Phantomgate Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy To Save Renata

Phantomgate The Last Valkyrie is a brand new story-driven RPG for mobile by Netmarble. Check out our Phantomgate guide, tips, cheats & strategy to crush Odin

Netmarble, the creators of Knights Chronicle game, recently released a brand new RPG Phantomgate The Last Valkyrie for mobile and it challenges you to save Astrid’s mother Renata by collecting all the fragments. The game features five heroes; Olivia, Bjorn, Astrid, Tia, and Ragna. And you will partner with phantoms for the battle to progress. Phantomgate also features an arena mode in which you will fight against other players’ phantom team. If you are having trouble defeating the monsters or players, we are here to help you with our top Phantomgate tips, cheats, strategy and Phantomgate guide.

The Basics – Phantomgate Game

Before we dive into the cheats, tips & strategy guide part, let’s learn the basics first. In the Phantomgate game, your main objective is to revive Astrid’s mother Renata who was crushed by Odin. And to revive Renata, you will need to collect all her fragments. As per the watchmaker, these fragments are held by phantoms. And to get these fragments, you need to create the Phantoms. We will go deep into the Phantoms’ info in the guide part below.

You start the game from story mode in which you complete the chapters. At the end of the chapter, you battle against the chapter boss. It would be hard to defeat the boss as it respawns multiple numbers of times and you have only one chance. All you do is find the phantomgate fragments and pass through phantomgate. As you clear the stages, you will acquire phantom essence, fragments, and heroes.

The battle mechanics are pretty simple; you use the hero and phantoms’ skills to defeat the enemies. Initial levels are very easy to clear. But later, you will definitely be stuck at chapter boss stage or gatekeeper stage. Let’s check out our Phantomgate guide and then read our top Phantomgate tips, cheats & strategy to progress without being stuck.

Phantomgate Guide

In this part, we will learn about the Heroes, Phantoms, powering-up, exploring, runes, essence, fragments, arena, the statue of Freyja, jewels, and much more.

  • Heroes Guide

In the Phantomgate game, you can select up to one hero for the battle. As mentioned above, there are five heroes in the game; you start as Astrid and as you clear more chapters, you will unlock new heroes; Bjorn, Tia, Ragna, and Olivia. Each hero has their own unique skills, style. Depending on the circumstances, you can switch to a hero before the battle. On the exploring screen(in stage), at the top-left corner, tap the hero icon -> there you can change the hero instantly.Phantomgate

How to level up heroes?

Unlike Phantoms, who can be leveled up using phantom souls, heroes leveling up process is not quite easy. Since you can not level up a phantom beyond the hero’s level, increasing the hero’s level is a much important task. Your hero gains EXP after the victory in the battle(chapter mode). These experience points are required to level up a hero. On the main screen of the game, at the top-left corner, just below the player’s name, you can check the %. Gain EXP to fill this bar and level up the hero.

We would recommend you to repeat the chapter mode’s stages and battle against monsters over and over again to earn more EXP.

How To Increase The Power Of A Hero In Phantomgate Game?

You can increase the power of a hero by increasing its level. And there are many more ways;

  1. Upgrade their skill
  2. Equip Jewels
  3. Unlock new skills
  4. Awaken

Head to the main screen of the game -> heroes -> select a hero -> skills -> tap a skill -> upgrade. You will be able to equip jewels after clearing the stage 3-6. And to unlock a skill, level up the heroes.

You will be able to awaken a hero after clearing the chapter 5. What will happen after awakening? That hero will be able to equip two more jewels, his/her stats will increase, and his/her passive skills’ stats will also increase.

  • Phantoms Guide

In Phantomgate, you can select up to three Phantoms for the battle. How to get? You can create Phantoms by gathering enough essence. For example; Ector is one of the Phantoms, featured in the game. To create it, you need five Ector essence. How to get essence? You can obtain essence by summoning, clearing the stages(defeat the boss/enemies to get).

On the main screen -> choose to summon -> there are two options; premium and normal. You can summon premium essence for free every 24 hours. And through normal summon, you can obtain the normal Phantom essence. It will cost you gold or gems. Gold – Play the game to get. Gems – Complete missions, quests, achievements to get.

Phantom Leveling Up Guide

Phantom Soul is an item that is used to level up a Phantom. Or you can level up a Phantom by putting it in your party and repeating the battles. You can obtain Phantom Soul from Statue Of Freyja or collect the purple crystals in the stage/chapter mode. Or head to the shop, there you can get this item in exchange for gems(not recommended).

Phantom Enhancement Guide

Enhancing requires essence. For example; to enhance warbear, you need warbear essence(Read the phantom guide above to know how to get essence). If you have enough, then go to the Phantoms collection menu -> tap Phantom -> enhance -> confirm.

Phantom Evolution Guide

Reach the maximum level of a Phantom to evolve it. Evolving requires evolution runes and gold. You can get these runes by crafting the rune material or complete the missions/quest/achievements/stage to get evolution rune. To craft the evolution rune, head to the main screen -> menu(bottom center, tap the ⇑ icon) -> altar of runes -> there you can combine the evolution rune material to get 2/3/4/5* evolution rune. Tap the combine button to get the rune.

You can find the rune material in the stage mode(complete the chapter mode’s stages over and over again).

  • Jewels Guide

Jewel feature unlocks at chapter 3(stage 3-6). Jewel is a powerful item that can be equipped by the heroes and Phantoms. This item can increase their stats; HP, Attack, defense, and more. There are four types of jewels; fire, water, earth, and wind. And these jewels are graded as follows; normal, magic, rare, epic, and unique. Depending on the hero’s element, you can equip these jewels. For example; you have a fire type(red) hero, then you can equip fire type(red) jewel.

On the main screen, tap the menu button -> jewels -> there you can smelt/upgrade, combine, and change the jewel’s effect.

  • Statue Of Freyja

In the Phantomgate game, Statue Of Freyja is the free source of Phantom Souls. From there you can get free Phantom Souls(Required to level up the Phantoms). On the main screen -> swipe to the left -> Statue Of Freyja -> Receive Blessing. As you receive more and more, the statue will gain level up points and after gaining enough, the statue’s level will go up and you will get more rewards. Add friends to receive more blessings.

  • Arena

Arena feature gets unlocked in the early stage of the game. In this mode, you battle against other players from all over the world. From this mode, you earn arena points. You can spend these points in the arena shop(main screen -> arena -> shop) for phantom souls, rune, auto-clear tickets(use it to clear the boss stage instantly-already cleared boss stage), and much more. Additionally, you get rewards at the end of the season(on the basis of rank). Defeat more players to rank up and get better rewards.

  • Get Jewels In Phantomgate

On the main screen, head to the training section(bottom-left corner, tap the training option) -> there are three options; the shrine of jewels, the corridor of memories, and dimensional purification. Tap the shrine of jewels and participate in the dungeon mode to get jewels. Clear the levels, unlock difficult stage and get rare jewels.

So this is the Phantomgate guide for the beginners. Now, let’s check out our top Phantomgate tips, cheats & strategy guide to master the game.

Phantomgate Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide

1.) Make Use Of Map If You Are In Confusion

PhantomgateIn Phantomgate’s chapter mode, you pass through portals to move on(in next sections) and at last, you pass through phantomgate. And you will be able to pass only when you have enough phantom fragments. You can obtain these fragments from the monsters(Defeat them) or from secret places(requires keys, solve the puzzles, by exploring). Since there are so many puzzles, make sure to pay attention to the map if you are in confusion. On the stage screen, at the top-right corner, tap the map icon to check out the main checkpoints.

2.) Shock To Get +50% Mobility

PhantomgateIn the first phase of the game, the game explains to you about the mobility meter. The meter shows which enemy or hero will play the turn. The mobility of a character determines how fast he/she gets the turn. If you want to play the turn first, then give a surprise to the enemy by approaching from behind. If you get successful, your hero will get +50% mobility and the chance to play turn first.

3.) Deal +130% Damage To The Enemies

Phantomgate also features the element system; fire(red), wind(green), water(blue), and earth(yellow/orange) – four elements. You can check the hero’s element at their top-left corner in phantoms menu(red, blue, orange, and blue). Similarly, there are four types of elements of enemies too.

  1. Water>Fire
  2. Fire>Wind
  3. Wind>Earth
  4. Earth>Water

If a phantom/hero has an elemental advantage, he/she will do +130% damage to it. You will see a yellow arrow icon on the enemy. On the other hand, if the hero/phantom has a disadvantage, then he/she will deal -30%(70%) damage to the enemy. If you are having trouble clearing the stage, then deploy strong phantoms(having an elemental advantage).

4.) Pick The Best Fours Of Your Collection

Must include a healer(who can heal the allies with healing skill), defenders(having high HP stats+defense skills), and a good attacker(with powerful damage skills).

5.) Blue Bubbles And Red Bubbles, Use Them

In the battle, after every few turns, you will often see bubbles(blue and red) on your screen. Hold down the blue bubble and use it on the hero or phantom(of your team) and apply the red bubbles to the enemy team’s members. These bubbles can increase the attack power, damage, defense, buff duration, and MP(requires to unleash the skill). And red bubbles can decrease the attack power, damage power, defense, MP of the enemies+activates debuff. Hold down the bubble to get more info.

6.) Repeat The Stages, That’s Natural

You will definitely be stuck in this game even after implementing the right strategy. Don’t worry! All you need to do is repeat the stages in the chapter mode again and increase the hero’s level. And after it, level up the Phantoms. Enhance them, evolve them and then try to play that difficult stage again.

For Phantom souls -> Collect it from the statue. Play in the corridor of memories mode.

For EXP – Repeat the chapter mode.

7.) Dispatch The Phantoms For Rewards

If you have unlocked the dimensional purification feature, then don’t forget to dispatch the Phantoms to the map. After a certain amount of time, you get precious rewards. You can send up to three phantoms once a day.

8.) Trade With Peddlin For Precious Items

On the main screen, tap the rabbit(Peddlin). From him, you can obtain a variety of items such as evolution rune, stone, and much more in exchange for coins. Check out the deal daily and grab the best items before the deal ends.

9.) Collect The GM’s Gift Box

On the main screen, at the bottom -> tap the GM’s Gift Box option and claim the rewards after every 15 minutes. You can get phantom souls, stamina, gold, and many more items for free by playing the game.

10.) Complete The Daily Missions For Free Goodies

If you want free gems, then pay attention to the missions. On the main screen, at the bottom, tap the mission option and check out the daily missions. Complete them ASAP for amazing rewards. You also earn M coins. After gaining enough(M Coins), you will get the free chest.

So these are some Phantomgate tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners. Also, see – Top new Android games of this week

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