Kiss of War: Officer’s Club, Trust & Interaction

Officer’s Club is one of the main buildings in Kiss of War game where the player can interact with the officers and increase trust level for bonus and skinsKiss of War Officer's Club

Kiss of War features over 10 officers that you can appoint on certain base facilities to get specific buff. The player can improve the bonus effect by raising the trust level. Also, new officer’s skins are unlocked upon reaching a certain trust level. Officer’s skin also provides a specific buff to the player. For starters, we would recommend checking this Kiss of War guide for beginners and the exchange codes. In this post, you will learn about the Kiss of War: Officer’s Club building and how the trust system works. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content.

Kiss of War: Officer’s Club & Trust

Tap the officer’s club building in the base – three icons will appear; (i), message icon and appointment button. Tap the message icon – this will take you to the interaction screen.

At the bottom-center of this menu, tap the arrow icon to open officers’ list -> select the officer to interact. How to interact? By tapping the officer, you can interact and earn trust/heart/love points. For example – tap her left hand to receive hearts/love/trust points. New moves unlock as the trust level increases. You get 10 hearts per interaction – may increase as you progress further.

Now, tap the heart symbol in the top-right corner -> gift menu will open where you can send the gifts to the officer and check her trust level.

Poker Game In Kiss of War: –

On the interaction screen, bottom-left corner, tap the cards -> play the mini-game and earn trust/hearts. There would be three cards – keep an eye on the officer card and reveal it to get more trust points. Raising the HQ level might increase the max number of cards you have.

Trust Level: –

When the officer’s trust level increases, she will provide more buff. You need to appoint her to activate the buff.

On the same interaction menu, tap the appoint button in the top-left corner -> this will take you to the appointment menu where you can change or deploy Kiss of War officers. Tap the + button -> select the officer -> confirm. You can check the buff they provide in the upper-left corner of the building banner in the appointment menu.

The player gets to improve: –

  • Construction Speed
  • Production Speed
  • Research Output
  • Gathering Speed
  • Repair & Recovery Speed
  • Resources Protection Capacity
  • Technology Research Speed
  • March Speed

By appointing the officers. Tap the Wardrobe button to change skins.

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So this would be all in this post on Kiss of War: Officer’s Club & Trust info.

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