Hero Wars Tier List 2020 – Best Heroes & Best Team

There are over 30 heroes in Hero Wars. Read on and check out this Hero Wars tier list 2020 that features best heroes(use them to build the best team)Hero Wars Tier List - Best Heroes

This Hero Wars tier list reveals the best heroes and the worst heroes. We have classified heroes into eight tiers; S Tier, A+ Tier, A-Tier, B+ Tier, B-Tier, C+Tier, C-Tier, and D-Tier. Heroes featured in the S-Tier are the best heroes who can help you defeat powerful waves of enemies and players in the PvE and PvP Arena mode. A+Tier and A-Tier heroes are good heroes – they are not as good as S-tier, but surely they can help you clear difficult stages.

B+Tier and B-Tier heroes are average and might not be useful after a certain point in the game – they can carry you in the early game, as well as, mid-game. But for late-game, A and S Tier heroes are the best ones. The C+ and C-Tier heroes – these are good only in the early game and they might become useless later in the game. Heroes listed in the D-Tier are the worst. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content.

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Hero Wars Tier List – S-Tier – Best Heroes: –

  • Jorgen
  • Martha
  • Cleaver
  • Astaroth

Jorgen: –Hero Wars Tier List

You need 30 Jorgen(Soul Stones) to unlock this hero. You can obtain this hero’s fragments or soul stones from the Outland Shop, which unlocks at team level 25. Jorgen is one of the best heroes in the Hero Wars game – he is one of the best tank-class heroes out there with unqiue abilities that support the allies and controls the enemies – thanks to the amazing CC and supportive skills. Let’s take a look at his CC and Supportive skills: –

  • The torment of Powerlessness – this skill summons a skull on the battlefield. It inflicts magic damage to the nearby enemies and the enemies affected by this skull’s energy can not gain energy for a few seconds.
  • The cycle of Energies – with this skill, Jorgen protects an ally with a magic shield. Ally with this magic shield gains energy at a doubled rate.
  • Leper – with this skill, Jorgen puts a curse mark on the target. The enemy with the curse mark suffers the damage received by the heroes on the enemy team. This effect lasts long for a few seconds
  • Tainted Wounds – with this skill, Jorgen steals the enemies’ energy

Martha: –Hero Wars Tier List

Martha is another of the best heroes in the Hero Wars game. you can summon her once you have her 30 soul stones, which can be obtained from the special events. She is a tank-class hero with support skills like healing allies, increasing their speed, etc. Let’s take a look at Martha’s skills: –

  • Foremother’s Oath – with this skill, Martha increases the speed of all allies
  • The secret of Longevity – with this skill, Martha restores her health – also, hits the enemy with basic attack power
  • Tea Party – Conjures a totem that restores the HP of allies – enemies can not attack this totem(but it can take AoE DMG)
  • Healing Brew – with this skill, the totem grants additional healing to the ally with lowest HP

Cleaver: –

You can get Cleaver’s soul stones or fragments from Heroic Chest. He is another tank-class hero with CC skills. Better pair him with Peppy. Let’s take a look at his abilities: –

  • Rusty Hook – with this ability, Cleaver hurls a hook at a distance opponent that causes the damage and pulls them to himself
  • Putrefaction – with this ability, Cleaver inflicts damage to the nearby enemies
  • Mutilation – with this ability, Cleaver strikes and stun the opponents
  • Heavyweight – this is the passive skill that gives more strength to Cleaver

Astaroth: –Hero Wars Tier List

Astaroth fights at the front line and excels in two classes; tank and support. You can obtain him or his soul stones from the heroic chest or chapter/campaign mode stages; 1-1, 2-10, 5-10, and 7-6. Let’s take a look at his skills: –

  • Flame Veil – with this skill, Astaroth casts a shield to block physical damage received from the enemy. The shield protects the entire team
  • Devastation – burns the enemy’s energy
  • Demon’s Allegiance – it’s a passive skill that links a connection between Astaroth and an ally with the least health and transfer damage taken by him
  • Last Word – one of the best skills Astaroth has. With this skill, he can resurrect an ally or himself

Hero Wars Tier List – Best Heroes (A+ Tier): –

  • Daredevil – Marksman
  • Orion – Mage
  • Helios – Mage & Support
  • Dorian – Support
  • Celeste – Healer & Control
  • Nebula – Support
  • Keira – Marksman
  • Ziri – Tank
  • Galadah – Tank
  • K’arkh – Warrior
  • Faceless – Mage & Control
  • Kai – Mage(if you pair her with K’arkh)
  • Luther – Tank & Control
  • Andvari – Support & Control

Recommended pairs to build the best team in Hero Wars: – (Orion, Helios, Dorian), (K’arkh, Faceless or Kai), (Luther, Celeste or Andvari)

Orion Skills: –

Orion is one of the top-tier heroes in the Hero Wars game – he fights at the backline and falls under the mage role. He possesses four powerful skills: –

  • Total Destruction – with this skill, he targets the enemies with the highest vitality
  • Magnetic Field – AoE damage on the backline of the enemy team + slow effect
  • Antimatter Blast – Stuns and inflict magic damage to the enemy
  • Full Charge – it’s a passive skill that helps him gain energy with each attack

Helios Skills: –

Helios is another to-tier mage hero in Hero Wars. He also fights at the backline and falls under the mage/support role. Let’s take a look at Helios Skills: –

  • Star Birth – AoE damage on the front line of the enemy team
  • Solar Wind – Continuous damage to the nearby enemies
  • Celestial Guardians – with this skill, Helios protect the allies by absorbing PHY DMG received from the enemies
  • Flaming Retribution – attacks with a beam of fire when allies receive a critical hit

Dorian Skills: –

Dorian is a support-class hero with healing abilities. Let’s take a look at his skills and how he can help you in the battles: –

  • Fountain of Blood – Curses the enemies by putting a blood mark on them. Allies recover the vitality when they attack the marked enemy
  • Ancestor’s Amulet – Heals the ally with the lowest vitality by sacrificing own HP
  • Wings of Night – Hits the opponent by releasing a flock of bats – they also replenish his health
  • Initiation – Increases Vampirism of comrades

Luther Skills: –

Luther is an amazing tank-type hero with CC abilities. You can pair him with Clever or Andvari to get the most out of him. Let’s take a look at his skills: –

  • Omen – with this skill, Luther inflicts damage to the nearby foes
  • Sentence – this is the CC skill, which stuns the nearby enemies
  • Gehenna – another skill that stuns the enemies and inflicts damage
  • Doctrine of Faith – it’s a passive skill that increases magic defense

Celeste: –

Celeste is one of the best healers in Hero Wars. Let’s take a look at her skills: –

  • Two Fates – transforms into two forms; light and dark. Light form restores the ally’s health – dark form restricts enemy from being healed
  • White Night – directs cursed flame and purifying sphere. Cursed flame restricts enemy from being healed while purifying sphere heals an ally
  • Limbo – dispels the negative effects on allies + converts cursed flame into magic damage
  • Zenith – inflicts magic damage when in the dark form, heals when in light form

Andvari: –

Another support-type hero with CC abilities in the game. Check out his skills: –

  • Titan’s Fist – inflicts damage and stuns
  • Living Earth – protects the allies
  • Stone Grasp – inflicts PHY DMG and stuns
  • Nature’s Barrier – protects the ally by covering him/her with a protective barrier

Hero Wars A+Tier – Best Heroes & Combo: –

  • Lars
  • Karista

Lars+Karista – pair(because of Mark of Water abilities). Both these heroes belong to the Mage class. Lars abilities: –

  • Lord of the Storm – puts a Mark of Water to enemies.
  • Chain Lightning – hits the enemies
  • Lightning Bolt – inflict the damage on the enemies – also, stun them. Opponents with the Mark of Water are prioritized
  • Conductance – inflicts more damage on the enemies with the Mark of Water and stun them for a long time

Karista Skills: –

  • Icy Vengeance – AoE Damage with ice crystals
  • Chains of Frost – reduces the enemy’s magic defense and puts a Mark of Water
  • Frozen Needles – freezes the groundwater under the team of an enemy’s team – with ice thorns. Also, puts the Mark of Water when the ice thorns melt
  • Crystallization – summons an ice block that absorbs incoming damage

Hero Wars Tier List – B+Tier: –

  • Judge – Mage & Support
  • Elmir – Warrior, Marksman
  • Jhu – Marksman
  • Satori – Mage
  • Peppy – Mage & Support

B Tier: –

  • Maya – Healer & Mage
  • Astrid and Lucas – Warrior & Marksman
  • Qing Mao – Warrior
  • Cornelius – Mage & Support
  • Ishmael – Warrior
  • Rufus – Tank & Support
  • Jet – Support & Healer
  • Thea – Healer
  • Ginger – Marksman

C+ Tier: –

  • Lilith – Tank & Control
  • Chabba – Tank & Control
  • Aurora – Tank
  • Kai(if you don’t pair her with K’arkh) – Mage

C Tier: –

  • Mojo – Mage & Support
  • Phobos – Mage & Control
  • Markus – Healer & Support
  • Fox – Marksman
  • Dark Star – Marksman & Control(could be useful if you put in a perfect team – check team combo below)
  • Artemis – Marksman
  • Arachne – Warrior & Control

D Tier: –

  • Heidi – Mage
  • Lian – Mage & Control
  • Dante – Marksman

C-Tier and D-Tier heroes are useless. 

Hero Wars Best Team Combination: –

  • Astorath + Keira + Nebula + Sebastian + Jet
  • Ziri/Astoroth + Elmir + Jet + Daredevil + Dark Star 
  • Astorath + Lars + Karista + Jorgen + Martha
  • Astorath + K’arkh + Faceless + Martha + Nebula
  • Orion + Helios + Dorion + Nebula + Astorath
  • Galahand + Jhu + Nebula + Sebistain + Ket
  • Cleaver + Jet + Sebistain + Keria + Nebula
  • Celeste + Maya + Orion + Satori + Jorgen

Share your best team combo in comments!

So this would be all in this post on Hero Wars Tier List – best heroes and the worst heroes. Any suggestions? Please comment below. Hero Wars 2020 updates might buff or debuff the heroes – we will try out best to keep this tier list updated.

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  1. Great content, i would appreciate pictures of the characters also and not just names, with some many champions it is hard to remember just names.

  2. Why is Ishmael so low? I use him barista, lars, celeste and the for tower. Easy wins between heals and his hp drain he consistently shreds the front line.

  3. Daredevil is top notch since the valentines day update. Her damage levels are massive in comparison to her level, and she out performs contemporaries in pure damage terms. The only downside is that her primary skill directs all the damage at a single target.

  4. Hi
    I am at Level 130……. I got Galahad , Martha , Jorgen , Jhu , Orion , Qing Mao, Lucas Astrid , Thea , Arachne . They are at very very High level …. especially galhad is more than 71k , Martha , Qing Mao, Jhu over 42k, Orion is 55k but you say he is mage and is not good in Physical attacking team.
    I am working on , Kiera , Helios , Maya , Astaroth , Kar’kh .

    I plan to build team like. Galahad / Martha / Jhu / Karkh / Jorgen
    Galahad / Martha / Jhu / Orion / Helios
    Galahad / Martha / Kiera /Jhu / Jorgen .

    Galahad / Martha / Jhu , the best I have ………

    Guide me to choose team from above players ….. If Sabestian is required , I may work on him.


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