Idle Zoo Tycoon 3D Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies!

Idle Zoo Tycoon 3DIdle Zoo Tycoon 3D is a brand new zoo management game for mobile by MADBOX. Let’s have a look at our Idle Zoo Tycoon 3D guide, tips, cheats & strategies

In Idle Zoo Tycoon 3D, you will be managing the zoo – animals, visitors, enclosures, etc. The game challenges you to unlock all the animals, parks, and get rich. At the beginning of the game, the game lets you handle American Park where you can unlock cute animals such as Penguin, Lion, Giraffe, Lynx, etc. Attract the customers, earn cash, and build Zoo in all the available parks. In this post, we have shared Idle Zoo Tycoon 3D guide and Idle Zoo Tycoon 3D tips, cheats & strategies!

Idle Zoo Tycoon 3D Guide

Let’s learn the basics first. How do you earn money or cash in the game? Well, the income or earnings depends on the enclosure upgrades and the number of enclosure you have built so far. The visitors come to the zoo through a bus. The bus stop is outside the Zoo – in front of the entrance. If you tap the bus stop board, you will be able to access two types of upgrades – size and the frequency.

Size – This determines the number of visitors to arrive in one route. If you want more visitors, you will have to upgrade this aspect. Frequency – This determines the time taken by bus to reach the zoo. Upgrade it to reduce the time taken by the bus to reach this destination.

The next part is the cashier. Pay attention to the zoo’s entrance – there you will see the visitors paying the entrance fee. The cashier at entrance gate charges the fee for ticket and you earn money. After that, visitors will spend a little time in the zoo – exploring the zoo, resting at the cafe, and then, they will leave.

So that’s how the game system works.

Zoo Center

Behind the entrance, tap the small building – that’s the zoo center. There you can check the stats of each enclosure – the earnings from each enclosure per minute is displayed there. Also, if there is a slot available to build an enclosure, it will be shown there.

Idle Zoo Tycoon 3D – How To Unlock New Animals Or Enclosure?

You can unlock specific animals in specific locations. As we mentioned above, the first zoo in American Park. There you can unlock animals such as Penguin, Lion, Panda, etc. To check all the available animals in a particular location, tap the zoo center building or tap the globe icon on the bottom-right side. In the world map/globe menu, you can check all the available world parks featured in Idle Zoo Tycoon 3D.

To unlock new animals, you will have to buy these parks – at each park, you get new animals or enclosures to build.

What Happens When You Buy A New Park?

Idle Zoo Tycoon 3DThe first thing that you need to know is you can not go back to the previous park. For example – Once you buy Indonesian Park, you can not go back to American Park. And, when you enter the new Zoo, you will have to start from the scratch – new zoon, new upgrades, and all the things. You will lose the cash you made in the previous park, the animals, the upgrades, etc.

So what’s the benefit?

Well, you get a profit boost multiplier in each park. For example – In Indonessia Park, you earn more 400% than the American Park. Here’s the list of Idle Zoo Tycoon 3D Parks: –

  • American Park
  • Indonesia Park
  • Asia Park
  • Africa Park
  • Arctic Park


There is a premium upgrade in this game, called Manager. As you know that it’s an Idle game – this means you progress or earn money while offline. But only a few hours. By default, the free manager works 2 hours while you are away. And, when you come back – the game gives you the amount of money that the manager earned during that time. If you want the manager work more than 2 hours offline – you can opt for this premium upgrade – it costs real money.

So that would be all in this Idle Zoo Tycoon 3D guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at Idle Zoo Tycoon 3D tips, cheats & strategies!

Idle Zoo Tycoon 3D Tips, Cheats & Strategies!

1.) Collect The Cash From Stores

Idle Zoo Tycoon 3DAs you expand the Zoo, you will find a variety of stores in it. Stores such as cafe shop, food shop, toy store, etc. are in the zoo. And, all these stores generate cash now and then. So make sure to collect the cash from these stores.

2.) Attend the VIP Client

Now and then, VIP Clients visits the zoo through the boat. Tap the boat at the VIP dock and watch the video ad for a bunch of cash.

3.) Upgrade The Enclosures, Cashier, Bus Stop

These three upgrades are very important – the enclosure upgrades help you make more money, cashier upgrade increases the speed of the game(reduces the checkout time so that you can make money quickly), and at last, the bus stop upgrade helps you attract more visitors quickly. So focus on all these upgrades to progress fast.

4.) Move To The New Park

As soon as you have enough money to move to the next new park – we would recommend you to not to hesitate and feel free to open the park there. The new park will give you a massive profit boost and within no time, you will make more money than the previous park.

5.) Focus On The Best Animals Enclosure

When upgrading the animals’ enclosures, you have to spend wisely. Every new animal or enclosure generates more money than the old enclosures. In the Zoo Center, you can check the earnings from each enclosure. And, if you pay attention to these stats, you will get to know that every next enclosure generates more money than the old one. For example – Giraffe enclosure generates more cash than the Lynx enclosure. So if you focus on Giraffe upgrade, you will generate more money than the older ones. Similarly, the animals unlock after Giraffe will generate more money for you.

We would recommend reaching the 100-200 level first and then focus on the next one.

6.) Activate The VIP Campaign

At the bottom-center, tap the X2 button -> watch the video ad to start the VIP Campaign. During this time, you will make double money.

So these are some Idle Zoo Tycoon 3D tips for beginners. If you have more tips or cheats, feel free to share in comments below.

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