Era of Legends Classes – Assassin Class

Era of Legends Best Class⇒Assassin is another one of the best attacker classes in Era of Legends game. Unlike Mage, who is also a damage dealer, Assassin deals physical damage(melee, close-range) and target a single enemy at a time. Assassin has some cool skills that you can use throughout the battle for advantage. If you choose the Assassin class, your role would be of a damage dealer.

Skills: –

  • Inflicts physical damage
  • Stealth mode lets you escape the battle instantly
  • Critical Hits
  • Self-teleporting and Sneak(Secret Art)
  • Self-Healing(Secret Art)
  • Increases movement speed(Secret Art)
  • Stuns the enemy(Secret Art)

Assassin character is also a good choice if you like slaying down the enemies with blades, stealth mode, teleport, and other speed skills.

Era of Legends Classes – Witch Class

Era of Legends Best Class⇒Witch is another mage-type class in Era of Legends game. Witch attacks from a range and inflicts magic damage. Except for a few skills, all of its skill inflicts magic damage to the enemy or enemies in range. If you want to be a mage in Era of Legends game, focuses on magic damage, then Witch could be a good option.

Skills: –

  • Bombard the enemy multiple times(Inflict damage)
  • Immolate Effect(Like Soul Rain)
  • Summons a devil with HP and ATK to assist in the battle
  • Restores HP

If you are going to pick a mage character, you have two main character classes; Witch and Mage(AoE).

Era of Legends Classes – Archer Class

Era of Legends Best Class⇒Archer is a ranged-unit who deals physical damage from a range. In the ranged units, you have Mage, Witch, Priest. But all these inflict magic damage. Archer inflicts physical damage. If you want a ranger type unit, Archer is the best class. If you pick this, your role would be shooting the arrow bows from a back row.

Skills: –

  • Inflicts physical damage
  • Summons a beast with HP and ATK to assist in the battle
  • Interrupt effect upon power shot
  • AoE Scatter Shot
  • Increases ATK
  • Knock-Back(Secret Art)
  • Trap the enemy(Secret Art)
  • Increases MOV SPD(Secret Art)
  • Reduces enemy speed(In-range, Secret Art)

Archer is the best damage dealer class(Physical Damage).

Era of Legends Classes – Druid Class

Era of Legends Best Class⇒Druid is a powerful defender in the game with many cool skills that help you in the battle. As a defender, your role would be leading from the front line and blocking the enemy’s path to attackers, supporter or healers. The warrior class is also good, but Druid offers some cool skills.

Skills: –

  • Inflicts physical damage
  • Increases character HP and physical defense
  • AoE Moon Raven skill inflicts enemies in range
  • Knock-back
  • Heal allies
  • Buff allies by increasing their ATK, MOV SPD
  • Increases DEF, HP(Secret Art)
  • DMG Reduction of all team members(Secret Art)

Druid character class also have high HP & DEF stats.

So these are the eight character classes featured in Era of Legends game.

Defender-class; Druid, Warrior

Healers – Priest, Shaman

Damage Dealers – Mage, Archer, Assassin, Witch

In our recommendation, Druid is the best defender class, Shaman is the best healer class, and for the damage dealer, we would recommend you Mage, Archer, and Assassin. Feel free to share your own views on Era of Legends classes in the comment section below. You can create up to five characters in each account. So if you want to go with a particular class, you can try all the characters.

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