Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul Characters And Warsouls Guide

Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul features over 5 Characters or Warsouls that you can use to fight the demons in a variety of game modes. In this post, you will learn about all these characters or Warsoul.

37Games has just released Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul Globally. In the game, the player builds a team of Warsoul and hunt the beasts in a variety of game modes. At the start of the game, it lets you create a male character and a female character. If you pick the Male character, then you get to pick the male-exclusive Empyrean Mace Warsoul as the number 3 character. And, if you pick the female character, you get to pick the female-exclusive Silk Rabbit Warsoul. Warsoul like Mighty Bear, Tiger, etc. are common and can be selected at the time of Warsoul Awakening. So that’s the summary of this post. Let’s learn everything in detail.

Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul Characters List: –

  • Silk Rabbit – Melee
  • Empyrean Mace – Melee
  • Sanpaul – Summoner
  • Phoenix – Ranged
  • Mighty Bear – Melee
  • Tiger – Melee
  • Teal Herb – Supporter
  • Prism Pagoda – Supporter

So these are the eight characters or Warsoul in Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul game.

Character Creation And Best Warsoul Selection

When you start the game, you can only pick one of these Warsoul – Sanpaul, Phoenix, or Silk Rabbit/Empyrean Mace. Silk Rabbit – if you choose the female character at the start of the game, Empyrean Mace if you choose the male character at the start of the game.

SanpaulSoul Land: Awaken Warsoul Characters

Summoner, Hight Attack Stats.

PhoenixSoul Land: Awaken Warsoul Characters

Ranged Character with high attack stats and great survivability.

Silk RabbitSoul Land: Awaken Warsoul Characters

She is a melee character(female-exclusive) with high attack speed and CRIT rate.

Empyrean MaceSoul Land: Awaken Warsoul Characters

He is a melee character(Male-exclusive) with high piercing attack stats.

So these options will be available for no. 1 character.

And, as you progress through the main quests mode in Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul, you will unlock new character slot; no.2 character and no. 3 character. As a no. 2 character, two Warsoul will be available – Mighty Bear and Tiger.

Mighty Bear

He is a melee tank character Warsoul with high DEF, HP stats + DMG reduction ability.


Another tank character with Block and DMG reduction abilities.

As a no. 3 character, you get to choose one of the remaining Warsoul – Teal Hurb, Prism Pagoda. Both are the supporter-class characters with amazing abilities.

Teal Herb

She is a ranged-type character with supporting and CC skills.

Prism PagodaSoul Land: Awaken Warsoul Characters

She is another ranged-type character with group support abilities like raising the strength of allies and making the enemies weak.

Best Characters/Warsoul In Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul?

For the number 1 character, we would recommend going with the exclusive Warsoul – Slik Rabbit or Empyream Mace. Both are good attackers. For the number 2 character, go with Mighty Bear as he is the pure tank in the game. And, at last, for the number 3, go with Prism Pagoda, the best supporter in our opinion.

So this would be all in this post on Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul Characters guide & tips for beginners.

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