Runelords Arena CD Key Gift Codes List

Looking for Runelords Arena CD Key to get rewards without any kind of cheats? Here’s the complete list of Runelords Arena CD Keys Gift CodesRunelords Arena CD Key Codes Gift

Runelords Arena CD Key Gift Codes List: – 

Here’s the list of Runelords Arena CD Key Gift Codes that you can redeem for rewards like runes, in-game currencies: – 

RA888“. Redeem this Runelords Arena CD Key Gift Code for rewards.

PR200K” – Redeem this Runelords Arena CD Key Gift Code for 20 K Coins.
PR400K” – With this Runelords Arena CD Key code, you get x300 diamonds for free,
PR600K” – Use this CD Key to get x5 summon scrolls; advanced and general – x5 each. 
R666” – With this CD Key, you get Laguz-2 Stars set featuring a set of Laguz-2 Stars Rune for 6. 
All these codes are working in the global public version of the Runelords Arena game. 

How To Redeem Runelords Arena CD Key Gift Codes?

After finishing the tutorial, tap on the lord hero avatar in the upper-left corner. This will take you to the profile page where you will have a bunch of tabs on the right side; go to the setting tab -> tap on the CDKey button -> enter the CDKey Code and then tap on the confirm button. It the code is valid, you will get the gift reward. Otherwise, it will show you an error message; the gift code does not exist. 

How To Get More Runelords Arena CD Key Codes?

There are mainly two ways to get more codes or code updates – Runelords Arena; follow the game’s FB page and Discord server: – 

If you are not on Facebook – also, on Discord, you can bookmark and save this page in the browser and visit us back for new code updates. We put all the codes together in one place. 

About The Game

Runelords Arena is a new GACHA RPG where you recruit top-tier heroes to fight the enemies. As per the current version, the game has over 50 heroes. You can check the complete list of heroes in the hero menu -> heroes. These heroes are available in five roles; tank, warrior, mage, assassin, and archer. You will be building the top-tier heroes and fight the opponents in lots of game modes. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Runelords Arena CD Key Gift Codes. 

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