Merge Dungeon Guide: Cheats, Coupon Codes, Tips & Tricks

Merge Dungeon is a brand new mobile game by Nanno Company. Read on for Merge Dungeon guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners

Merge Dungeon Guide TipsNanoo Company, well-known for the popular games, Merge Star, and more, recently expanded the portfolio with a brand new released called Merge Dungeon. The game features classic merge mechanics with RPG mechanics; where you will merge the gear items and equip them to the characters who fight the enemies in the dungeon and earn gold for you. If you are just starting in the game, then you have come to the right page. This Merge Dungeon guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Merge Dungeon tips, cheats & strategies that you might like. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

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First things first – the goal is to clear all the dungeon floors – the difficulty level of the game increases every floor. So, you must make sure that the heroes/characters have enough power to take down the enemies on the floor. The best way to get stronger in Merge Dungeon game is by equipping the high-tier gears to the characters. Second; the two main currencies in the game are gold coins and diamonds. Gold coins can be acquired by defeating the enemies in the dungeon. Speaking of diamonds, they are hard to come by – you can earn them for free by clearing the dungeons or trying the Tapjoy offers. Now, let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Merge Dungeon tips, cheats & strategies: –

Getting Top-Tier Gears

Merge Dungeon Guide TipsAs mentioned above, the best way to make the characters stronger in Merge Dungeon is by gearing them up with the high-tier gears. By merging the gears, you can get high-tier gears. First, use the “mana” to generate the gear item – keep merging the identical gear items to produce another random item. MP/Mana Points are replenished automatically. 

Or, you can buy gears with the gold coins. Below the HP potion on the left-center, tap the “gear shop” icon -> there you can buy the gears for each character. 

On the battle screen, tap the character to select it -> replace the low-tier gears with high-tier gears. Gears come in multiple ratings; purple color, brown, yellow, blue, and gray. You can check the ratings on the gear icon. (Tier chart: purple > brown > yellow > blue > gray).

Use The Character’s Skills

All the characters/heroes in Merge Dungeon game have unqiue skills that one can unleash during the fight to pass the dungeon quickly. They have active skills and passive skills. Active skills must be unleashed manually. First, select the character and then, in the right-center, below the mana bottle, tap the skill icon. 

Upgrade Hero Skills

With essence, you can develop the hero’s skills. Essence can be acquired from the “essence” dungeon mode. On the bottom-right side, tap the shuriken option -> collect essence by defeating the enemies. 

If you have the essence, select the character on the battle screen -> then tap its icon between gear slots -> a new screen will open where you can select the character and spend essence in developing the skills. 

Make The Choices In Merge Dungeon

Merge Dungeon Guide TipsWhile passing through the dungeons, you will encounter NPCs and events; for example – dwarf blacksmith lets you enhance equipment with gems(you can get gems by watching the video ads), inlay gems to the equipment, etc. From the merchant, you can buy the HP potions, MP potions with the coins. Read the details and choose whether you want to interact with the NPC or not. 

Use The HP Potions

The heroes take damage in the fight and when they lose all their HP, they would be dead. Make sure to keep healing them with HP potions. Tap on the HP potion bottle on the left-center of the game screen. 

Make The Craft Upgrades In Merge Dungeon

Tap the anvil option in the bottom-left corner -> craft upgrade -> there you can spend the coins and diamonds for bonuses. For example – craft faster upgrade will increase the MP generation speed, expand inventory increases the max number of equipment. 

Coupon Codes 

Tap the eye option in the upper-left corner -> settings -> coupon button -> enter the code. You can get coupon codes from the developer’s FB page; Nanno Games. 

So this would be all in this post on Merge Dungeon guide and tips for beginners. If you have more cheats, coupon codes, tips to share, comment below. 

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