Zooba Characters – Best Characters To Master In Game!

Zooba CharactersLet’s have a look at Zooba Game characters – the best characters to look for and play for easy victories in the battle royale

Playing as an animal in a battle royale game is too much fun. They are cute, have amazing skills, companions, and different stats. At the beginning of the game, you get the first animal for free – when the game asks you to choose one out of three characters available. Since you are new to the game – and, you would not have any idea about their details – we are here to help you. In today’s post, we have shared Zooba Game Characters Info and the list of best Zooba Characters.

Zooba Game Characters: –

1.) Molly

Molly or Kangaroo is an agility type hero. He has good agility stats that make him easy to dodge enemy’s attacks, quickly run out of the tense situation. Along with the top-class agility stats, he has a companion called Joey. During the battle, this companion collects the items for you; health kits, weapons, etc. Also, when fighting the enemies, he helps you by contributing to the attack aspect.

If Joey dies, you will see a yellow bar below the HP bar of your character. And, once it reaches the full point, Joey will spawn again.

Molly’s active skill is jumping that makes him one of the best agility type characters in the Zooba game. With this skill, you can quickly dash forward; if the enemy is chasing you, use this active skill to escape quickly. You can raise Molly’s stats by upgrading.

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2.) Bruce

Bruce is a tank-class character in the game. Because of the powerful HP stats, he can soak more damage than other types of characters. And, this perk improves his survivability. Also, his damage stats are decent. But, the range of attacks is quite short.

His passive skill; tough guy makes him more strong – can not be knocked back. With the active skill, which is smashing, Bruce leaps into the air and deal damage to the enemy.

3.) NIX

NIX is another character with amazing agility stats & skills. But he is not good at soaking damage like Burce – and, also not good at dealing massive damage. These two stats are average – not impressive. He truly shines when it comes to long-range attacks. NIX’s ability to deal damage to the enemy from long-range helps you a lot. However, considering range as an evaluation would be a bad idea – many other characters possess long-range attack abilities.

Pro – Agility Stats, Passive Skill(Collects loot quickly), Dash Skill(Quickly move), Range. Cons – Average HP, DMG.

4.) Shelly

Shelly is another tank class character – similar to Bruce. Also, Shelly’s stats such as damage, health, and range are quite good. Along with these skills, the two skills; passive and active make her one of the best tanks in the game. The passive skill, Hard Skin, reduces the damage taken – the character gets less damage per hit. And, the active skill, shell, makes her invincible for a few seconds.

Pro – Impressive stats & skills. Cons – Slow speed.

5.) Pepper

Pepper excels in long-range attacks. He is one of the best characters in Zooba for long-range battles. However, stats such as damage, health, agility are not quite good. HP stats are low, which reduces the survivability rate. You might get killed early because of low HP. He is slow. With Bush Sight skill, he can track the enemy hiding in the bushes. With High Ground skill, you get a large view of the map.

Pros – Long-range battles, eye-sight. Cons – Slow, Low HP.

6.) Ollie

Ollie is one of the best characters in the game – this animal possesses healing skills. By eating the grass, you can restore the health. Other aspects such as speed, range, damage are decent. But HP is low. So you would not be able to take more hits – try dodging as much as possible to survive for long. Enemy’s critical hits may reduce your lifespan in the battle arena.

Pros – Healing Skill, Rollback Skill, Range, Speed, Damage. Cons – Low HP.

7.) Duke

He is slow – but gets a speed boost because of rage skill. The range is average – short-range. So you will need to go close to attack the enemy – which reduces the survivability rate. But because of decent HP stats, you get the advantage over low HP enemies. Active skill helps you stun the enemies – when fighting in close-range, this skill may change the result of the battle.

Pros – Stun ability, decent HP, damage. Cons – Slow.

8.) Fuzzy

Fuzzy’s passive ability slows down the enemy – if the enemy is chasing you and you are low on HP, this passive skill may help you. Active Skill, Slide, grants a speed boost. Speed, Range is good. But HP and Damage stats are not impressive.

9.) Finn

As a stalker, Finn’s ability lets you track the enemies who are low on HP – so that you can target them and kill them for rewards. Also, he possesses the healing ability.

Pros – Healing, Track Hopeless Enemies, Speed, Damage. Cons – Very Poor HP stats.

10.) Larry

Larry’s Sticky Tongue helps you picking the loot from a range. Since Larry is a chameleon, he can change colors – becomes invisible for a few seconds. You don’t need bush to hide when playing as Larry.

Pros – Agility, Range, Invisible Skill. Cons – Poor HP Stats, Average Damage Stats.

Zooba Best Characters: –

  • Molly
  • Bruce
  • Shelly
  • Ollie
  • Duke
  • Pepper

In our opinion, these six are the best characters in the Zooba game. Share your views in the comment section below. Also, see –

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6 thoughts on “Zooba Characters – Best Characters To Master In Game!”

  1. Larry is actually best cos characters mostly need the area they need to be good such as finn in water, pepper in the middle etc. But Larry can master all places. even water cos he can be invisible.

  2. jade,finn,steve, and fuzzy are the best characters also you just said that molly is the best characetr in the game when she definetly isnt

  3. I think that the best character to master is the tiger it has the passive bility of slashing and the active abilty to go really fast this is both good in attacking opponents and running away from stronger opponents. But it still has low hp


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