Abyssrium World cheats: guide, tips, and tricks

New to the Abyssrium World Tap Tap Fish game? Master all of its core concepts with these Abyssrium World cheats and tips available with a guideAbyssrium World Cheats Tips Guide Tap Tap Fish

Abyssrium World cheats, tips, and guide: – 

This article covers “how to play Abyssrium World), guide to fish & sea creatures, colony, about the decorations, tips for progression, and other things such as in-game currency guide, exploration, upgrades, and more. So, let’s not waste any more time and get straight to the Abyssrium World cheats, tips, and guide for beginners: – 

Get Started With The Abyssrium World Basics

In Abyssrium World Tap Tap Fish, you are going to build a beautiful ocean world that would have beautiful colonies, sea creatures, lots of types of fish, and amazing decorations. Fish gives you AO that you can use to upgrade Corallite and unlock/activate factories. Sea Creatures provide unique effects and harvest/collect the AO from fish. Colonies produce air bubbles that fish consumes. Decorations give you decoration points and help you summon more fish in the area. 

Guide To Corallite In Abyssrium World

Corallite produces vitality over time – you can increase the vitality storage by adding decorations to the area. By upgrading the Corallite, you can improve the production time, vitality production, storage, and get more decorative points. It would cost AO, Coral Fragments, and Seaweed Fragments to upgrade the Corallite. 

Another use of Corallite, apart from producing the vitality, is creating or summoning the fish. You will need a lot of fish to get AO. Tap on the Corallite -> tap the fish icon to visit the recipe menu. Each recipe is different and summons specific fish and requires specific ingredients. For example – with White Sail Recipe, you can get Red Clownfish, Maroon Clownfish. With Pink Sail Recipe, you can get Blue Tang, Mimic Tang, and Sailfin Tang. 

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Guide To Recipes In Abyssrium World Tap Tap Fish

You can unlock new recipes by expansion. Complete the main chapter quests and unlock new areas to unlock new recipes. For example – area 1 has two recipes; White Sail Recipe, Pink Sail Recipe. Area 2 has x4 recipes; Green Sail Recipe, Red Teddy Bear Recipe, Green Teddy Bear Recipe, and Brown Teddy Bear Recipe.

Once you unlock a new area, you will get access to its recipes; but, you will need to get recipes first. Some recipes can be obtained from the random shop while some recipes require matched fragments. You can get recipe fragments from the exploration; first, check the exploration region from where you can get its recipe fragment, then send the fish in that region and wait until it brings the reward. Tap the Corallite -> fish icon -> tap on the locked recipe -> check how to get it. Abyssrium World Cheats Tips Guide Tap Tap Fish

Guide To Fish In The Game

As of now, the Abyssrium World game features over 100 fish. To summon a fish, you will need its recipe and the ingredients required to craft that recipe. In the lower-right corner, tap the box icon next to the sea creatures icon to open the fish menu. This menu showcases the full fish list. Tap on any fish to open its profile -> on the profile page, at the bottom, you can check the specific recipe that you must craft to get the selected fish. For example – Commerson’s Dolphin is one of the fish in Abyssrium World that you can summon with Rainbow Tube Recipe. The Rainbow Tube recipe unlocks after expanding to Octopus’s Pirate Ship region. 

Use of Fish: – fish gives you AO when they reach level 2. Prior to level 2, you will have to raise the friendship with them. Once you reach level 3, you can send the fish to exploration. 

Requirement: – fish needs air bubbles to survive in the ocean. Air Bubbles are produced by colonies. Abyssrium World Cheats Tips Guide Tap Tap Fish

Guide To Sea Creatures In Abyssrium World

Sea Creatures use – Sea Creatures in Abyssrium World have unique effects; some of them can help you by harvesting AO automatically while some of them help you by increasing air bubbles and purity. In the lower-right side menu, tap on the first icon from the left side; sea creature – opens up the sea creature list. As of now, there are 17 sea creatures in the game. 

How to get sea creatures in Abyssrium World Tap Tap Fish: – you need sea creatures’ pieces or fragments. These sea creatures’ pieces or fragments can be obtained from piece box; open the shop by tapping the shop icon in the top-right -> go-to piece box tab -> there you can spend pearls or watch the video ads to get the boxes containing sea creatures’ pieces. 

Can you level up Sea Creatures: Yes! You will need more sea creatures’ pieces(duplicate) to level up the sea creature. Head to the sea creatures’ list -> on the sea creature icon, you will see the number of pieces required to reach the next level. Leveling up boosts the sea creature’s unqiue effect stats. 

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Have A Good Environment For Fish

As you expand, the purity of the region will decrease – due to that, fish’s AO production may slow down. Also, you need to make sure that you have enough air bubbles in the area for the fish. On the left side of the screen, you can check the number of air bubbles and purity level. 

  • Air Bubbles – consumed by fish. The more fish you summon, the more air bubbles you will need. Get air bubbles by upgrading the colonies or adding sea creatures with the unique effects that increase air bubbles number. 
  • Purity – normal level (70+) is good. Going below this figure will result in low AO production. You can improve purity by upgrading the colonies or adding sea creatures with the unique effects that provide purity

Guide To Colonies In Abyssrium World Tap Tap Fish

In each area/region, you will have multiple colonies. For example – Seaweed Colony in area 1, Sunset Branch Coral Colony in area 2. The purity and air bubbles level depends on these colonies. Tap on the upgrade icon over these colonies -> check the upgrade requirement -> finish it and make the coral grow bigger. 

Guide To Factories 

In the factories, you can produce the fragments. For example – Coral Factory in area 1 can produce coral fragments with AO. Seaweed Factory in area 2 can produce Seaweed Fragment. These fragments are required to summon the fish and upgrade Corallites. Abyssrium World Cheats Tips Guide Tap Tap Fish

Get Recipe Materials By Exploration 

Recipe Materials are required to summon the fish. 

Level 3 fish can be dispatched on the exploration. Go to the map by tapping the icon in the lower-right corner. The Exploration map has lots of regions – each region provides different-different recipe materials. Based on the material you need, find and select the region -> explore -> exploration requires shells; green shells, yellow shells, red shells, etc. These shells can be obtained from Gaint Clam(unlocks at area 3), quests, and the random shop. If you have the shells, send the fish on the exploration to get the recipe material. 

When you tap on a region on the exploration map, another option you get is; Settle. This function gives you scale if you sacrifice the fish. The scale is one of the in-game items that you can use to get the decorative items. 

Also, do the area missions and get x3 stars on it. By collecting enough stars, you can get the exploration milestone reward. On the exploration map, on the lower-left side, you can check the number of stars required to get the reward. 

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Guide & Tips To Get In-Game Currencies Or Items

Abyssrium World Tap Tap Tap fish game features a lot of in-game currencies and items. Here’s the complete list of items and acquisition method details: – 

Vitality – from Corallite. Add decoration to improve production and storage

AO – from the fish 

Scales – settle fish in the regions on exploration map, purifying trash, and the random shop. Use it to buy decorations. 

Ancient Coin – to get exploration material from area 3. Get ancient coins from piece boxes and quests

Shells – from the random shop, area 2, and quests. Use for exploration 

Fish – from the Corallite, using recipes. Fish gives you AO. 

Recipes – require recipe pieces. Unlock by expanding to new areas. 

Recipe pieces – random shop, exploration

Pearls – get free pearls in Abyssrium World by leveling up, completing the achievements, or from the quests/events. 

Fragments – from the factories. 

EXP Stars – require to level up. Get them by upgrading colonies. 

Purity – sea creatures and colony upgrades. 

Air Bubble – sea creatures and colony upgrades. 

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Find And Remove The Trash From The Ocean

Now and then, you will often see trash items in the area; tap on them, and remove them with vitality. You can get free items. 

Claim The Free Gifts

There would be a present box in one of the areas; tap on it. Get free rewards by watching video ads.

Don’t Waste Pearls

Pearl is the precious currency in the Abyssrium World game. Don’t use it recklessly – save it and use it to get piece boxes and unlock new sea creatures. 

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Complete The Main Quests And Daily Quests

In the lower-left corner, you will find the main quest and daily quest options; main quests help you progress by unlocking the new areas. Also, these main quests give you free rewards. By completing the daily quests, you can get ancient coins and other rewards. Also, complete the achievements if you want free pearls. 

The Time Lapse Cheat In Abyssrium World

Unfortunately, time-lapse cheat does not work in Abyssrium World. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Abyssrium World cheats, tips, and guide for beginners. Got more tips? Comment below.  This Abyssrium World guide was published on MrGuider

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