Symphogear XD Unlimited: Tier List & Rerolling Guide

Symphogear XD Unlimited English Global version has just been released for Android & iOS. Read on for Symphogear XD Unlimited tier list & rerolling guide

Symphogear XD Unlimited Tier List Reroll GuideSymphogear XD Unlimited is a brand new gacha game on Android and iOS. Its JP version was released last year on Android – now, the game is available in English and globally. In this game, you will build a party; add characters’ cards, track, and memorial cards to beat enemies in PvP and PvE game modes. Symphogear XD Unlimited features hundreds of cards that you can use to build the best team. If you want to start strong, you should reroll for the top-tier cards. Let’s learn everything in detail and check out Symphogear XD Unlimited Reroll Guide and Syphogear XD Unlimited Tier List. 

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Symphogear XD Unlimited Reroll Guide On Android & iOS

First, complete the tutorial and grab x11 free gacha gift. You will surely get x1 5-star card from this tutorial summon. 

The 2nd step is to go to the lobby -> present box(left-side of the screen) -> there you will get x3 gacha tickets. Gacha tickets can be used to summon the characters. 

Go to the Gacha menu -> spend these three tickets. Also, after completing the tutorial, you will find around 400 Song Stones in your account that you can use for x11 Roll Gacha. Go to Gacha -> select a banner -> 11 Roll Gacha. We would recommend you to spend on Release Celebration Gacha banner or any banner which guarantees 5-star card in x11 pull. As of now, Release Celebration Gacha banner is available that guarantees a 5-star card. 

Release Celebration Gacha Cards List(Featured 5-Star): –

  1. Hibiki Tachibana – Comet Spear
  2. Hibiki Tachibana – Twin Phoenix
  3. Tsubasa Kazanari – Heaven’s Wrath
  4. Tsubasa Kazanari – Rakhshasa Zero Stance
  5. Chris Yukine – Giga Zeppelin
  6. Chris Yukine – Mega Death Fuga
  7. Maria Cadenzavna Eve – Empress Rebellion
  8. Maria Cadenzavna Eve – Sere Nade
  9. Shirabe Tsukuyomi – Forbidden Full Moon
  10. Shirabe Tsukuyomi – Forbidden Full Moon Ignite

Steps To Reroll: –

On Android, go to the file manager -> storage -> Android -> data -> find -> rename it (add 0 or anything – for example; Once renamed, go to the app settings -> clear data. After that, go back to storage -> Android -> data -> revert the changes you made; to its default; 

Or simply delete the app from mobile and install again – this will reset the current progress and start from the beginning.

On iOS, delete the app and install it again from iOS App Store. 

When to reroll? Consume tutorial summon, gacha tickets, and song stones – if you get top-tier best cards, continue with the current account. If not, use the above reroll method, start over and follow the steps again until you get the top-tier cards. 

Symphogear XD Unlimited Tier List: –

You can check the Symphogear XD Unlimited Tier List – Here(JP, Use Chrome to translate into English. After that, scroll down and you will see all the characters and their ratings in the score column). Characters or Cards with 8.5 or high score ratings are the best ones. Those who have 7-8 score ratings are good. And, as the score ratings down, their tier ratings also decrease. So focus on the characters with high score ratings. 

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So this would be all in this post on Symphogear XD Unlimited Tier List & Reroll guide for beginners. 

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