Art Inc game guide: tips, cheats & strategies

New to the Art Inc game? Master all of its mechanics with this Art Inc guide available with loads of tips, cheats & strategies

Art Inc. Guide: – 

In Art Inc. game, you bid for artifacts and earn money by displaying it in the museum. There are loads of artifacts to collect. Your objective is to collect all and build the world’s largest art gallery. The collection includes famous paintings, Chinese Zodiac Statues, Chess pieces of Lewis, Alibaba’s treasure, Science, Dinosaurs Fossils, and more. To complete this collection, you participate in the auctions, bid for the real artifact and bring it to the museum. You will have to outbid the competitors if you don’t want to lose the rare artifact and you may have to spend more than its actual price. Since there are loads of things in Art Inc. to understand, our Art Inc. guide and Art Inc. tips, cheats & strategy will help you master the game!

The Basics – Auction Guide & Artifacts

Art Inc.⇒Auction –  Artifacts make you rich. And, you get these artifacts from the auctions. There are four types of auctions in Art Inc. game; Gritty’s, Sodabee’s, Dolton’s Emporium, The Circus. There are a total of (9) artifacts in each auction.

At the bottom of the game screen, tap the hammer button -> there you can check the auctions list and the market value. The market value shows the amount of money that you might need to grab the artifact. For example – If it’s 100K, then you should enter the auction once you have over 100K.

To unlock new auction locations, you need to have a certain number of artifacts. For example – to unlock The Circus, you need to gather (30) artifacts. You just tap the enter button to get to the preparation screen; before you hit the start auction button, you need to select the art that you want to bid for. You have to select the real art instead of fake. At the bottom of the same screen(auction preparation), the game shows you the original art(reference). And, just above the reference, use the <> keys to check all the arts. Check the reference-> find the difference in the listed ones -> figure out the original art from the list.

⇒After the auction starts, you will enter the bidding stage. At the bottom-right of the screen, tap the bid button to bid for the artifact. At the bottom-left corner, you can check the balance. Sometimes, you spend more than the original price because of the competitors. So it’s better to have enough balance before you enter a high market value auction.

⇒Artifacts Guide

Once you grab the artifact from the auction, you need to display it in the museum to earn money. At the bottom menu, tap the picture frame button -> tap the + button -> select artifact. You can change it anytime; just tap the artifact -> select another one. Display the artifacts, attract visitors(visitors pay for the ticket) and earn money(gold coins).

Art Inc. Caretakers or Characters

Art Inc.You can assign up to one character for each artifact in the museum. These Caretakers provide a special buff; increase in income, decrease in artifact timer, and more. All these caretakers come in six grades; 1-star, 2-stars, 3-stars, 4-stars, 5-stars, and 6-stars. The better the grade, the better will be the buff. You can use the coins or gems to recruit these caretakers.

Tap the character avatar icon at the bottom of the screen -> recruitment -> spend gold to get 1-4* caretakers -> spend gems to get 4-6* caretakers.

Earning Coins – Art Inc.

Your main earnings come through the artifacts that you buy from characters or win in the auction. Once you display the artifact, you will start getting coins from it. All you have to do is swipe on the screen to visit next artifact scene -> tap the coin icon over the artifact. Make sure to collect it now and then. Once the max cap reached, you will not earn more. So better to claim the coins often.

You can also earn coins from the exploration events and the customers wandering in the museum. On the top-left side, tap the character icons -> sometimes they reward coins.

In-Game Currency In Art Inc.

Art Inc.Coins – Earn from the artifacts, events, and customers. Gems – go to the last scene(Exit or the fountain- swipe to the last) -> there you can claim the gems after every certain hour. Green Notes/Cash – Invite friends to earn. Use the coins to make upgrades, gems to recruit characters, and the green notes for the decorations.

Museum Upgrades – Art Inc.

To place more artifacts in the museum + increase the income from customers + increase the gift shop earnings + improve/increase the gems reward from the fountain, you need to upgrade the museum. Tap the red arrow button at the bottom menu -> there you can find all the museum upgrades. Spend coins and gems to raise their level and get more benefits.

So this is the Art Inc. guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our Art Inc. tips, cheats & strategies!

Art Inc. Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Level Up The Artifacts

As we mentioned above, you earn most of the earnings through the artifacts. Make sure to level up the artifacts if you want to earn more coins. Tap the picture frame button at the bottom -> hit the blue color coins label button to level up the particular artifact.

2.) Upgrade The Museum

Always pay attention to the museum upgrades and try to give them priority first if you want to earn loads of coins in less time. The museum size upgrade lets you place more artifacts, so you will be able to earn more coins. The ticket boost upgrade increases the coins reward that you get from the entrance booth whenever a customer makes an entry.

3.) Always Check The Character Quests

On the top-left of the game screen, tap the NPC icon and see if there is a great deal available. It’s better to grab it asap if it’s great.

4.) Watch The TV To Double The Earnings

On the top-right side of the screen, tap the TV icon -> watch the video ad to get 2X income boost for an hour. It’s great but temporary. So you better grab it often.

5.) Claim The Gems From The Fountain

Swipe to the endpoint(on right) until you get to the EXIT screen. There you will see a fountain. You can claim the blue gems from there every few hours. Note down the time and grab the rewards asap to let it generate more. You can further improve this reward amount by upgrading the fountain boost upgrade in museum menu.

6.) Pick The Real Art Always

As we mentioned above, you have to find the real artifact before the bidding starts. You will get a few seconds only to pick the right one. Don’t hurry and match the artifacts with reference. The fake artifact will give you nothing. So it’s better to keep calm before the bidding stage and find the real one.

7.) Participate In The Events

You can earn gems or special artifacts from the events. The Art Inc. game releases new events now and then. For example – at the time of writing this post, there is an event called the Museum of Egypt is going on. During the event, you will get the NPC quest – completing these quests may reward lots of gems for free. How does it work? In these events, you get a different theme as compared to the real museum. For example – In the current event, there is Egypt culture theme. You start the museum in Egypt from scratch – just like the original. You can travel to the original one anytime. On the right side of the screen, tap the home button -> travel.

8.) Save Gems And Upgrade Fountain

We would recommend you to save the gems and invest in the fountain upgrade – so that you can get free gems from it every four hours. At the max level of the fountain, you get 100 gems every four hours.

9.) Earn Extra From The Customers

Now and then, you will see a gem or coin icon floating over the customer’s head. Tap it to get free rewards; coins or gems – by watching a short video ad.

So these are the basic Art Inc. guide and tips for the beginners. If you have more tips to share, comment below.

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