Redecor Star Tokens: How To Get For Free & Use!

Redecor – Home Design Game features plenty of in-game currencies and one of them is “Star Tokens”. Read on for Redecor Star Tokens: how to earn free and how to use?Redecor Star Tokens

Redecor Star Tokens⇓

Star Token is the precious in-game currency in the Redecor – Home Design game and it’s very hard to earn these star tokens by playing the game, as compared to earning gold or cash by playing the game. In today’s post, we are going to showcase all the ways to earn free star tokens and a guide to use them in the game. 

How To Get Star Tokens In Redecor – Home Design Game?

Redecor Star Tokens

You can earn free star tokens in Redecor by completing the challenges or by leveling up. When you complete a challenge, it goes to the voting stage where other players vote for your design. Based on the stars that you receive for your design, the game gives you free star tokens. You can earn around 5-star tokens by winning the challenges. 

Another free way to obtain star tokens in Redecor is by leveling up. When you complete or submit the challenges, you receive XP. As you accumulate more, your level will increase and at certain levels, you will receive free star tokens. In the top-left corner of the challenge tab, tap on the level bar -> this will open the season pass level screen. 

At the bottom of the season level screen, you can check the rewards that you get every time you level up. 

Some rewards can only be claimed if you have activated or bought the premium pass. These rewards are marked with a red lock symbol. 

As of writing this, you get star tokens for free by reaching these levels; 

Level 9 gives you X125 Star Tokens for free

Level 16 gives you X50 Star Tokens for free

Level 26 gives you X125 Star Tokens for free

Each month, you can earn around 200-300 star tokens easily by leveling and even more through challenges. 

How To Use Star Tokens In Redecor?

In Redecor – Home Design Game, you can spend star tokens to buy material boxes containing material items. Navigate to the shop tab menu of the game, there you will find lots of boxes/special offers available for star tokens. Or go to the inventory tab menu of the game, select a category -> there you will find the locked items that you can buy with star tokens. 

For instance; Art designs, Upholstery, Textiles, Pillows, Throws, Floors and Ceilings, Walls, Surfaces, and more. 

Are There Any Star Tokens Hacks Or Cheats/Cheat Codes?

No, there is no way to get unlimited star tokens through any sort of hacks, cheat codes, cheats, etc. All you can do is level up and submit the challenges to receive free star tokens. 

Also, see – Redecor Codes To Redeem

And, Redecor Challenges Guide

So this would be all in this post on Redecor Star Tokens: how to get for free and spend star tokens. 

If you have got more tips for earning star tokens, comment below. 

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33 thoughts on “Redecor Star Tokens: How To Get For Free & Use!”

  1. I can’t figure out how to play this game. I googled some questions and even watched a YouTube video, but these answers were only partial. Nothing I’ve found gives a detailed set of instructions, and by reading a lot of the comments that I stumbled across while searching there are a lot of problems and unfairness in this game.

    • Voting is very unfair, I see beautiful designs below 6 that should on top and the ones on top that shouldn’t be, I think people vote just to votes they don’t take the time to really look at what they’re voting on, I’m very very sorry but some of these designs are down right very ugly, something needs to change players don’t even follow the requests for the design and still win.

  2. I love designing, but it’s incredibly frustrating when the only options for beginners are incredibly garish. There’s no way to modify the intensity or shade of the colors, and often certain colors aren’t even available. When you have very few decent materials to work with, it’s impossible to win challenges or duels. (Which then makes it impossible to unlock items or level up.)

    There’s also no alternative way to earn star tokens— (mini side games, watching ads, etc.) Only the players who buy with real cash can actually play, and then it just becomes a competition of who has the ability to spend more, not based on actual design talent.

    I also hate having to buy x5 of something at once. That’s great for commonly-used materials, but not for one-off accents. One scenario may call for a crazy piece of accent decor, or something playful, but then I’m stuck with 4 more of those that I really don’t want to use for other things. You can’t earn back game currency fast enough to buy a decent amount of materials, so it’s just a game of entropy from the start. You fizzle out and then you’re stuck 🤷

    (Also, technical side note, but it wasn’t clear at the beginning how to change your profile photo, and it wasn’t clear that the “one free name change” also applied to the photo. By the time I hit save it was too late. Minor side note for better navigation/communication.)

    Also, some of the voting patterns…? I’m not a professional by any stretch, but I do work as a professional artist, and many of the podium winners did not seem to have any design sense whatsoever, while lower-placing designs were a LOT better. Is there any kind of input from actual design principles, or is voting purely up to random people who download the game?
    I know designing is fairly subjective, but when your game is based on it, it seems like there should be a guiding principle.

    Also, for voting, there are times when there are two beautiful designs pitted against each other, and I like them both— and times when you have to choose between two problematic or awful designs. I feel like it would be a lot better to have an option to select “both are great” or “not feeling either of these” that could make voting more fair.

    This is a super cool game, but it needs some redesign to make it more accessible and less based on your socio-economic status.

    • Agreed. Plus I am new and can’t find out what the coins are for and what the tokens are for. I’d just like to know that.

    • In the beginning, I got frustrated with the limited choices and colors that weren’t appealing. But often if I just gave up on an idea I had and worked with what was there, I could get pretty good results. That would often mean going in a completely different direction or something that was not my personal taste at all, but was a decent design. I think that’s the most fun aspect of the game now.

  3. I’m disappointed that I finally progressed to the next designer status just to find I already have half the “new” materials. (They are not materials I unlocked with coins before).

  4. Hi! I want to start off saying that I love the game and i know your app would continue on successfully with or without me lol but I hope you will hear myself (and the others here) out regardless and to please take pity on me lol…I have spent almost $100 of my own real cash dollars since I got the app, but it hasn’t gotten me as far as I should think…my hopes for the future are

    1. Higher rewards for finishing daily and seasonal tasks ( esspecially because some of them cost so much and take so long to complete)

    2. When you use star tokens for unlocks we should get atleast one or two uses of each new unlock! Because sometimes you pay for the new items and you still can’t use them to complete a challenge because you still have to pay more in good
    (So we’re paying twice really and it just really starts to add up in both time and money)

    3. I agree with the others that more often then not the winning designs do not at all match the challenge and this is especially frustrating because the materials vary so much from user to user and and i don’t understand why the materials are so limited in some challenges so so much you can’t lay
    And also I again I go back to that I have used both stars as well as real money to unlock items so I could complete a challenge and then you still can’t do it because you still use the three items with purchasing each one again)!
    I love the game and I hope you can be fair and meet us halfway..I know your getting paid either way and you will always have more people downloading and more people that can afford to keep spending) but I would really appreciate it if you could make it a little more fair and affordable for those of us who love the game so much and want to keep playing forever and want to do our best work on each design

    Thankyou for reading
    #fingers crossed!! 🙂

  5. I’m having the same problems as those mentioned below. The worst is not being able to access materials required for the design so I’m automatically locked out of playing at all. It’s very discouraging. I don’t have extra real money to spend but I love to enter the designs. I feel like only the players who spend their own money are considered for the top spots. I rarely see any movement in the ranking once the design is listed. It’s like whoever places it on the list determines the order of finish. And why do designers who do not follow the clients’ wishes seem to win anyway? I think that should be a penalty. There are many ways the game could be fair for all who want to play. Then everyone could enjoy it. How about different levels of difficulty but have most of the materials available for use by all?

    • Having the same issue. Locked out of some designs because there is not one item unlocked so we lose the opportunity on many challenges that way. Also, client wants this or that and then to be offered one item that does not match the clients criteria is kind of a joke, why bother. It then forces you to use items that are not fit for each other another joke. Or it offers mostly items to be bought with stars or gold the very two things there is less of. Then you pay to open a box and it gives one cash item and two others you can’t open because those are the same two you have less of – stars and gold. If I pay to open a box then all items in the box should be able to be bought with cash seeing I “paid” to open it and not won it by winning a design. Fun game made annoying by making it impossible to play it as intended at times. And yes, what is the point of a “client wants this or that” and the winning design has nothing to do with what the client wants, but wins anyway? At least if the design had a set number of elements asked for by the client it could be more understandable. For each design element in the design it has to reach 6 or 7 out of a ten element design and tracked by the game language-algorithm automatically to keep it fairer to all. But that leads back to if the design materials are blocked or not available due to locked and the two you have available is the currency you do not have then it is still pointless – a joke to even bother at times if it were not for it can be fun I’d of already uninstalled the game. And it would be nice if on the list for “Podiums”, position we are at, stars earned, etc., bar if it showed a drop down showing which designs earned the “Podiums”, etc. Also a drop down picture list for each design that got 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th positions so we can compare designs to see how to design better designs to win more. Nice game some of the time, but needs improvement. Nice to know there are more than one with the same annoying issues. Hopefully they will make some changes in an upcoming update it’s needed.
      When these things happen enough leaving a game is an option and so is uninstalling the annoying game, as well! Have a good day!

    • I haven’t spent any money at all on this game and I’m having fun. I just work at earning free coins and tokens by voting and making sure I get that store bonus or whatever it is that is available every six hours. I think it’s 3000 coins or something like that.

      It also helps to not have a preconceive idea of what you want to do with a room. Just see if there’s some combination of your limited choices that will work. There’s usually something!

  6. I have a few questions about the new changes happened recently.
    After reducing the voting hours to 6 hours..i have found the end results are not quite convincing the past 2 days…also the positions are not changing
    And suddenly sometimes in some rooms in the last moment..we are dropping down from.the 1st position to 4th or 5th
    This is quite disappointing..
    How is that happening??
    Its a suggestion
    If they want to drop to 4th or will be good if they do it atleast before 30 min .not in the last min…
    Please try to fix this
    Previously it has really helped us to improve our skills..and we were becoming more confident
    Please try to remain the same
    Now recently after designing feels like its all part of luck..whether we win or loose..
    This is quite disappointing..
    Please fix this problem dears.
    Ardent lover and addicted to redecor..
    Feels disappointed when we submit a design with 100 percent sincerity
    eventhough its a game..
    Its heart breaking when the positions remain unchanged all 6 hours..
    Try to fix all these ..problems..
    Thanku redecor for designing such a beautiful game
    Feels sad when we hear bad comments about the new changes..
    Wanna fix all these problems
    And redecor should Rock always???

  7. I have a question regarding ReDecor. What is the money used for? What is a gold used for? I am new to the app and I have a few stars. Everything is locked pretty much. I do not see where I can buy anything with the money or gold earned. I did notice on the locked items there is the amount of stars needed and also a money amount but with it being locked there’s no way to just buy it with the monies earned. Another example, I get rewarded for voting by earning money. Again, what can I use the money for? I don’t understand the actual benefit

    • Gold and Money are used to shop the items; some items cost Money while others cost gold. When you enter a challenge, you will have to tap on any hotspot -> a list of material items will appear(in the top-left corner of the item icon, you will see the number of copies that you have of that particular item i.e. 0, 5, 10, and so on). You can only buy unlocked items (to unlock more items, you will need star tokens).

      • Everything I try to buy costs star tokens, which I do not have. I shop unlocked items. I have so much cash that just grows and grows, but I can’t buy anything with it. What am I missing?

  8. I have a question regarding ReDecor. What is the money used for? What is a gold used for? I am new to the app and we have a few stores. Everything is locked pretty much. I do not see where I can buy anything with the money or gold earned. I did notice on the locked items there is the amount of stars needed and also A money game but with it being that there’s no way to just buy it.

  9. For those who have noticed that some people seem to have unlimited duels, thereby earning many gold bars, those people are using Redecor redeem codes. Each redeem code allows you to play one duel for a specific prize; normally 100 gold bars and 2,500.00 Redecor dollars.

    The easiest way to find redeem codes is on Redecor social media pages, especially Facebook. The codes are only valid for a certain amount of time (usually a few days) and limited uses (someone else may use the code first, thereby making it unavailable for others to use subsequently). Unfortunately, the only way to know whether a code is valid is to try using it. So if you come across a list of 20 redeem codes, the only way to know if they are all valid is to try each one. HTH.

  10. Hi, my app only let me put in the first code and then claimed all the others as unvalid is their a specific time length im supposed to wait before i put in the next code or something?

  11. Not true someone on my cactus league has gotten ahold of a redeem code that she is using over and over again for dual challenges so not only is she unfairly getting wins but she is unfairly gaining 100 gold coins every time she plays and it looks like she is playing the dual challenges unlimited times how is she doing that?

    • I have 3 people on my cactus That have way too many duels how is this fair? Am I just spending real money to just have a disadvantage because I’m trying to level up or are these multiple duels available to anyone if so where, I can only find one per week

    • What is a Cactus League and I can only get one duel code once a week it won’t let me use it but one time. Can’t even play some duels because all of a certain I need is locked. It makes it hard to play the game because it takes over a month just to get enough coins to open up something and a lot of times I keep getting the same thing that I already have I don’t get anything new and when I do I can’t buy any because it costs more gold than anyone can accumulate. I started off loving the game but not so much anymore because it is almost impossible to buy material without spending real money that I don’t see me doing because everything is priced way more than a lot of people can afford.