Lucid Adventure Tier List – Best Heroes In The Game

Superplanet has just released Lucid Adventure, a gacha RPG on Android & iOS. Read on for Lucid Adventure Tier List – Best Heroes in the game

Lucid Adventure Tier ListThere over 60 heroes featured in the Lucid Adventure game. All these heroes possess superb skills that you can cast during the battle. For example – Support type heroes can help you with the healing skills – to restore the party’s HP. Tank-type heroes can soak the damage by leading from the front. And, deal/damagers can help you clear the waves quickly or provide massive fire strength. You should build the team wisely – based on the heroes’ strength & their skills. Also, we would recommend you to must get an A+ Tier hero from rerolling. You can read the reroll guide here. Now, let’s move to the Lucid Adventure Tier List – Best Heroes in the game. Keep in mind that it’s not an official tier list and in beta. We can make some changes to it later.

Lucid Adventure Tier List – Best Heroes: –

  • Drip Soup – Tank
  • Sora – Tank
  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior – DPS/Damage
  • Lila – DPS
  • Armes – DPS
  • Kyo – DPS
  • Tempest – DPS
  • Rigos – Mage
  • Choco Bibi – Mage
  • Light – Mage
  • Oz & Goldy – Mage
  • Constant – Mage
  • Dark – Mage
  • Lime – Mage/Support

Here’s a brief explanation of each character in this A+ Rank tier list.

Drip Soup –

Drip Soup is one of the best tank characters in the game with decent HP and DEF stats. He deals physical damage with the sword he uses as a weapon. His two skills are: –

  • Iron Nerves – It increases the hero’s damage reduce rate and knockback evasion rate
  • God’s Slash – With this skill, Drip Soul inflicts damage to all the enemies in range and apply shield. AoE

Sora –

Well, the majority of players get this hero in the tutorial. She is another great tank with PHY damage. Her base stats like HP and DEF are also great. Her two skills are: –

  • Double Edge – Deals damage to an enemy two times
  • Ego Sword – AoE DMG, Self-Healing,

Hardcore Leveling Warrior: –

Hardcore Leveling Warrior is one of the best deal damagers in the Lucid Adventure game. His triple slash skill inflicts damage to an enemy 3 times and then increase ACC, EVA. Another skill he possesses is Moonlight Slash Tornado – AoE DMG. This skill does more damage if the enemy is stunned.

Lila: –

Lila is another great hero with PHY DMG ATKS. She has the same skill; Triple Slash, which is possessed by Hardcore Leveling Warrior. Her Mixer – Meat Grind skill inflicts damage to all the enemies and there is a chance to inflict stun effect too.

Armes: –

  • Role – Dealing DMG
  • Ranged
  • Physical ATK
  • Headshot Skill – Ranged attack to an enemy
  • Departure – AoE DMG + restores MP if the 3 enemies are suffered from AoE attack

Kyo: –

  • Role – Dealing DMG
  • Ranged
  • Physical ATK
  • Frost Arrow – Freezes the enemy + ATK DMG
  • Arrow of Death – AoE DMD, bonus damage to the enemies with poison debuff

Tempest: –

  • Role – Dealing DMG
  • Ranged
  • Physical ATK
  • Headshot – Same as Armes
  • Armed Army of Angels – Removes buffs from the enemies and deal AoE DMG

Light: –

  • Support
  • Mage
  • Mana Storm Skill – AoE DMG
  • Multi-Holy Light – ATK DMG, bonus damage to boss types enemies

Rigos: –

  • Support
  • Mage
  • Frozen Blade Skill – AoE DMG
  • Blizzard – AoE DMG, chances to freeze enemies

Dark: –

  • Support
  • Mage
  • Mana Storm – AoE DMG, Same as Light
  • Possession – Transforms and frightens the enemies

Choco Bibi: –

  • Support
  • Mage
  • Frozen Blade – AoE DMG
  • Forced Teleportation – AoE DMG + reduces the enemy’s attack speed and heal rate

Oz & Goldy: –

  • Support
  • Mage
  • Blaze – AoE DMG
  • Flame of Salamander – Decreases the enemy’s resistance and inflict AoE

Constant: –

  • Support
  • Mage
  • Frozen Blade – AoE
  • Hypocrite’s Lie – Creates a nightmare area for a few seconds, increases attack speed of fooled enemies – but increases the evasion rate of allies. AoE DMG

Lime: –

  • Support
  • Mage
  • Staff Weapon

Lime is one of the best healers in Lucid Adventure. Her Regenerate Bubble skill heals the ally with the lowest HP. And, Incubator skill heal party’s HP + removes all the negative effects.

So these are the best A+ Rank characters that we have listed in Lucid Adventure Tier List. We strongly recommend you to focus on A or A+ Rank heroes as they can be used in the late game. B-Rank heroes are only good in early-mid game. C, D-Rank heroes are just useless.

Best A-Rank And B-Rank Heroes Tier List: –

  • Halla – Mage
  • Debtor Ethan – DPS
  • Vampire – Tank
  • Cocomori – Tank
  • Young Master Dark – Mage
  • Rui Rui – DPS
  • Managerpark – DPS
  • Zhou Cang – DPS
  • Ranker 76 – DPS
  • General Manager Park – Mage
  • The Ultimate Healer – Support/Healer/Mage
  • Scallion Head – Support/Mage
  • Medusa – Support/Mage

We do not recommend using C/D-Rank heroes at all. Because the low-rank heroes have low stats as compared to the A+, A, B-rank heroes – also, their skills would not be much effective in the battle.

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So this would be all in this post on Lucid Adventure Tier List.

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