Age of Pirates CD Key: List of Exchange Codes

Looking for Age of Pirates Ocean Empire CD Key? Read on for the list of Age of Pirates CD Key Exchnage codes to redeem the rewardsAge of Pirates CD Key Codes

Age of Pirates CD Key: Exchange Codes⇓

Here’s the list of all Age of Pirates CD Key codes that are issued as of September 2020: – 

laborday“. Redeem this Age of Pirates CD Key Exchange code for gems x 300, coin x 100000, A-Class Captain Shards Selective Chest I x 3, Bread x300. Expires on September 8, 2020. Tap/click the CD Key code below to copy it. 


independence“. Redeem this Age of Pirates CD Key Exchange code for gems, coins, and other rewards. Redeem it before it expires. 


So far these are two CD Keys that we have discovered so far. 

How To Redeem Age of Pirates CD Key: Exchange Codes?

Tap the player/commander avatar in the upper-left corner. This will open another menu with two tabs on the left side; info and settings. Go to the setting tab and tap on the exchange button, which is on the lower-right side. Input the CD Key Activation Code and get the rewards. If the code is active, you will be rewarded with the gift. If not, then an error code will appear; the gift code has been expired. Usually, CD Key Activation Codes don’t last more than a couple of days. 

How To Get More Age of Pirates CD Key Activation Codes?

These are not the cheat codes – so, you can not discover them by yourself with any sort of secret method. These CD Keys are released by the developers of the game on their social media platform. We would advise you to follow the Age of Pirates: Caribbean Hunt (Ocean Empire) FB Page and join the discord. The codes are first issued there. Or, you can visit this page regularly for the latest list of codes. 

So that would be all in this post on Age of Pirates CD Key Activation Codes to exchange. Got any new code that’s not listed here? Comment below!

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