Stella Arcana Best Class: Classes Overview!

Stella Arcana is a brand new MMORPG for mobile by LRGame Inc. Read on for Stella Arcana best class: all classes overview!

(Light of Thel is the SEA version of Stella Arcana featuring the same set of classes) Stella Arcana is a new MMORPG on Mobile featuring six different classes – each with unique abilities to cast during the battle for multiple purposes like inflicting damage, supporting allies in the team battle, etc. At the start of the game, you have to pick one class. And, you should pick it wisely as it seems you can not change later in the game, and on one account, only one character class is possible. This could change in future updates – but, at the time of writing this post(CBT version), there is no option. You can switch accounts and play with different classes if you want. Update – you can change the class once you reach level 50 of the current picked class and complete the biography quests of the class that you want to unlock. 

Now, let’s learn about the Stella Arcana classes and figure out the (Light of Thel) Stella Arcana is a brand new MMORPG for mobile by LRGame Inc. Read on for Stella Arcana best class: all classes overview! in this class guide, So without further ado, let’s dive into the main content!

Stella Arcana Best Class: All Classes⇓

  • Omni Warrior – Best Tank Melee
  • Rune Mage – Best Ranged DPS With CC Skills
  • Elven Archer – Best PHY Ranged DPS
  • Holy Priest – Best Supporter Healer
  • Shadow Assassin – Best Melee DPS With High Agility
  • Rosen Knight – N/A

Omni Warrior – Melee DPS

Light of Thel Class Guide Best ClassOmni Warrior is the melee DPS class in (Light of Thel) Stella Arcana with the skills to inflict close-ranged attacks and excel in close-ranged battles. His defensive stats are also pretty good, which makes the survivability rate amazing. You will be able to play as a melee tank or DPS – thanks to the DPS skills and high defensive stats. Overall, a good character that you can control easily and lead from the front in team battles – soaking the damage and contributing to the DPS department with the sword-slashing. 

Rune Mage – Ranged DPS(Mage)

Light of Thel Class Guide Best ClassRune Mage is a ranged-DPS class in the game with CC abilities that you can use for continuous damage to the enemies in the battle. She does decent damage and has awesome skills. A pretty good character class to choose for AoE attacks, CC abilities. 

Elven Archer – DPS

Light of Thel Class Guide Best ClassElven Archer is a pure DPS class in the game with superb damage, decent defense & agility. You might be wondering who to choose; Rune Mage or Elven Archer. And, what’s the difference. 

Rune Mage Vs Elven Archer Skills – – – — – – – – – – – – 

Rune Mage: –

  • Fire Bomb – DMG skill –  gathers flame element near the target, causing fire damage and 3 stacks or burn, and leaves a flame zone underneath the target for a few seconds. All enemies within the zone take fire damage and acquire a stack of burn. Burn Effect – causes fire damage every few seconds for a certain amount of time. 
  • Meteor Shower – AoE Damage
  • Shadow shift – Magic damage to all enemies in storm range(she casts a mana storm with this skill). Also, it leaps to the target area and removes all control statuses. 
  • Firebolt – Fire damage and burn effect(continuous damage)
  • Arcane Blast – Magic damage to the enemies and increase movement speed
  • Mana Wave – Magic damage and knockback all the enemies within 5m

Elven Archer: –

  • Divine Volley – Physical damage to all enemies
  • Multishot – Physical damage
  • Spirit Wing – Physical damage and stun
  • Chain Shot – Physical damage
  • Piercing Shot – PHY DMG to all enemies and make them slow
  • Wind’s Blessing – Removes control statues and increase attack

Conclusion – who is best the ranged DPS class in (Light of Thel) Stella Arcana?

  1. Both have AoE attacks – Elven archer does PHY DAMAGE. Rune Mage does Magic DAMAGE.
  2. CC Abilities. Both have CC Abilities. Elven Archer can inflict stun and slow effect. Rune Mage can inflict burn effect for continuous damage

We would recommend choosing Elven Archer class as she has better stats than Rune Mage. 

Holy Priest – Healer

Healer ClassThe only healer class as of now. She is a pretty good supporting character with healing abilities and can heal the allies during the battle. For solo players, we don’t recommend using Holy Priest as you would not be able to clear the difficult solo stages – thanks to poor attack skills. Although, if you play with friends, then you can consider it. 

Shadow Assassin – Melee DPS

Assassin ClassShadow Assassin is another melee DPS class in (Light of Thel) Stella Arcana game. Who should you choose? Shadow Assassin or Omni Warrior? 

  • Shadow Assassin is pretty fast as compared to Omni Warrior
  • Omni Warrior’s defense is better than Shadow Assassin
  • Shadow Assassin’s attack power is impressive than Omni Warrior
  • Omni Warrior is easy to master
  • Shadow Assassin is hard to master

Omni Warrior is more tank + DPS while Shadow Assasin is pure DPS/Attacker. If you want survivability and decent damage, go with Omni Warrior. And, if you want pure melee attacks with fast movement speed, Shadow Assassin would be the best melee DPS class to pick. 

Rosen Knight –  N/A

Coming Soon. 

So this would be all in this post on (Light of Thel) Stella Arcana Classes guide – choosing the (Light of Thel) Stella Arcana best class based on the roles. What’s your pick? Comment below!

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