Vanguard Zero Tier List – Best Cards Guide

Cardfight Vanguard Zero English Global version has just gone live on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Read on for Vanguard Zero Tier List Best Cards guide

Vanguard Zero Tier List Best Cards DecksThere are so many cards with unique abilities that you can use to build the best deck to crush the enemies in PvE and PvP Matches. If you have just started playing it, then you might be wondering what are the best cards in the game that you must have for late-game and win matches easily. In today’s post, we have shared the Vanguard Zero Tier List featuring the best cards guide that you may like. For starters, we recommend checking the Vanguard Zero Reroll Guide and get a headstart in the game. So let’s not waste any time and check out the main content. 

Vanguard Zero Tier List Best Characters –

  • Solitary Knight, Gancelot – SSS Tier
  • Flash Shield, Iseult – SSS Tier
  • Blaster Blade – SSS Tier
  • Wyvern Guard, Barri – SSS Tier
  • Dragonic Overlord – SSS Tier
  • Battle Sister, Chocolat – SSS Tier
  • Silent Tom – SSS Tier
  • Twin Blader – SSS Tier

So these are the best characters featured in the Vanguard Zero Tier List – from all the clans; Royal Paladin, Oracle Think Tank, Kagera, and Nova Grappler. New clans and cards may come in future updates. All the characters featured above are available in the English Global version of Vanguard Zero. 

Vanguard Zero Tier List SS-Tier Characters: –

  • Knight of Silence, Gallatin 
  • Little Sage, Marron
  • Dragon Knight, Nehalem
  • Embodiment of Armor, Bahr
  • Seal Dragon, Blockade 
  • Dual Axe Archdragon
  • Berserk Dragon
  • CEO Amaterasu 
  • Oracle Guardian, Wiseman
  • Oracle Guardian, Gemini
  • Asura Kaiser
  • Transraizer
  • Burstraizer

Another set of best characters. They are as good as SSS-tier characters; properly using them in a deck with the right combination can help you win matches. 

S-Tier Characters –

  • King of Knights, Alfred
  • Lake Maiden, Lien
  • Soul Saver Dragon
  • High Dog Breeder, Akane
  • Swordsman of the Explosive Flames, Palamedes
  • Alfred Early
  • Wyvern Strike, Tejas

Part -2

  • Dragon Monk, Gojo
  • Chain-attack Sutherland
  • Lizard Soldier, Raopia
  • Graphite Cannon Dragon
  • Battle Sister, Cocao
  • Maiden of Libra
  • Battle Sister, Mocha

Part- 3

  • Oracle Guardian, Red Eye
  • Promise Daughter
  • Goddess of Flower Divination, Sakuya
  • Meteor Break Wizard
  • Dark Cat
  • Brutal Attack
  • King of Sword
  • Tough Boy


  • Screaming and Dancing Announcer, Shout
  • Magician Girl, Kirara
  • Death Army Lady
  • Muscle Hercules
  • Death Metal Droid
  • Toolkit Boy

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Tier Details: –

  • SSS – most powerful cards 
  • SS – excellent 
  • S – good cards

Clan Details: –

  • Royal Paladin Clan
  • Oracle Think Tank Clan
  • Kagera Clan
  • Nova Grappler Clan

We will update this post with more details soon. The tier list is based on the JP version of the game. Many characters are not available in English Global. 

So this would be all in this post on Vanguard Zero Tier List Best Cards Info. 

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