Raziel Dungeon Arena Best Class Guide: Classes Overview!

New to the Raziel Dungeon Arena game and have no idea about which class is the best one? Read on for Raziel Dungeon Arena best class guide: classes overview

Raziel Dungeon Arena Best Class Guide: All Classes’ Overview⇓

Raziel Dungeon Arena English Global version is packed with three well-designed classes – each one possesses a unqiue set of astonishing skills and strengths. As of now, these three classes are Beastmaster class, Ice Priestess class, and Ranger class. After selecting the server and login method, you will have to pick on of these three Raziel classes; as a beginner to the game and no skill info on the class selection screen, it could be difficult to figure out which class is best and which one is not. This Raziel Dungeon Arena best class guide is designed for beginners; to help them pick the class that they would like for sure! Let’s check it out!

Raziel Dungeon Arena Classes: “BEASTMASTER CLASS”⇓

Raziel Dungeon Arena Best Class Beastmaster

Beastmaster uses AXEs as the main weapon to crush the enemies; with normal attacks, Beastmaster swings the AXEs to inflict physical DMG on the enemies. Strengths: high HP stats, tank role, excels in close-combat, melee attacks, good in PvE as well as PvP. Cons: less agile as compared to other classes. 

Who should pick the Beastmaster class?

  • If you love melee fights, using AXE weapons, tank role characters(with high HP stats and survivability)

Beastmaster Class skills & strengths: – 

  • Rage Burst: charge up your rage and cause a massive explosion after x3 seconds dealing massive damage to both enemies and yourself
  • Ancestor’s Wrath: summons x3 ancestors to attack enemies for x15 seconds. Slashing Ancestor: attack enemy with vertical slashes. Whirlwind Ancestor: attack enemies with Whirlwind slashes. Ancestral Desecration: unleash earth trample to attack enemies
  • Rager’s Wrath: activates rager’s wrath – increases extra DMG, restores energy but consumes health every second. Hitting an enemy will refresh the duration. When it’s active, you can cast the skill again to deactivate the rager’s wrath. 
  • Throwing AXE: throw your AXE to the target location, inflicts massive DMG to foes within range, and cause them to bleed for x4 seconds. Hitting a bleeding enemy with a normal attack will inflict one more stack of bleed on them
  • Bloodthirsty Roar: lets loose a bloodthirsty road, inflicting DMG to nearby enemies. This skill has lifesteal
  • Earth Shock: shock the earth to attack enemies. Earth shock inflicts DMG every 0.5 seconds, pulls enemies toward the center, and cause you to taunt them
  • War Cry: lets loose a War Cry to increase the ATK and grant your lifesteal for x10 seconds
  • Bloodthirsty Slash: throws two rotating AXES. The axes inflict DMG on enemies, have lifesteal, and cause enemies to bleed
  • Vertical Slash: charge up your strength and slash enemies in front of you, causing massive DMG
  • Earth Trample: trample the ground thrice in a row, the last trampling will cause even more high DMG
  • Whirlwind Slash: becomes a whirlwind of steel, inflicting damage to foes within range. Inflict DMG twice every few seconds – you move at 25% SPD while casting this skill
  • Swinging Flying Axe: throws a swinging flying AXE. It returns to you, inflicting DMG again and causing enemies to bleed for x4 seconds. Stacks up to x10 times. 
  • Gravity Jump: jumps to the target location, causing DMG to enemies within range
  • Savage Charge: charge forward at the enemy and reduce the target’s Physical Armor for x5 seconds
  • Barbaric Armor: increases the physical armor and grants tenacity. The more enemies there are within 6m, the move effective this skill is. When there are at least 0/6/11 enemies, you gain tenacity for 7/8/9 seconds and different amounts of armor up. 
  • Ground Cracking Slash: shatters the earth and knocks enemies back, inflicting DMG up to x3 times. The last instance of DMG will stun enemies without tenacity for x1 second

Raziel Dungeon Arena Classes: “RANGER CLASS”⇓

Raziel Dungeon Arena Best Class Beastmaster

What we like about the Ranger class is its long-ranged attacks that help you deal with enemies from a distance. This class excels in inflicting attacks from a distance; great advantage against the melee class enemies with slow speed/agile stats. Strengths: long-ranged attacks, great DPS, decent speed/agile stats, skills that weaken the enemies. Cons: Low HP stats as compared to other classes. 

Who should pick Ranger class?

  • If you love to unleash long-ranged attacks and skills, pick the Ranger class. If you are looking for a DPS class, pick Ranger!

Ranger Class skills: – 

  • Hunting Shadow: leaps back into the air and summon Phantom to fire powerful arrows into the circle in front, causes massive damage
  • Trap Shadow:  set a multitude of traps around the area and create phantoms to fly to the designated location and pull the surrounding traps to the center
  • Invincible Shadow: become a phantom and attack foes x5 times continuously in the air. You are invincible before returning to common form, and enemies can not attack you
  • Arrow Volley Shadow: summons a shadow that fires a volley of arrows upon the enemy and weakens them. 
  • Evasion Shot: jump backward and quickly fires x5 scattered arrows to damage enemies
  • Gathering Arrow: fires a gathering arrow that imprisons the enemy for x1 second and pulls enemies without tenacity towards the center. Restores x10 energy for each enemy hit
  • Repulsive Arrow: fires x3 repulsive arrows in quick succession and restricts them for x3 seconds
  • Toxin Arrow: fires x5 toxic arrows in quick succession that also weakens the enemy
  • Piercing Shot: charge up for a short time to shoot a powerful piercing arrow that causes massive damage
  • Trap Realm: dash forwards and leave traps in the place. The traps will stay on the field for x7 seconds and detonate upon being touched by an enemy
  • Multiple Shot: shoots multiple arrows in a cone in front of you and cause damage
  • Toxic Shot: releases a toxic blast arrow to weaken the enemy
  • Agility – Swift Shadow: swiftly roll forwards and gain MSPD
  • Lifesteal – Swift Shadow: teleports forwards and gain lifesteal for x4 seconds
  • Smoke – Swift Shadow – dash forwards and drop a smoke bomb. Your dodge rate is increased while you are inside the smoke
  • Toxic Mist: releases a toxic mist in front of you that lasts for x5 seconds. The toxic mist inflicts DMG once every second and weakness them. 

Raziel Dungeon Arena Classes: “Ice Priestess Class”⇓

Raziel Dungeon Arena Best Class Beastmaster

Ice Priestess is our favorite class in Raziel Dungeon Arena; with this class, you can unleash mid-ranged attacks on the enemies that cause magical damage. Speaking of strengths, Ice Priestess class excels in unleashing CC skills that slow down the enemies, freezes the enemies. Also, possesses a number of great abilities such as restoring the energy, launching ice magic bolts continuously to inflict DMG on the enemies. Strength: great skills, CC abilities, mage DPS. Cons: Low HP stats as compared to other classes. 

Who should pick the Ice Priestess class?

  • If you love mage DPS classes in MMORPGs, with crowd control abilities like freezing enemies, slowing them down, then pick Ice Priestess class!

Ice Priestess class skills: – 

  • Unleashes an ice rain down upon the enemy and inflict DMG
  • Creates a magical circle at the enemy location that causes massive DMG on the enemy and inflicts a slow effect
  • Summons an Ice Colossus to inflict AoE DMG and taunt the enemy
  • Creates a glacier to slow down the enemies
  • Launches magic bolts to inflict DMG on enemies; hold to cast
  • Conjures ice beam that inflicts DMG and has a lifesteal effect
  • Summons Icicles; leaves ice cone when they land and detonates after a few seconds; causes DMG
  • Blast enemies and freezes them
  • Flash: flash backward and gains an ice shield
  • Ice Phoenix: – throws x2 Ice Phoenixes that slow down enemies
  • Frozen Cracking: creates a frozen cracking at the target location and grants energy recovery effect to you
  • Ice Vortex: creates an ice vortex at the target location that inflicts DMG and pulls enemies to the center

Raziel Dungeon Arena Best Class⇓

  • Beastmaster: best tank, melee DPS class
  • Ice Priestess: best mage DPS class with CC skills, mid-ranged attacks
  • Ranger: best long-ranged physical DPS class 

Based on your play style, you can pick the class. All these three classes have unqiue characteristics; go with Beastmaster if you love to deal with enemies from front + melee combats. Pick Ice Priestess if you like magical skills and abilities + decent DPS. For pure ranged-attack DPS role, Ranger would be a great pick!

So that’s all we got in this post on Raziel Dungeon Arena best class guide: classes overview!

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