Redecor Challenges Guide: Design & Duel Challenges!

Redecor – Home Design Game is a popular game published by Reworks Ltd. Read on for Redecor Challenges Guide: Design Challenge and Duel Challenges!

Redecor Challenges Guide⇓

There are two types of challenges in the Redecor – Home Design Game; Design Challenges and the Duel Challenges. 

Navigate to the first tab from the left in the bottom menu to check the list of all challenges that are available for you. You will find the daily challenges, design challenges, and duel challenges. Redecor Challenges

Redecor Design Challenges⇓

Design Challenges are different from the duel challenges and grant more rewards. These design challenges are available for around 2 days/48-hours. In these challenges, you will be challenged to meet the client’s expectations by designing the top-notch bathroom, bedroom, etc. These design challenges are also called classic challenges. 

Navigate to the challenge tab, tap on a design challenge banner to check its details; like the client’s description, challenge requirement, and if you scroll down, you will see the rewards that you can get by submitting the design challenge or by winning the 1st/2nd/3rd place through voting. Redecor Challenges

Redecor Duel Challenges⇓Redecor Challenges

Design Duel Challenges are different from the normal design challenges. These duels last long for around X24 Hours and you get the max reward if you get the most votes. Rewards include coins, cash, or star tokens. 

In the challenges tab, these duel challenges are marked with two swords icon in the top-left corner. Tap on a design duel banner, enter, and start designing the room, bathroom, bedroom, etc. whatever you get so that you can fetch more votes. 

After you submit the design, your design will go to the voting stage – other players will start voting; either you or the opponent. Duel Challenges results are provided quickly. 

To see the voting status, navigate to the challenges menu of the game and then navigate to the completed tab. 

In the complete tab, you will find the view voting button. Tap it to see the status

You can also vote for other player’s designs. 

You can use these Redecor codes to duel devs

How To Challenge Someone In Design Duel?

Unfortunately, you can not challenge a friend or specific player in Redecor. You can only duel the players that the game decided. Keep an eye on the challenges tab as these duel challenges are available daily. 

So this would be all in this post on Redecor Challenges Guide: Design & Duel Challenges. 

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48 thoughts on “Redecor Challenges Guide: Design & Duel Challenges!”

  1. Hi there!
    Player of Redecor, at first it was so much fun but it has now been more clear to me that many things are already fixed From Start – how much fun is it to PLAY then. I like fair Games not when the owners are only looking for Money!! So right now we are not happy with this game.
    You are mentioning the Challenge & the Duel – which is a duel that you do with someone the computer pics out – so that human being maybe doesn’t know that she’s in a duel, until she gets the price. It’s impossible to win! I’ve tried so many times so I made the room/place to the exact from what the competent had made – as long as to what I hade the materials for it. Maybe different green beddings was the only thing that I needed to change to the most greenish I had/have. Just for an example. No chance. I must have made 50 duels & no win in that! The challenges that we do the customer usually pic what kind of materials for us “redecor’s” should use. It happens that I don’t have none of the flooring or wallpaper maybe I have been happy to have bought or won a box in a challenge where you get 3 different floorings/3 wallpapers. But to use them you have to pay for that TOO!!? Often with gold – which cost more than we ever win/get. That makes the game suck! To buy a box with tiles or textiles is so fun, right now it’s 3 different tiles or textiles. But I just bought for the box & now I have to pay again to be able to use the one I would need but don’t have over 2000 gold coins. Or just that the wallpaper (or whatever) that would fit in what I just designing isn’t the one I get, if I want to buy a box. I would need to buy the whole bunch of the wallpapers Just to get the one I want….& don’t forget, need to pay again when bought the whole bunch! Just writing about it makes me a little bitter. This should be fun but they have totally lost/forgot their customers

    • Sorry to say, it depends on your luck. If you copy someone’s else design, they will totally pick the original. Your design must be good enough. Even I won a duel just how they like it. I won normal 2 times. That’s why you always lose
      Depending on the topic, some examples might trick you in getting the wrong design.

    • That truest stinks I’m sorry to hear that … I have played before then deleted and recently back on I love this game only thing is you gotta pay if you wanna play I feel like but I have won on the duels

  2. Not receiving my reward for the winning the diamond challenge 3 times now on redecor diamond challenge. It says I have Won 50,000 for 3 times and I don’t receive any money.

  3. I had a Dual Design with another player this morning. I have also been voting a lot to earn cash, I have seen the SAME player using the EXACT design she did with me, SEVEN OTHER DUAL DESIGNS with seven different players. HOW CAN SHE DO THAT???