Food Truck Pup Guide: Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Food Truck Pup: Cooking Chef is a popular title from GAME START LLC. Read on for the Food Truck Pup guide, tips, cheats & strategies.

Food Truck Pup Guide Tips Cheats

Food Truck Pup Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies⇓

In this post, you will learn “how to play the Food Truck Pup game”, about the partners, making money, shops, and other core aspects such as tips for progression, furniture, clothing, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and get straight to the main content: Food Truck Pup guide, tips, cheats & strategies: –

Grasping The Basic Concepts First

(1) You get to choose a cute little Shiba dog at the starting of the game – that little character will be positioned as a chef and help you make money through the food truck business. What you do is give him instruction; advertising to get the customers, gather food ingredients, cook recipes, and sell to the customers. Customers give gold coins – the common in-game currency that you can use to unlock new shops, hire new partners, buy furniture, clothes, and make other upgrades. 

(2) Dog Treat(The Bones) – it’s the premium in-game currency in the Food Truck Pup game that you can use to upgrade the main chef as well as the partners. Upgrading the partners will unlock new benefits/bonuses like gathering, getting customers, etc. You can get the dog treats for free by playing the game or the shop. 

(3) Your goal is to make money and unlock all the shops. Each next shop will cost more than the previous one. For example; the second shop costs 3K coins, the shop in the ocean town costs 10k coins. 

Food Truck Pup Guide To Interface

At the bottom of the screen, there are seven menu tabs; let’s go through each one and learn everything!

(1) Map: Tap the red color location mark in the bottom-left corner -> a mini-map will open where you can check all the locations where you can set up the shop. To unlock new locations like Holiday Villa or another shop, you will need to save a certain number of gold coins. 

(2) Partners: Tap the Shiba dog in the lower-left corner -> here you can manage the partners. Tap the + button to hire the partners, Tap the switch button to switch between the main chef and the partners. Panda partners are premium partners. When you move to a new location, make sure to drag the partners from the old location to the new location – otherwise, they would not show up in the new location. 

(3) Furniture/Cloth Shop: this is the place where you can buy furniture items and clothing. 

(4) Camera: take in-game pics. 

(5) Couch: this will take you to the furniture menu -> tap the arrow button to enter the furniture catalog -> select a furniture item -> tap the set button to place the furniture in the Food Truck. 

(6) Clothing: this will take you to the house screen. Tap the orange color arrow button to enter the house. 

(7) Paw: game settings. 

Partners Guide In Food Truck Pup

(1) Partners help you run the food truck business. They can cook the items, serve the items, and collect the coins for you. If they are hungry or sleepy or dirty, you don’t need to worry as they take care of themselves. 

(2) You can hire the partners in the Food Truck Pup with the gold coins. Tap the Pup button in the lower-left corner -> tap the + button -> select the partner -> hire by paying the amount. Once that’s done, the hired partner will join you. 

(3) You can upgrade the partners with the dog treat. Tap the partner -> tap the bone icon in the lower-left corner of the profile -> use the green color arrow button to grant them dog treats -> a certain number of dog treats must be transferred to level them up. When they reach a certain level or rank, new abilities are unlocked; gathering, getting the customers from the street, etc. 

Play The Mini-Game To Earn Coins & Dog Treats

Tap your “main chef” and open his profile -> at the top-right of the profile, you will find the mini-games icons. There is a match-3 game that you can play and earn coins. A digging game to earn the dog treats. 

Keep Getting Customers

Once you have hired the partners, they will take care of cooking and serving; all you need to do is focus on getting new customers and gathering the ingredients. Tap the main chef -> pamphlet-> give it to the customers on the street. Tap the pamphlet button again and do the same thing – also, make sure to have enough ingredient stock. 

Getting Freebies In Food Truck Pup Game

(1) Keep an eye on the main chef; a gift box appears in his hand every now and then. Tap it, watch the video ad, and earn coins. 

(2) Keep an eye on the screen; most often when it’s night, a bone often appears near the food truck. Make sure to collect it. 

Food Truck Pup Guide Tips Cheats

(3) Complete the missions. In the upper-right corner, above the stat button, tap the mission button. Complete the missions and get free rewards. 

(4) Play mini-games. 

Food Truck Pup Cheats & Cheat Codes

Food Truck Pup game does not support cheats or cheat codes. 

So this would be all in this post on Food Truck Pup guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. Got more tips or tricks? Comment below!

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