Yokai Kitchen Restaurant Guide – Chef, Clans, Best Recipes, And More!

Here’s the complete Yokai Kitchen Restaurant guide – how to figure out the best recipe, what are the clans, chefs, and much more

Yokai Kitchen is a Restaurant Management RPG by WISH INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED(FriendTimes). Managing the restaurant is one of the main tasks in the game. And, there are lots of aspects in this field that you should be aware of to progress fast. For example – the clans, the best recipe for locals, managing the chefs, moods, waiters, etc. In this Yokai Kitchen Restaurant guide, we have shared all the basics of restaurant management. If something is missing or you have more questions, ask us in the comment section below. Let’s head to the main content!

Yokai Kitchen Restaurant Guide

Yokai Kitchen RestaurantYou can access the restaurant scene from the home screen of the game and exit it by tapping the back button at the upper-right corner of the game screen. In the restaurant screen, on the left side, there are two tabs; clan and the business.

In the clan tab, you get to know about the clan popularity. In Yokai Kitchen, you move to different realms and meet new clans. The people from these clans visit your restaurant and pay for the food dishes. And, there is a favorite dish for each clan people. For example – Coyote Clan loves Lamb Kebab and Golden Fries. If you assign the chefs to cook these food dishes, the popularity of your restaurant for that clan will increase and you can earn valuable rewards.

Best Recipe For Clans Or Favorite Food Dishes Of Clans

It’s easy to know about the favorite dishes or best recipes for the visitors from a particular clan. And, there are many shortcuts to figure it out.

1.) Tap the clan name on the left side of the screen under the clan tab. On the clan profile page, on the right side, you can check the popularity level and the reward. Tap the dish icon over it and then tap the archive button. In the archive page, you can check the recipe loved by a particular clan.

2.) Tap the menu button at the bottom-right corner and choose the clans option. In the clans menu, you can see or get the details of each clan. Tap the clan to check its profile and on the right side, tap the dish icon over the popularity level details to check its name.

Yokai Kitchen Restaurant3.) In the Yokai Kitchen Restaurant menu, tap the manage button -> chefs. In the chefs menu, on the left side, you can check the clans. Tap the magnifying glass icon to check their favorite dishes. Cook these dishes to increase popularity and get popularity level rewards.

Yokai Kitchen Business Tab

In the business tab(on the left side of the restaurant screen), you can check the earnings and popularity points – cook the clans’ favorite dishes to earn coins and EXP.

Yokai Kitchen Restaurant Level Up Guide

Your character level or restaurant-level is displayed at the upper-left corner of the screen. You can expand the restaurant, increase the team slots, get more decorations by increasing the restaurant level. So these are benefits of upgrading the restaurant. Now, how do you level up the restaurant and what are the requirements?

You need to earn XP to increase the restaurant level. Sell the food dishes to earn XP. At the upper-left corner of the restaurant or home screen, under your name, you can check the EXP amount that you need to level up the restaurant. If you have, tap the level up button and confirm.

Collecting The Rewards From The Counter

Yokai Kitchen RestaurantThe visitors from clan visit your restaurant, eat, and checkout at the counter. You would not get the XP and coins until you collect from the counter. So make sure to collect the rewards now and then.

Happy Hours In Yokai Kitchen Restaurant

During the happy hours, the speed of the game gets increased and you get more money and XP in less time. In the clan tab on the left side, you can check the progress of Happy Hour bar. You can activate it by tapping it once it reaches the max point. And, it lasts long for a few minutes. The player can activate it three times a day.

Cook the favorite dishes of the clans and get happy hours points(happiness points). When the customers leave the restaurant, you get these points.

Yokai Kitchen Waiters

Waiters are the Yokai who serve the customers. The chef cooks the food and waiters serve the food dishes. Tap the manage button at the bottom-right menu and choose the waiters option. There you can assign or reassign waiters. Tap on the heart to recover their mood. You can obtain these fruits or mood recovery items from the quest, untold stories mode.

Yokai Kitchen Chefs

Chefs cook the dishes that you select for them. Tap the manage button and choose the chef option. At the top-center, tap the Chef icon and then tap the recipe/dish slot. Select the dish that you want to cook by that chef. Tap the dish and you will see the required skills that a chef needs to cook that dish. Train or level up or upgrade chef/Yokai to increase chef skills. To change or replace the chefs, go to the chef menu -> tap the recipe slot -> go to Yokai tab -> tap the chef that you want to assign.

Make sure to recover the mood of these chefs(tap the heart icon after selecting Yokai/chef) -> recover. Obtain these fruits or mood recovery items from the quests and untold stories mode.

And, don’t forget to save the changes.

So that would be all in this Yokai Kitchen Restaurant guide for the beginners. If you have any questions, please ask in the comment section below.

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