Almighty: God Idle Clicker Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Almighty: God Idle Clicker is a popular idle game for Android and iOS by FunVenture. Let’s have a look at our Almighty: God Idle Clicker guide, tips, cheats & strategies

FunVebture’s Idle mobile game Almighty: God Idle Clicker lets you rule the world and you can see/learn how the whole world evolves through the ages. The concept is pretty unique and intersting. There are over 300 species to discover; from the algae, bacteria to the living creatures. Also, there are many intersting features such as guild, events, crafting, and more. If you have just started playing this immersive idle clicker game, then our today’s Almighty: God Idle Clicker guide and Almighty: God Idle Clicker tips, cheats & strategies will help you master it.

Almighty: God Idle Clicker GuideAlmighty: God Idle Clicker

The Basics – Energy, Power, World, Research, Quests, Eons, Species

⇒You can produce the energy by tapping the screen and use it in the research to unlock the new species. After that, these species will produce energy automatically over time. You can then create power using that energy. And, after that, you can convert the power to XP, which helps you in raising the level.

⇒World -> In this tab you see all the species that you have unlocked so far through the research. As mentioned before, all these species generate energy for you. You can use the energy to create more creatures of that species and increase power.

At the top of the screen, you can check the total energy, energy production rate per second, and the power amount. Also, at the upper-right corner, you can see the diamond stock.

⇒Research -> Here you can develop the species or unlock new species. You will see the message just above the research button, which state either it’s modifying upgrade(to develop already unlocked species) or a new species unlock charge. Developing a species will increase their productivity and energy production.

Quests -> In Almighty: God Idle Clicker game, you can earn energy, material boxes, diamonds by completing the quests. Go to the quests tab -> here you can see all the missions -> complete these asap to grab precious rewards.

Eons -> Here you can see the requirements to progress to a new era where you can discover new species. So it’s important to get promoted to the next age if you want to discover all the species in Almighty: God Idle Clicker.

The requirements include – power(you should have enough power), research(research all the available species, develop the mentioned research), god level(convert power to EXP and level up). Once you meet all the requirements and have enough energy to progress to age, the process button will get enabled. Tap it and head to the next era.

Species -> In this tab, you can see all the species that you have unlocked so far. Keep progressing to the new ages and you will discover hundreds of species.

Almighty: God Idle Clicker – God Level

At the top-left corner of the game screen, tap the avatar -> here you can convert the power to XP. You can use the blue potion to double the XP amount reward. You get a free potion of knowledge every six hours. Once you are all set, tap the start over button to grant XP to God. At the bottom of the avatar, you can check the amount of XP that you need to level up. So start over at the right time – Big Bang.


Tap the ⇐More button at the bottom-right corner -> heaven -> here you can access all the buildings/functions such as guild, crafting/forging, hell mine, heaven shop, and more.

Almighty: God Idle Clicker Skills

As the God level increases, new skills will get unlocked. You can activate one skill every level. Since you get two choices, you will have to choose wisely. All the skills provide a unique buff. Choose the one which can help you in the long run. You can also reset the skills, but it will cost diamonds or skill token.

So this is the Almighty: God Idle Clicker guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our top Almighty: God Idle Clicker tips, cheats & strategies!

Almighty: God Idle Clicker Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Collect The Free Gifts

On the left side of the screen, you will often see a gift icon. Tap it and grab the free rewards, which include energy, diamonds or the material boxes.

2.) Watch The Video Ads

To finish the research instantly, double the reward, we would recommend accepting the video ads offer as soon as you get. Instead of using diamonds, watching a video ad would be a good choice in our opinion.

3.) Complete The Quests

Don’t forget to complete the quests for precious rewards such as diamonds, energy, material boxes.

4.) Open Those Rewarded Boxes

Tap the bag button on the bottom-right side -> tap the box -> open -> get the crafting material. You can use these materials to craft new items or trophies/avatars.

5.) Level Up The God

Follow all the basics to level up God fast: –

  1. Research & develop
  2. Tap the screen to produce energy
  3. Create species to get power
  4. Progress to new age to unlock new species
  5. More species -> more energy and loads of amount of power
  6. Convert power to EXP
  7. Use the potion at the right time; when the amount of EXP is really massive, it would be the best time to start over

So these are the Almighty: God Idle Clicker tips. Note – This post is still under editing. We will update it with more details. If you have any information or tips, comment below!

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