Fist of the North Star Legends ReVIVE – How To Get Gems For Free?

Fist of the North Star Legends Revive GemsNeed gems to get shards from the gacha shop in Fist of the North Star Legends ReVIVE? Learn how to get free gems in Fist of the North Star Legends ReVIVE

Fist of the North Star Legends ReVIVE Gems Grinding & Usage – Spending Juodollars and Gems in the gacha shop is one of the common ways to get fighter or fighter shards. The drop rates of fighters in these two options are different. For example – In free or 1-pull Juodollar gacha, you get the material items that you can use to level up the fighters. In 10-pull Juodollar gacha, the game guarantees fighter shard(only shard, not the complete fighter).

In the second option, which is Gemgacha, you can use gems or gem gacha voucher to get fighter shards or the material items. If you do the 1-pull gacha, you will not get fighter until the pull counts to 10. That means you will have to do it 10 times to get a fighter(guaranteed). But that’s not an efficient way. In the 10-pull, which costs 2200 gems, you get a fighter and it’s more efficient because you save 200 gems in this pull. So gems are important. In this post, we have shared all the ways to get free gems in Fist of the North Star Legends ReVIVE game. So let’s get started.

Fist of the North Star Legends ReVIVE Gems – How To Get Free Gems?

  • Level Up Support Pack
  • Time-Limited Events
  • Beginner’s Login Bonus
  • Login Bonus
  • Main Missions
  • First Time Clear Reward

Level Up Support Pack

The max user level in Fist of the North Star Legends ReVIVE game is 54. And, at certain user levels, you get free gems. And, you can earn thousands of free gems from this support pack. Here’s the list of levels at which you get free gems: –

  1. Lvl 10
  2. Lvl 15
  3. Level 20
  4. Level 25
  5. Lvl 30
  6. Lvl 35
  7. Level 40
  8. Level 45
  9. Lvl 50
  10. Level 51
  11. Lvl 52
  12. Level 53
  13. Lvl 54

You can earn over 7000 gems for free.

Time-Limited Events

Go to the main interface of the game and at the top-right side, below the VIP/Gem/First Gem Purchase options, you can check out these time-limited events. Make sure to complete the challenges in these events and grab free gems. For example – at the time of writing this guide, there are three events in progress;

  • New Server Campaign – In this event, we are getting shards, free gems, Juodollars, and EXP bottles by clearing the story quests, clash quests, raising the user level
  • Hundred Blow Challenge – In this event, we use Hundred Blow Challenge Voucher and tap the screen to earn free gems. These vouchers can be obtained from the corresponding event missions. Go to the events menu to get all the details.
  • Gem Voucher Mission – In this event, we get free gem gacha vouchers by clearing the story quests chapter.

Beginner’s Login Bonus

If you have just started playing the game, then you can claim the beginner’s bonus. In this login bonus, you get free gems Juollars, Fighter shards daily. At the top-right of the screen, tap the beginner’s log in bonus option to claim the rewards.

Log In Bonus

Log In Bonus is different from the beginner’s log in bonus. As a newbie in the game, you get the beginner’s log in bonus. But once you are old, you can only claim the monthly login bonus and earn free gems every week. So make sure to log in daily and get free gems in Fist of the North Star Legends ReVIVE game.

Main Missions

As the heading says – complete the main missions to get free gems.

First Time Clear Reward

In the story quests, In each chapter, you complete the stages. As a first-time stage clear reward, the game gives free gems to the player. So go as far as you can in the story mode and grab free gems.

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So that would be all in this FotNS Legends ReVIVE free gems grinding guide for the beginners. If you know more ways to get free gems, comment below.

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