Tower of Fantasy Dark Crystal: How To Farm & Use

Read on for the Tower of Fantasy Dark Crystal farming guide; learn how to farm and use dark crystals in ToF. 

Tower of Fantasy Dark Crystal How To Farm & Use

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Tower of Fantasy Dark Crystal – How To Use Dark Crystal?

Dark Crystal is one of the in-game currencies in Tower of Fantasy that you can use to get other in-game currencies or items. Tap the shop button in the upper-right corner. Then head to the HOT tab on the left. There you can spend dark crystal to get one of these items: 

  • Red Nucleus
  • Gold Nucleus
  • Identity Upgrade Card
  • Gold
  • Proof of Purchase
  • Special Voucher
  • Proof of Purchase Box
  • Vitality Solution

Red Nucleus

Red Nucleus is an event-limited currency but is obtainable by exchanging dark crystals. It will cost 150 dark crystals for one red nucleus. You can use the red nucleus in special orders. Tap menu in top-right -> special orders -> rebirth of clemency.  

Gold Nucleus

Gold Nucleus is a gacha currency. It will cost 150 dark crystals for one gold nucleus.

Identity Upgrade Card

If you want to change your name in Tower of Fantasy, then an identity upgrade card is what you need. It will cost 300 dark crystals to get an x1 identity upgrade card. Head to the shop -> hot -> spend dark crystals for identity upgrade card.


In-game currency. It costs 100 dark crystals for 10k gold. 

Proof of Purchase Box

One box contains X10 Proof of Purchase, and you can get it for 1080 Dark Crystals; max limit of X3 times/week.

Special Voucher

It will cost 150 dark crystals for one special voucher.

Proof of Purchase

1 Proof of Purchase costs 150 dark crystals. Better buy the box because it contains 10 of these and costs 1080 dark crystals. 

Vitality Solution

If you are low on Vitality, you can buy a vitality solution. The first will be cheaper, and it will cost 50 dark crystals. 2nd vitality solution costs 100 dark crystals. 3rd/4th Vitality solution costs 200 dark crystals. 

Tower of Fantasy Dark Crystal Farming Guide: How To Farm Dark Crystal?

The following Tower of Fantasy Dark Crystal farming guide covers all the methods to obtain dark crystals; 

Get Dark Crystals By Progressing Through The Story

Upper-right menu -> terminal -> story. At 10%, 50%, 80%, and 100% progression, you will receive dark crystals. 

Other Ways To Farm Dark Crystals In Tower of Fantasy:

  • World Exploration
  • Complete the Quests/Missions[menu -> terminal -> missions]
  • Complete the Achievements[menu -> terminal -> achievements]
  • Sign-in Reward[gift icon in the top-right -> rewards -> sign-in]
  • Level Pack Reward[gift icon in the top-right -> rewards -> Level Pack]
  • Battle Pass Reward[gift icon in the top-right -> rewards -> Pass]
  • Exchange Tower of Fantasy Codes

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