Time Defenders Reroll Guide

Read on for Time Defenders reroll guide.

Time Defenders Reroll Guide

Time Defenders Reroll Guide

The following Time Defenders reroll guide is based on the game’s English version and covers step-by-step rerolling instructions. If you are new to the game, make sure to check out the coupon codes and tier list guide. Now let’s head to the Time Defenders reroll guide: – 

Time Defenders Reroll Guide: Method I

If you have no data limitations, this method will work for you. First, you should log in as a guest account in Time Defenders. Progress through the tutorial -> eventually; you will unlock the “Time Engine.” where you can summon the heroes with diamonds.

As a beginner/newbie reward, the game lets you summon for free; it would be a 10+ 1 summon, which you can reroll for X30 times. Confirm if you have got the characters that you were looking for. Summon again if that’s not the case. 

If you don’t get your favorite characters in X30 attempts, you can start over or reroll by clearing the game data. 

Time Defenders Reroll Guide: Method II

In this reroll method, you will log out from the current account and log in with another you have not used already. On the start screen of the game where you “tap” to start, tap the “log out” option at the top -> this will log you out from the logged-in account ->, begin again, -> login with another account you have not used already. 

Time Defenders Reroll Guide: Method III

Head to the game settings by tapping the gear/cogwheel icon in the top-right corner. Go to the other tab on the left -> delete account -> it will take 7 days to delete the account, so don’t log in with that account till then. 

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