My Little Terrarium Food Guide – Favorite Food Of Animals

You can get love and hearts from the animals when you give them their favorite food items. Read on for My Little Terrarium Food guide – favorite food

My Little Terrarium Food Favorite FoodAll the animals in My Little Terrarium have food preferences. Giving them food grants or love that you can track in the album. And, when you complete all the hearts or collect all the gifts, the game will give you a statue. Also, if you the animal’s heart is full, he will stay in the terrarium. So if you don’t want animals to disappear, it’s important to feed them – the food they like. Let’s head to the main content and check out the favorite food of each animal.

Elephant’s Favorite Food: –

Fruits & Salad. Tap the animal and choose the fork option to see the food inventory. Select fruit and salad to get heart/love.

Rabbit’s Favorite Food: –

Rabbit in My Little Terrarium game likes Tea, Bread, and Whiskey Jelly. Tap the rabbit and give one of his favorite food items to get love/heart.

Meerkat’s Favorite Food: –

Meerkat likes Scorpion Cake and Worms. Don’t give noodles, warm stew to Meerkat because she would not like it.

Lesser Panda’s Favorite Food: –

Lesser Panda loves to eat salad and fruit. He does not like worms.

Cat’s Favorite Food: –

Cat likes Tuna Can. So give her tuna can and get love/hearts. She hates carrots.

Blue Bird’s Favorite Food In My Little Terrarium: –

Blue Bird loves to eat worms and blueberry tart. She does not like tea, biscuits, and whiskey jelly.

Fox’s Favorite Food In My Little Terrarium: –

Fox’s favorite food is a warm stew, tea, and bread. Fox does not like worms.

Koala’s Favorite Food: –

Kaola likes Noodles, Whiskey Jelly. He hates food items like blueberry tart, tea, and bread.

Desert Fox’s Favorite Food: –

Blueberry Tarts and Scorpion Cake are the two favorite food dishes of Desert Fox.

Shiba Inu’s Favorite Food: –

Shiba Dog likes Tuna Can, Steak. He does not like fruits and salad.

Sheep’s Favorite Food: –

Sheep like salad, warm stews. Sheep do not like tuna can, tea, and bread.

Reindeer’s Favorite Food: –

Reindeer likes salad, warm stews. But he hates tuna can, tea, and bread.

How to get food?

Tap the cat option on the top-right corner above the puzzle button. This will open the free shop where you can get free random food by watching a video ad or spend gold coins. You can get x3 random food 3 times a day by using the gold coins method.

Other than that, tap the house building in the terrarium where the cat lives -> cook. Or keep an eye on the free ad offers that fly over the terrarium. Sometimes they give worm or other food items.

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So this would be all in this post on My Little Terrarium Food guide – favorite food items of each animal.

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