Dungeon Mart Cheats: Guide, Tips & Tricks

Dungeon Mart is a cute little idle merge game by Orobas Soft CO,. LTD. Read on for Dungeon Mart cheats, guide, tips & tricks

Dungeon Mart Cheats Guide Tips Tricks

Dungeon Mart Cheats, Guide, Tips & Tricks⇓

In this post, you will learn “how to play the Dungeon Mart game”, about progression, currencies, and other aspects such as upgrades, leveling, yard, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and head to the Dungeon Marts cheats, guide, tips & tricks: –

Getting Started With The Basics

(1) So here’s what’s going on your screen: the visitors come to your dungeon mart and buy the gears that they use to slay down the monsters in the dungeon. You will see them coming from the left side and moving to the right side -> going inside the dungeon. Before entering the dungeon, they will buy the gears from the shops. Use the navigation keys on the left/right center of the screen to switch between screens. In the end 

(2) After returning from the dungeon, they will exit from the dungeon mart and pay the “VAT”. So here’s how you are making money/in-game codes; entrance fee, gear sale, and the VAT. 

Guide To Gears In Dungeon Mart

(1) Players can “merge” the two identical gears; the same type of gears at the same level. For instance, level 2 dagger + level 2 dagger gives level 3 dagger. The higher the level of the gear, the more money you make. 

(2) Use the navigation keys and head to a shop. A shop has three tabs; sale, recipe, and upgrade. In the sale tab, you can put the gears into the sale slots. At the bottom of the sale tab, you can buy the gears with coins. The price will increase every purchase. Next to the purchase icon, tap the chest option and you can get gear for free. Drag a gear over another identical gear to merge. In the recipe tab, you can check the list of all gears. Do not spend the gems on buying the gears from the recipe tab. In the upgrade tab, you can increase the craft slots, vending slots, and storage boxes. 

(3) Tip: put the highest level gears on the sale slot so that you can make more money. Do not spend the gems on buying the gears from the recipe tab. And if the price of gear is too high, wait for the gear chest to appear; chests give you free gears.

(4) Keep merging the gears and you will discover new ones. Whenever a new gear is discovered, you get free pink gems. 

Make Upgrades To Make More Money

Navigate to the welcome screen -> go to the upgrade tab -> here you can spend the pink gems to make upgrades; increase the entrance fee level, charge more tax, level up hero, etc. One of our favorite ones is “Vending Machine” – it increases the amount of gold earned when offline has increased. 

Yard In The Dungeon Mart Game

Use the navigation keys and head to “Yard” -> there you can buy the boxes; each box you buy increase the offline revenue. You can raise it to a certain extent – after that, it will ask you for a Yard Upgrade Permit that costs $1.99. 

Guide To Items In Dungeon Mart Game

Dungeon Mart Cheats Guide Tips Tricks

The four dungeon items in the game are meat, coffee, shell, and an old book. You can get these items from the chests or the shop. How to use these items? Navigate to the dungeon screen on the right-hand side. There you will see the heroes fighting the dungeon monsters. After some fights, they may ask you for these items(an item icon appears when they ask for these items; meat, shell, coffee, and old book). 

Get Freebies In Dungeon Mart Game

(1) Head to the welcome screen -> promotion -> there you will see a variety of promotional offers to accept in exchange for watching the video ads. 

(2) Complete the trophy/achievement missions for free gems. 

(3) Watch out for flying chests and get free items + pink gems. 

Dungeon Mart Cheats OR Cheat Codes

Dungeon Mart game does not support cheats or cheat codes. 

Tap To Increase The Speed

Tapping the heroes will increase their movement speed. 

So this would be all in this post on Dungeon Mart cheats, guide, tips & tricks. Got more tips? Comment below. 

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