Time Defenders Tier List Guide [March 2024]

Read on for the Time Defenders tier list guide.

Time Defenders Tier List Guide

Time Defenders Tier List Guide

Welcome to the Time Defenders tier list ranking the heroes or characters, or police officers featured in the game’s English version. Please check out our Time Defenders reroll guide and coupon codes if you are new to the game. 

The following Time Defenders tier list ranks the best SSR and SR grade characters.

Time Defenders Tier List: Tier 1

Character & Class Tier Ratings
Robin Hood (R) – Class Ranger  Tier 1
Cannonball (SSR) – Class Guardian  Tier 1
Carmillana (SSR) – Class Esper  Tier 1
Metheus (SSR) – Class Esper  Tier 1
Aigle (SSR) – Class Healer  Tier 1
Bride (SSR) – Class Healer  Tier 1
Noir (SSR) – Class Ranger  Tier 1
Natalya (SR) – Class Ranger  Tier 1
Kudlak (SR) – Class Striker  Tier 1
Kresnik (R) – Class Striker  Tier 1
Akira (SSR) – Class Supporter  Tier 1
Hua (SSR) – Class Striker  Tier 1
Asteria (SR) – Class Esper  Tier 1
Baphomera (SR) – Class Assault  Tier 1

Time Defenders Tier List: Tier 2

Characters & Class Tier Ratings
Jin (SR) – Esper  Tier 2
Shinobu (R) – Assault  Tier 2
Taywaz (SR) – Guardian  Tier 2
Stella (SR) – Ranger  Tier 2
Leonemea (SR) – Striker  Tier 2
Suzukahime (SSR) – Assault  Tier 2
CAESA (R) – Specialist  Tier 2
Mercuria (SSR) – Supporter  Tier 2
Charles (SR) – Assault  Tier 2
Snegurochika (SR) – Esper  Tier 2
Siegfried (SR) – Guardian  Tier 2
Bjorn (SR) – Striker  Tier 2
Hank (N) – Specialist  Tier 2
Shirley (SR) – Healer  Tier 2
Midas (SR) – Guardian  Tier 2
Beatrice (SSR) – Esper  Tier 2
Hector (SSR) – Guardian   Tier 2
Brigantia (SR) – Guardian  Tier 2
Sayre (SSR) – Assault  Tier 2

Time Defenders Tier List: Tier 3

Characters & Class Tier Ratings
Bianca (N) – Ranger  Tier 3
Violetta (R) – Healer  Tier 3
Lilim (R) – Healer  Tier 3
Ragnar (R) – Guardian  Tier 3
Caesabellanus (R) – Specialist  Tier 3
Comius(R) – Assault  Tier 3
Envius (SR) – Supporter  Tier 3
Ripper (R) – Assault  Tier 3
Annabel (SR) – Striker  Tier 3
Achilles (SR) – Striker  Tier 3
Rose (SSR) – Specialist  Tier 3
Brownie (SR) – Supporter  Tier 3
Guison (R) – Healer  Tier 3
Miko (SR) – Striker  Tier 3
Clementine (R) – Specialist  Tier 3
Joe (R) – Ranger  Tier 3
Wild Bull (SR) – Ranger  Tier 3
Leos (SSR) – Ranger  Tier 3
Furiae (SR) – Supporter  Tier 3
Saint Getorix (SSR) – Ranger  Tier 3
Hilda (N) – Ranger  Tier 3

Time Defenders Tier List: Tier 4

Characters & Class Tier Ratings
Ian (R) – Supporter  Tier 4
Mickey (N) – Guardian  Tier 4
Mamoru (N) – Guardian  Tier 4
Hayato (N) – Ranger  Tier 4
Ouka (R) – Ranger  Tier 4
Louis (N) – Esper  Tier 4
Lily (N) – Healer  Tier 4
Rio (N) – Assault  Tier 4
Angela (N) – Healer  Tier 4
Naoko (N) – Striker  Tier 4

Time Defenders Tier List: Characters Guide

In the Time Defenders game, characters or heroes are classified into eight classes; Guardian, Striker, Assault, Healer, Ranger, Esper, Specialist, and Supporter. All the heroes have unique skills, strengths, and uses. For instance, guardian characters are good at defending, so it’s always a good idea to place them in the front. To deal with flying enemies, you can use the Ranger class characters. 

Healer class characters are good at supporting allies by restoring their health during the battle. Head to the database menu of the game to check the list of all characters featured in the English version of Time Defenders. You can get the characters by summoning them using diamonds in the “Time Engine.” 

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Time Defenders Tier List: Progression Guide

⇒In the early game, you should be focusing on the campaign/operation mode featuring seven locations/chapters in normal, hard, and challenge difficulties. You get EXP, gold, and upgrade material items for the characters from these stages. 

⇒Complete the missions; tap the mission option on the game’s home screen; there are main missions, daily missions, weekly missions, and achievements. 

⇒Build a balanced team of heroes; make sure your team has enough damage dealers(ground and flying units), supporters(healers), and defenders. 

⇒Know your heroes. Check out their skills, target type, class, etc., so that you can use them efficiently during the battle. 

⇒Repeat the stages and grind the rewards. 

⇒Participate in all the game modes. 

⇒Keep an eye on the events. 

Also, see – the Time Defenders coupon codes, and reroll guide

This article is a work in progress. We will soon share a complete Time Defenders tier list. 

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