Survival Heroes: Best Weapon In The Game?

Not all the weapons are great and can help you in becoming the no. 1 survivor in survival heroes game. Check out our Survival Heroes Best Weapon article to know everything

In the last post, we shared a complete guide with some evergreen tips, cheats & tricks, you can read that post here. In today’s post, we will talk about the weapons. Survival Heroes game features lots of weapons. And all the weapons have unique skills, stats, passive buff, range or attack area, advantages, disadvantages. For a newbie, it could be difficult to figure which weapon is best or which weapon is not. However, the game shows you a green arrow if there is a high-rank weapon available nearby. But it might not be good as it compares with the currently equipped weapon. That’s why you should hunt for supply chests, dragon chests, mystery shop items for the best weapon. But which weapon is best? Let’s dive in our today’s post.

Best Weapons In Survival Heroes Game: –

  1. Sniper Rifle – Hard To Master, Long-Range
  2. Sun Bow – High Damage
  3. Dragon Gun – High Critical Hits
  4. Wild Axes – Tank, Low Cooldown Time
  5. Storm Hammers – Mage

Before going deep into the weapon details, you must know that there are a number of factors depend on the attack power, defense power, mage power; for example; equipped items such as helmet, armor, pants, necklace. So make sure to equip the best item set to get the most out of the weapons.

Additionally, you can reduce the cooldown time of the weapon’s skill by equipping binoculars. From the above words, we can say that only equipping the best weapon would not help. Let’s know why these are the best weapons.

1.) Sniper Rifle

Survival Heroes Best WeaponSniper Rifle is the locked weapon and can be unlocked in exchange for 35000 coins. You can obtain gold by playing the game(Read tips here). The reason for putting it in the best weapons list is its skills. Sniper Rifle comes with three skills;

  1. Spinning Chop – Using this skill, you can switch to the sword weapon and get the speed bonus+melee weapon advantage
  2. Sniper Cannon РUnleash this skill to fire a bullet. The bullet can deal +150 damage to the enemy. The cooldown time is 1.0 second only. So you can fire up to three bullets back-to-back three times(you get one bullet every 14 seconds and you can save up to three to strike at a time)
  3. Cannon Tower Array – This is the best skill of this weapon. Unleashing this skill places the cannon tower on a certain point. You can place up to 2 cannon towers and these towers deal massive damage to the enemies. You get one cannon tower every 15 seconds. The player can save up to two towers to strike at a time.

Another reason is it’s a long-range weapon with good damage. You should buy it. In the last moments, you can place the cannon tower for the enemy and increase the chances of getting the crown.

2.) Sun Bow

Survival Heroes Best WeaponSun Bow is another best weapon in Survival Heroes game. It is a ranged weapon and with high attack stats, skills, passive buffs. However, the cooldown time is very long. But the basic attack is amazing(at the player level 10-In battle). Additionally, its passive skill can increase the attack speed by 40%, movement speed by 15%. Sun Bow comes with three skills(Remember, it’s high damage, Sun Bow) –

  1. Arrow Array – Casting the skill fires a rain of arrow and each hit to the enemy can reduce its HP by up to 26 points.
  2. Spiral Arrow – This skill can knock back the enemy and deals up to 130 damage. The Cooldown time can be reduced by leveling up it to level 3(reach the player level 10 in the battle to increase the weapon level to 3)
  3. Splitting Arrow – Unleashing this skill launches 6 arrows, can deal up to 120 damage upon hit.

No doubt, skill charge time is too long. But the basic damage stats are good and using its skill at the right time can easily knock down the enemy as you will deal massive damage.

3.) Dragon Gun

Survival Heroes Best WeaponDragon Gun is another powerful weapon in Survival Heroes game. With good attack range, attack power, and skills, it deserves to be in the best weapon list. Its skills can increase crit chances, help you in dodging the enemy attacks, and deal massive damage to the opponent.

  1. Steel Body – It’s a dash skill that pushes the character forward instantly. And it can also remove the control debuffs. You can use it to dodge the enemy attacks.
  2. Smoke Bomb – Unleash this skill to throw a bomb on the certain point(over the enemy). The smoke bomb lasts for 4 seconds and deals up to 95 damage to the enemy.
  3. Critical Gunplay – You can increase the critical hit chances, movement speed using this skill.

The basic attack of this weapon is also good. Overall, a good weapon.

4.) Wild Axes

Survival Heroes Best WeaponWild Axes is one of our best picks. It comes with some unique skills such as summoning the bear, healing and throwing Axes like a boomerang. In addition to these awesome skills, you can easily handle it in the battle when fighting against multiple enemies. The basic attack damage is also worth mentioning. Wild Axes weapon in Survival Heroes game comes with three unique skills: –

  1. Summon – Using this skill, you can summon a large bear on the battleground. The bear also attacks the enemies. After summoning, tapping the same skill button heals or restores the health. But you will lose bear. It is one of the best ways to restore the health instantly.
  2. Enraged – Increases the attack speed, movement speed for 3 seconds.
  3. Spinning Axes – Unleashing this skill throws the spinning axes in the certain direction. You can save up to three axes to throw back-to-back every one second. You get one AXE every 10 seconds.

5.) Storm Hammers

Survival Heroes Best WeaponStorm Hammers is a mage type weapon and its highlighted feature is its skill can stun the opponent in the storm and deal heavy damage. And you can slow down the enemy with its magic effects. Let’s take a look at all the skills of Storm Hammers Weapon: –

  1. Storm Hammers – Unleash this skill to deal 107 magic damage, 70% magic attack to the enemy. After unleashing this skill, your next main attack will create a deadly electric chain between enemies and restore your health.
  2. Lightning Hammer – By using this skill, you can trap the enemies in a thunderstorm, enemies in the thunderstorm would not be able to move and get up to 140 damage for 5 seconds.
  3. Wind Hammer – Inflicts the slow effect and deals magic damage to the enemy.

You can unlock this weapon for 15000 gold. Orb is also a good weapon though(in replace of it).

So that’s all about the Survival Heroes Best Weapon. However, it totally depends on how you use the weapon; skills, timing. And to get the most out of the weapons, reach the player level 10 in the battle. If you want to know more about the weapons, head to the armory -> select the weapon -> tap the training camp option.

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  1. Seriously man? With Heavy chop blade, boom sniper user turn to dust within second by the time he got his ass strike choped by chop blade heavy attack.

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