Vanguard Zero Reroll Guide(Reroll Tier List) To Pull Top-Tier Cards

Started playing Vanguard Zero and wondering how to reroll? Read on for Cardfight Vanguard Zero Reroll guide and pull the top-tier cards list of main clans

Vanguard Zero Reroll Guide Reroll Tier ListCardfight Vanguard Zero has just been released for Android & iOS on Google Play Store. It plays like Digimon Card Battle game but in the portrait mode. Players get to build the decks with favorite top-tier cards and clash on the board. If you want to head start, then you should consider rerolling. It’s quite easy; first, you complete the chapter and collect all the gacha tickets. Then you go to the shop and spend all the gacha tickets; you would have around x20 gacha tickets after downloading the patch(Read reroll guide below for more details).Vanguard Zero Reroll Guide Reroll Tier List

You will get random cards; RRR, RR, R, and C – these are the grade of cards. As a newbie, you might want to pull high-tier and high-grade cards. If you don’t get the cards you are looking for, you will reroll. If you get the top-tier cards, you will keep playing. Let’s learn everything detail in this Vanguard Zero Reroll guide to pull top-tier cards and build the best deck possible in the English Global version. Vanguard Zero Reroll Guide Reroll Tier List

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Vanguard Zero Reroll Guide Steps: –

  • Step 1 – finish the tutorial(first chapter)
  • Step 2 – after the chapter, you will need to download 780 MB patch
  • Step 3 – on the main screen, tap the gift box and collect gacha tickets
  • Step 4 – go to the shop 
  • Step 5 – choose gacha option
  • Step 6 – use tickets to summon cards(x20)
  • Step 7 – if you get the top-tier cards, continue playing
  • Step 8 – if not, go to the login screen, tap the menu button in the top-right corner and delete current user data and start with a new user account 

So that’s how you reroll in Vanguard Zero in x8 simple steps that are easy to follow. Whether you are on Android or iOS, this reroll method would work. 

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Best Cards Heroes To Reroll Tier List: –

All the cards in the Vanguard Zero game belong to one of the four clans; Royal Paladin, Oracle Think Tank, Kagero, Nova Grappler. We would recommend you to reroll for these cards – reroll tier list – 

  • Gancelot – SS Tier
  • Blaster Blade – SS Tier
  • Akane – A-Tier
  • Alfred – A-Tier
  • Blockade – S-Tier
  • Berserk Dragon – S-Tier
  • Cocoa – S-Tier
  • Silent Tom – SS-Tier
  • Sakuya – A-Tier
  • Apollon – S-Tier
  • Brutal Jack – S-Tier
  • Death Army Lady – A-Tier
  • Kirara – A-tier
  • Asura Kaiser – S-Tier

The tier list is based on the JP version. 

List of Cards/Heroes

You can check the complete list of cards in the Car Overview/Crafting menu. There you can filter the cards by clans. Also, you can check the locked cards by tapping “all” button – this will enable you to see all the cards list. 

You can check the best cards tier list here

So this would be all in this post on Vanguard Zero Reroll guide and reroll tier list. 

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  1. I got a account that I been working on already, and I was thinking about rerolling but I don’t know if I want to because my account might be gone forever will I be able to recover my account if I’m rerolling?

    • Typically in games like this. The user account is gone for good. Only a few games that let you reroll on different “servers”. I would safely assume you will lose it.