Realm Guards TD Gift Code: List of Gift Codes

With Realm Guards TD gift codes, players can receive exclusive gift packs. Read on for Realm Guards TD gift codes list to get gift packs

Realm Guards TD Gift Code Codes RedeemReam Guards TD is a brand new tower defense game where you collect heroes and assign them on the deployable slots to fight enemies invading lord. The game has a lot of in-game currencies that you can get by claiming the gift codes. First of all, these gift codes are not related to cheat or hack codes. These codes are issued by the developers of Realm Guards TD players so that they can get freebies. If you are looking for the codes, then you are on the right page. In this post, we have listed all the Realm Guards TD gift codes that you redeem for the gift packages. 

Realm Guards TD Gift Code List: –

Here’s the complete list of Realm Guards TD gift codes – 

Gift code number 1 is “P1214ZJEXZMSFCXS“. With this Realm Guards TD gift code, you will get stamina potions, star stones, and gold coins. Copy the code from the box below.


Gift Code number 2 is “P1218Z53L1EBW3HN“. This code is only valid for players on Server 3(S3) – you get to select the server when you start the game. Players can not switch servers. 


Gift Code number 3 is “P1218Z53L1EBW3HN“. This code will only work for players on server 6(S6). 


How To Redeem The Gift Codes In Realm Guards TD?

Players can redeem gift codes after completing the tutorial. Go to the main screen. Tap activities option. Go to the redeem tab and enter the gift code and get gift packs. 

How To Get More Codes?

Players can get more codes from the official FB page of Ream Guards TD. Keep an eye on the posts published by the admins of the page. They often publish the codes for the players. If you have more codes, share in the comments. We will continue to update this post with more new codes as soon as they are released. 

So this would be all in this Realm Guards TD gift code guide for beginners. 

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