Shining Beyond Tier List & Reroll Guide: Best Heroes & Rerolling

Wondering what heroes are the best in Shining Beyond? Take a look at this Shining Beyond tier list and reroll guide to pull top-tier SSR characters

Shining Beyond Tier List Reroll GuideShining Beyond Tier List: –

(Note: a developed SR grade hero can outperform an underdeveloped SSR hero. Since SSR heroes are hard to rank-up as compared to SR heroes, you might consider adding/developing SR heroes. Scroll down below to check the good SR characters’ recommendations). This Shining Beyond tier list showcases the best characters of all classes; Warrior, Ranger, Acolyte, and Rogue. We’ve classified this tier list into four main tiers; T1, T2, T3, and T4. We’ve put the best ones in T1, good ones in T2, average ones in T3, and bad/not recommended in T4. Continue to the tier list: – 

Shining Beyond Tier List: Tier 1 Hero Characters ⇓

These heroes, in our opinion, are the best as they deliver an amazing performance in the battles(best to OP performance): – 

  • Artemis – Tier 1
  • Athena – T1

ArtemisShining Beyond Tier List Reroll Guide

  • Role – Archer/Ranger
  • Tier – #1
  • Strengths: casts x3 magic missiles that inflict damage on the enemy, reactive and auto skills are disabled(enemies). Grants shield that negates negative status effects
  • One of the best archer/ranger characters in Shining Beyond with powerful skills and astonishing performance in the battles


  • Role: Tank/Guardian/Warrior
  • Tier: – #1
  • Strengths: reflects skills and status effects, chain lightning damage, increases own block rate, heal shield, self-defense boost
  • We all need tank characters in the battle – to assign them in the front as they are good in soaking and absorbing damage because of high HP and DEF stats. And, on top of that, their tank role abilities; shield, defense, taunt, etc. contribute a lot to the team performance. Athena is one of the best tank role characters in Shining Beyond. 

Shining Beyond Tier List: Tier 2 Hero Characters⇓

The Tier 2 characters that we have listed here do well in the battles(good to best performance): –

  • Meifang – Tier 2
  • Lucille – Tier 2
  • Freya – T2
  • Emiko – T2
  • Emilia – T2 ~ T3
  • Theia – T2
  • Jenny – T2
  • Kane – T2
  • Shizu – T2

MeifangShining Beyond Tier List Reroll Guide

  • Role: – Rogue
  • Tier: #2
  • Tip: – team up with Natsumi(SR); Natsumi can buff the attack speed of Mei
  • Strength: – reduces healing(enemy), enemies flee from caster, lifesteal

LucilleShining Beyond Tier List Reroll Guide

  • Role: Acolyte/Mage
  • Tier: #2
  • Strengths: – grants shield to all(negates 42.5% of all damage received), healing, removes buffs(enemy), HP recovery, inflicts DMG
  • Lucille is a great Acolyte class character in Shining Beyond


  • Role: Warrior/Tank
  • Tier 2
  • Strength: – lifesteal, disarmed enemy, life shield


  • Role:  Archer
  • Tier 2
  • Skills: – poison the enemy(DMG over time), enemies receive more DMG. ATK boost. 
  • Good in tower battles(thanks to tower mastery). 


  • Role: – Acolyte
  • Tier 2 ~ 3
  • Strength: – shield  allies, frozen effect, healing, 


  • Role – Acolyte
  • Tier: #2
  • Strength – Chain Lightning DMG, LifeSteal, Heal Shield, reduces attack speed(enemy)

JennyShining Beyond Tier List Reroll Guide

  • Role: Rogue
  • Tier: #2
  • Strength: – inflicts DMG, gains mana, reduces enemy’s attack speed, 
  • Jenny is a top-tier Rogue character with great offensive skills and performance. 


  • Role: Archer/Ranger
  • Tier: #2
  • Strength: – great single-target damage, reduces enemy’s skill defense, area damage
  • Others: – area damage(x2 targets), skill DEF down(enemy), 

Shining Beyond Tier List: Tier 3 Hero Characters⇓

Tier 3 hero characters have average to good performance in the combat- may shine and do well if you use them with a good team: –

  • Beretta – Tier 3
  • Altima – T3
  • Tess – T3
  • Raegar – T3

BerettaShining Beyond Tier List Reroll Guide

  • Role: Acolyte/Mage
  • Tier: – #3
  • Strengths: stun the enemy, healing/regeneration, HP recovery, plagued effect that reduces healing received by enemies
  • Beretta had charm skill in the CBT version – but in the OBT, devs change it to the plague skill. 


  • Role: Warrior
  • Tier 3
  • Strength: – jumps to the target area, AoE DMG, stun enemy, heal shield, pull the enemy


  • Role: Ranger/Archer
  • Tier 3
  • Strength: – increases ATK, poison enemies, CRIT Up(Self)  

Shining Beyond Tier List: Tier 4 Hero Characters⇓

These are the least recommend hero characters(bad to average performance): –

  • Leon – Tier 4 
  • AARIA – T4
  • Levy – T4
  • Winry – T4
  • Lulu – T4
  • Natalia – T4
  • Seraphina – T4
  • Luna – T4
  • Isabella – T4

Shining Beyond Tier List: Good SR Characters⇓


  • Rogue
  • SR
  • Skills: – charm effect that makes enemies punish their own allies. Teleports to the target area. Direct DMG to the enemy. 


  • SR
  • Rogue
  • Strengths: – CC skills that freeze and poison the enemies


  • SR
  • Archer
  • Strengths: reduces the enemy’s cast speed down, silence the enemy, direct DMG


  • Role – Rogue
  • Grade – SR
  • Skills: – single-target DMG, silences the target, poison the enemy


  • Acolyte
  • SR
  • Skills: – AoE healing, Area DMG, single-target healing
  • Arena Mastery – party receives less damage, inflicts more DMG


  • SR
  • Acolyte
  • Strengths: healing, regeneration(healing over time), DEF boost
  • Good healer


  • Warrior
  • SR
  • Skills: – self-attack boost, inflicts DMG to enemies(circle), enemies flee from the caster, self-defense boost, taunt skill


  • AoE Healing, Fear skill, Healing


  • Role: Ranger/Archer
  • Strength: – blinds the target, chain lightning DMG, reduces enemy’ CRIT, SPD, ATK.
  • Grade – SR

Not in this list: – 

  • Jake
  • Zack
  • Luna
  • Loki & Fenrir
  • Oberon
  • Faye
  • Isabel

Shining Beyond Reroll Guide: –

Intro: – You need to use multiple email accounts for rerolling as the guest account method is not working in the OBT version. Register with an email address like rero[email protected] to start. If you don’t get the top-tier favorite character, start again by registering another email account; [email protected]

Process: – Follow the tutorial and continue to the game and claim x10 roll. You can progress further in the “Bootcamp” and claim a free SSR selector ticket. And do other quests and archives for gems. Spend all in the summon! Aim: –  We would recommend you to reroll for top-tier SSR characters. The tier list is above. If you have got it, continue playing the game. So that’s all in this Shining Beyond reroll guide. 

About Classes: –

In Shining Beyond, characters are divided into for class groups; Rogue, Warrior, Acolyte, and Archer/Ranger. Rogue; offense, low defense. Warrior; high defense. Archer; great attack damage. Acolyte; buff, supporter, mage. As you continue to progress in the Shining Beyond, you can further promote the class to available jobs; each class can progress to specific six jobs. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Shining Beyond tier list. 

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